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Maya Sugarman produces platform-specific visual content for KPCC including animations, graphics, video and photos.

Before joining KPCC, Maya worked at the Antelope Valley Press, Los Angeles Daily News, Orange Country Register, Santa Monica Daily Press and East Bay Express. She has been an adjunct instructor at the USC Annenberg School for Journalism. She studied art at UCLA.

Her work has been recognized by Editor & Publisher, the Online News Association, Society of Professional Journalists, National Newspaper Association, Associated Collegiate Press, and California College Media Association.

Stories by Maya Sugarman

6 creative ways to photograph rain on your smartphone

Your news feeds are becoming filled with El Niño photos. From slow motion to GIFs, here are six unique ways to document rain in Los Angeles.

What it takes to decorate a Rose Parade float in GIFS

Rose Parade float decoration is a time-honored art form. Sierra Madre's float is among six remaining self-built ones that will roll down the streets of Pasadena on New Year's Day at the 127th Rose Parade.

Slideshow: 'Seinfeld' fans flock to pop-up set replica

Grab your PEZ dispenser and put on your puffy shirt because "Seinfeld: The Apartment" opens Wednesday in West Hollywood.

Step-by-step: Explore the future of voting in LA County

Los Angeles County officials are in the midst of developing a new, modern system for voting. Officials plan to fully roll it out in 2020.

Experience the Rain Room at LACMA

The Rain Room opens this Sunday at LACMA. See what it's like to walk through an indoor rainstorm in KPCC's video and photos.

Slideshow: Inside a lesbian feminist haunted house

From Internet trolls to tampons, step inside a lesbian feminist haunted house in West Hollywood that's meant to "pervert, not convert."

A tour of the Broad museum with its head curator

The museum houses one of the most prominent holdings of postwar and contemporary art in the world. The Frame toured the latest addition to downtown's Grand Avenue cultural corridor.

Future of water: How to make a drought-friendly taco (and a call for your recipes)

Are you a drought-friendly foodie? Send us your best recipes using the hashtag #CAwater2040.

LA's other dinosaur museum — the Alf Museum — is powered by kids

During the Great Depression, biology teacher Raymond Alf decided to take his students on fossil hunting trips to Barstow. The Webb Schools have found 165,000 to date, many of them important scientific specimens.

A lower water table could be harming desert ecosystems

Groundwater has been drawn upon heavily because of the drought. The Coachella Valley, which has been overdrawn for decades, could give a glimpse of the toll on deserts.

CatCon LA: 12 cat-related products you never knew existed

The first-ever CatConLA took place this weekend. Check out 12 cat-related products you never knew existed and see the characters of CatConLA.

GIFs: five types of jellyfish you can see at Aquarium of the Pacific

A new jellyfish exhibit opened last week at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Here are GIFs of five types of jellies you can go see.

One of the world’s best card sharks is blind, too (Video)

Richard Turner is a world-renowned card shark who also happens to be completely blind. He performs all over the world, usually without audiences realizing he can’t see.

Portraits from DragCon, the first-ever drag convention

RuPaul's DragCon takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend. The two-day event is the first drag convention in history.

The 13 best Calif. native drought-tolerant plants for your garden

Looking to ditch your grass? Here are the best native California plants for your garden, which scientists say are better for native animals and birds than exotic imports.