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Mary Plummer is a Senior Politics Reporter for KPCC. Prior to that, she was a reporter on SCPR's education team, and an associate producer for Take Two and The Madeleine Brand Show.

Mary began her career in broadcast at ABC News in London, where she worked on TV stories for the network’s news lineup and regularly covered Europe for

Mary has a master's degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she won the Richard T. Baker Award for multimedia reporting. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Chapman University. Her work has been published by the Washington Post, The New York Times, PBS/THIRTEEN and the Yomiuri Shimbun. Plummer grew up in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stories by Mary Plummer

Finally, California's primary results officially official

After more than a month since California's primary election, the Secretary of State certified the county results Friday, marking an official end to the vote count.

California delegates expect Trump nomination despite opposition

As California prepares to send 172 delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week, talk is swirling about anti-Donald Trump delegates.

No. 1 voter complaint in California: Poll workers

A data request by KPCC has found that voters statewide cited poll workers as their top complaint on election day, suggesting better training may be needed.

California vote count wraps up, with certification soon

California's Secretary of State has until Friday to certify the primary results submitted by 58 counties.

More delays for California's voter registration database

The secretary of state says enhancements are needed before launching the statewide voter registration database.

What happened to the couple who died in the Erskine Fire?

Byron McKaig, called his pastor as smoke was filling his home. He and his wife later collapsed in an embrace near a fence in their yard.

Report finds dismal political participation rates in California

A new report finds that California still has a long way to go to improve political participation, particularly Asian Americans, African Americans and Latinos.

Political glass ceiling remains for California's female candidates

Among 15 Los Angeles City Council members representing nearly 4 million residents, only one is a woman. Imbalances also linger in top legislative bodies.

Libertarian nominee suggests voters shouldn't count him out

Supporters greet Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party presidential standard bearer, over the weekend at Politicon in Pasadena.

About 605,800 California primary election ballots still to be counted

Numbers released Friday by the Secretary of State and Los Angeles Registrar show there's still tens of thousands of ballots to be processed from the June 7 primary.

Former state Senator Calderon enters guilty plea in bribery case

The former state senator pleaded guilty to mail fraud Tuesday afternoon in U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles.

Garcetti dismisses being named among potential Clinton VP choices

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti batted away suggestions on Thursday that he's among Hillary Clinton's options for a vice presidential running mate.

In California, more than a million ballots still uncounted

State officials have until early July to finish processing ballots in California. Here's an update on the latest numbers and results for local races.

Human Voter Guide: Primary recap and tips for November

Millions of Californians took to the polls to participate in last week's primary election. Voting caused confusion for some – here are answers to listener questions.

Ex-state Sen. Ron Calderon to plead guilty, prosecutors say

Prosecutors say that in the plea agreement filed Monday, Calderon admits accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for official acts as a legislator.