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Maya Sugarman produces platform-specific visual content for KPCC including animations, graphics, video and photos.

Before joining KPCC, Maya worked at the Antelope Valley Press, Los Angeles Daily News, Orange Country Register, Santa Monica Daily Press and East Bay Express. She has been an adjunct instructor at the USC Annenberg School for Journalism. She studied art at UCLA.

Her work has been recognized by Editor & Publisher, the Online News Association, Society of Professional Journalists, National Newspaper Association, Associated Collegiate Press, and California College Media Association.

Stories by Maya Sugarman

The 13 best Calif. native drought-tolerant plants for your garden

Looking to ditch your grass? Here are the best native California plants for your garden, which scientists say are better for native animals and birds than exotic imports.

Using Google Street View to save vulnerable pines

Google Trekker is the backpack version of Street View. It's been used to map out-of-the-way trails. Now it's being used to keep track of dying Bishop pines.

We solve the mystery of Rose Hills Cemetery's giant neon sign

Even Rose Hills' PR man didn't know who made the 20-foot-tall East L.A. landmark that stands guardian over thousands of graves.

LA's Federal Reserve is burning money ... literally

In 2011, the Federal Reserve looked for ways to recycle worn out currency. In L.A., that's meant burning. Now, that money produces enough electricity to power 100 homes.

#KPCClove: To our listeners, thanks for keepin' it real

It's cool. We know those passionate comments come from the heart.

Neon Retro Arcade rebuilds ancient '80s video games

At Neon Retro Arcade in Old Town Pasadena, Centipede, Gravitar, and Joust are seen as cultural artifacts. Frustratingly hard cultural artifacts.

Burbank's WET made the Bellagio Fountains and other water artworks you love

The basic idea: instead of water running over a sculpture, the water is the sculpture. And thanks to pumps, nozzles, lights and computers, WET can make water do pretty much anything.

First look inside North Hollywood's restored Idle Hour Cafe

Roll out the barrel — more than 30 years after it closed, the historic, barrel-shaped Idle Hour Cafe in North Hollywood is set to reopen in mid-February.

Norms faces demolition threat; city considers landmark status

The Cultural Heritage Commission agreed Thursday to consider landmark status for a Norms coffee shop that represents the "Googie" modern architecture of the 1950s.

First Person: Bill Brown's 32-year love affair with dance

Brown teaches everything from jazz dance to ballet. His studio also hosts fencing and Ashtanga yoga. Some of the students are octogenarians.

Near downtown LA's Skid Row, a haven for harpsichords

It's no longer surprising to find good restaurants and craft cocktails in downtown LA, but you will be surprised to discover what Curtis Berak has been up to in his basement since 1976.

Election 2014: What makes a polling place in LA? (And find yours here)

Los Angeles County has almost 4,684 voting precincts reaching from Catalina Island to the Antelope Valley. See the weeks of work that go into the county's polling places before Election Day.

Port of Los Angeles fire: Terminals resume full operations (updated)

A fire at the Port of Los Angeles has been almost contained, according to city officials. Firefighters were able to get the fire under control after changing tactics Tuesday morning.

Heat wave: LA Zoo doles out special 'popsicles' to animals

Animals at the L.A. Zoo are getting their own cool treat: specially made popsicles, or at least what passes in the animal world for one. Also: Frozen blood.

Apple iOS8: 9 things to do with the new camera features

Apple is set to release iOS 8 on Wednesday, bringing new features to the native Camera and Photos app. Here's how they work and creative ideas for what to do with them from the KPCC visuals team.