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Meghan McCarty is a Reporter/ Producer for KPCC's Take Two program.

Stories by Meghan McCarty

Summer Food: Cooling down naeng-myun style in Koreatown

As part of our summer food series, where we introduce you to meals best served on sizzling hot summer days, Meghan McCarty brings us a hot weather specialty from Korea.

Baja Mexico's thriving wine region faces unique challenges (Photos)

Mexico is well-known for its alcoholic offerings from beer to tequila, to the newly popular mescal. But Baja California is also home to a thriving wine region.

SFO crash-landing: Early data indicates plane's approach was too slow (Photos)

NTSB spokesman on Sunday gave initial findings of data from flight; two victims were headed with other Chinese students for program in San Fernando Valley.

Dog shooting video: Protesters rally at Hawthorne Police Department

Those angered by the killing are gathering at the Hawthorne Police Department Saturday. Police say they want the protest to be safe.

Sunnylands: A desert retreat for presidents, politicians and movie stars

This weekend, the Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage will serve as the backdrop for the meeting between President Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Igor Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' gets a 'ReRite' on its 100th anniversary

Starting tomorrow the Pacific Symphony in Santa Ana will commemorate the landmark anniversary with a series of orchestral performances. Recently, the symphony asked the public to submit their own interpretations of Stravinsky's work for a project they're calling the "ReRite of Spring."

Forage for food in your own backyard

Producer Meghan McCarty sets out on a foraging expedition to find out which edible plants (and creatures) can be found right in our backyards.

'Liberace Extravaganza!': The man behind the flashy costumes (photos)

The book "Liberace Extravaganza!" features hundreds of photos of the performer and his stunning outfits. Co-author and costume designer Connie Furr Soloman talks about his legacy.

Emily Rapp's 'The Still Point of the Turning World'

Emily Rapp's son is the subject of a new book about the turning point in her life.

Picture This: Louie Palu captures horrors of the Mexican drug war

Louie Palu spent a year photographing the cross-border drug trade, from checkpoints in Texas and Arizona to villages deep into cartel country. Warning: graphic images.

California craft distilleries want to offer tastings, sales on site

California craft distillers are pushing to change a Prohibition-era law that restricts them from having paid tasting rooms and selling bottles of their product on site. Wineries and breweries have had that right for decades.

LA County Science Fair faces $35,000 shortfall

The LA County Science Fair may not have enough money to provide basics like tables and chairs in the hall where projects will be displayed. Meghan McCarty reports.

'Coffee rust' fungus brews up trouble in Central America

Coffee growers in Central America are facing a crisis due to coffee rust, a fungus that prevents the plant's leaves from going through photosynthesis.

Trader Joe's raises price of Two-Buck Chuck wine (Poll)

What are we going to call the Charles Shaw brand wine now that Trader Joes has increased its price from a reasonable $1.99 to a whopping $2.49?

Weekend Alibi: Breaking Bad, Bastille Day and air guitars

Meghan McCarty brings you a number of ways to get into the Los Angeles scene, including a Bastille Day celebration and the L.A. regional air guitar championships.