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Mary Plummer is a Senior Politics Reporter for KPCC. Prior to that, she was a reporter on SCPR's education team, and an associate producer for Take Two and The Madeleine Brand Show.

Mary began her career in broadcast at ABC News in London, where she worked on TV stories for the network’s news lineup and regularly covered Europe for

Mary has a master's degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she won the Richard T. Baker Award for multimedia reporting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University. Her work has been published by the Washington Post, The New York Times, PBS/THIRTEEN and the Yomiuri Shimbun. Plummer grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Lawsuit says LAUSD short-changing neediest students

ACLU of Southern California is among the legal groups charging Los Angeles Unified has funneled more than $120 million away from the district's high-need students.

Shortage could land more teacher interns, subs in classrooms

Several factors are creating a “perfect storm” that's accelerating California's teacher shortage and resulting in fewer credentialed teachers in some schools.

Esquith lawyers plan class-action suit to challenge teacher jail

Attorneys for a LAUSD teacher say they intend to file a class-action lawsuit for those in so-called teacher jail and others they say have been denied due process.

Hobart teacher investigation expected to conclude by August

Los Angeles Unified is under fire for removing Rafe Esquith, a popular and well-known teacher, from his classroom at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School.

In South LA, anger, sadness in wake of Charleston shootings

Hundreds gathered in South L.A. for services, the first Sunday ceremonies since nine people were shot and killed at an A.M.E church in Charleston, South Carolina.

This weekend: 150 free music concerts in LA area

Whether you play the harmonica or saxophone, Sunday's Make Music Los Angeles festival has a venue for you, or you can listen for free.

Arts education among winners in LAUSD's latest budget plan

After recession-era cuts in funding, arts education will get millions in new funding under the latest financial proposal before the Los Angeles Unified school board.

How one school fashions geometry lessons from recyclables

At Hawthorne High School, students in a math class spent weeks learning Common Core concepts — and producing a fashion show in the process.

For LAUSD, graduating high school could get easier

The Los Angeles Unified School District board will vote next week on two policy changes that would make it easier for students to graduate from high school.

Joan Scheckel coaches Hollywood with techniques both 'safe and scary'

Some say Joan Scheckel is a master on par with famous acting coach Stanislavsky. Others say her teaching strategies hurt more than they help.

Pre-K to get arts ed boost under new federal program plan

Expansion of a federally backed arts education program will pump resources into California schools with a focus on the state's youngest students.

To boost arts ed, LAUSD hires entertainment industry liaison

Actress Alyson Reed will serve as the district's representative to build Los Angeles Unified's ties with film studios and others in the industry.

Students learning drought lessons familiar to their parents

With several state droughts in the past 100 years, older Californians should have water-saving lessons down. So why do some kids say they are better at conservation?

In some districts, nonprofits key to teaching kids the arts

A new study found all but two of the county’s school districts have partnerships with community arts organizations. Some experts say parents should ask questions.

Arts students leaving USC school, saying program 'dismantled'

Seven students, the entire first-year MFA class at the USC Roski School of Art and Design, contend the terms of their tuition aid and curriculum were changed.