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Meghan McCarty covers commuting and mobility issues for KPCC. Got a gripe about gridlock or public transit? She’d love to hear from you.

She gets to work in a car - for now – but occasionally jumps on the Metro and walks as often as she can. She's looking for advice to become a more intrepid biker.

Meghan has been with KPCC since 2010, when she was hired as an Associate Producer for The Madeleine Brand Show, where she created her signature Weekend Alibi datebook feature. She went on to report, produce and edit for Take Two Show, KPCC's award-winning morning newsmagazine.

Meghan has contributed to public media outlets up and down California, from KQED in San Francisco and KVIE in Sacramento to KCET TV in L.A. She has reported abroad from South Africa, Germany, India, Israel and the West Bank.

Meghan got her Masters from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and her B.A. in English from UCLA, but she is not torn when it comes to rooting for sports teams (it would be impolitic to reveal her allegiance).

Meghan would love to hear from you. Send her story ideas, grumbles and comments at memccarty [at]

Stories by Meghan McCarty

LA Metro shifts some bus routes, hands others off to smaller agencies

Metro is in the process of revamping its bus service to make wait times shorter for most riders by shifting resources away from less-used lines.

How much benefit does LA reap from its transportation tax?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti touted the economic benefits from Measure R, the sales tax funding transit and highway projects, but an expert says the impact is hard to project.

Another Expo Line crash causes concern about rail crossings

The Expo Line to Santa Monica opens in May but several crossings in the busy downtown area don't have gates to prevent cars from entering the tracks.

More concerns arise as bullet train officials hear from public

The High Speed Rail Authority board listens to unhappy residents on the latest route proposals through Southern California.

Officials and public to weigh in on latest bullet train plans

The action comes to Anaheim as high speed rail officials meet to discuss potential routes through mountainous, densely-populated Southern California.

Push to use 'crash' not 'accident' stresses responsibility

The Associated Press is advising journalists to avoid using the word "accident" to describe car crashes when there's a claim or proof of negligence.

Metro wants to know what you think of its $120 billion plan

Los Angeles County's transit agency hopes to put a sales tax increase on the November ballot. Now the agency is asking for public comment on what to fund with the money.

Latest high speed rail plan gets review by California lawmakers

California lawmakers questioned high speed rail officials about their latest plan to build the bullet train in Northern California first rather than in SoCal.

Metrolink tickets can now be bought in an app

The Southern California regional rail agency has come out with a way for riders to purchase tickets on their smart phones.

Metro's sales tax hike would hit some areas harder

The sales tax would be 10.25 percent in some Los Angeles cities if the proposal is approved, matching the highest rate in the country.

Electric car rebate's power gets cut for high California earners

Looking to buy a Tesla? If you make more than $250,000, you might want to do it Monday. California is scrapping an electric car rebate for high earners.

Metro asks for public input on $120 billion spending plan

What would you like to see in your neighborhood? Metro is gathering input from the public before it puts a $120 billion sales tax measure on the ballot.

Activists want more biking, walking projects in Metro plan

Metro's $120 billion sales tax initiative includes 4.5 percent for biking and walking improvements. Critics say that's not enough, with advocates hoping for 10 percent.

Metro swipes left on Wi-Fi in trains — again

If you see something, say something. Just don't plan on using your phone. Plans to add W-Fi and cell service to L.A.'s subway have once again been pushed back.

Sepulveda tunnel, toll lanes on Metro's $120B wish list

Los Angeles County voters will be asked to approve a sales tax initiative on the November ballot to generate $120 billion for transportation projects.