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Meghan McCarty is a Reporter/ Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Stories by Meghan McCarty

#MakeAlCare: Al goes to the candidates' forum (Election 2015)

Al Gordon — our typical non-voting Angeleno — has begun to care deeply about the issues that affect his life and business. And now the candidates are hearing him, too.

#MakeAlCare: Al has no time for City Hall; an expert tries to help

We take on low voter turnout by focusing on one non-voter. But before we can #MakeAlCare about voting, we have to figure out what Al cares about in his neighborhood.

#MakeAlCare: Taking on voter apathy one person at a time (Election 2015)

Voter turnout in Los Angeles is the lowest in the state. It got us thinking: Can we get one person fired up enough to vote on March 3? Meet Al.

Manny Pacquiao on life, love songs and Mayweather fight

Champion boxer Manny Pacquiao is the subject of a new documentary, released amid speculation over a possible matchup of Pacquiao with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Thousands of youth soccer players hit SoCal for AYSO National Games

This week about 7,000 young soccer players from around the country are gathered in Southern California for the AYSO National Games.

'Life Itself' documentary a fitting cinematic tribute to Roger Ebert

The new documentary, "Life Itself," follows the life and death of legendary film critic, Roger Ebert.

'Metastasis': The Spanish-language 'Breaking Bad' gets cooking

A Spanish language version of the hit AMC TV series, "Breaking Bad" has begun airing on Univision station Unimas. But as the Royale with Cheese is to the Quarter Pounder, there are some little differences.

Triple digit heat expected in Southern California

A heat wave is expected to strike Southern California this week with temperatures topping 100 degrees in Los Angeles by Wednesday.

JPL uses GPS data to track Sierra snowpack

Scientists have found one more tool to help monitor water in California. They’re using GPS to measure the weight of the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Can you tell fake laughter from real? Take this audio quiz

A UCLA researchers played these samples of both for test subjects and discovered that we're fooled only part of the time. How do you score?

Fukushima radiation not detected in kelp beds yet

A project to monitor radiation levels from the Fukushima nuclear leak in kelp beds on the West Coast has found no contamination in its initial testing.

Tequila to lose weight? Agave sugars found to help diabetes

A form of sugar made from the plant used to make tequila could help people lose weight and manage diabetes, according to new research.

From Mars to the stage: JPL Choir explores math and music

The JPL Choir will perform a free concert at the Pasadena Symphony's Ambassador Auditorium Saturday night, proving the strong link between music and math and science.

Good: SoCal's air is better. Bad: It's still the worst in the US

The L.A. metropolitan area was again ranked worst for ozone pollution, the American Lung Association reported.

Tiny mite beats out cheetah as world's fastest land animal

The mite, which is no bigger than a sesame seed, was studied by a team of researchers based at Pomona College in Claremont.