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Meghan McCarty covers commuting and mobility issues for KPCC. Got a gripe about gridlock or public transit? She’d love to hear from you.

She gets to work in a car - for now – but occasionally jumps on the Metro and walks as often as she can. She's looking for advice to become a more intrepid biker.

Meghan has been with KPCC since 2010, when she was hired as an Associate Producer for The Madeleine Brand Show, where she created her signature Weekend Alibi datebook feature. She went on to report, produce and edit for Take Two Show, KPCC's award-winning morning newsmagazine.

Meghan has contributed to public media outlets up and down California, from KQED in San Francisco and KVIE in Sacramento to KCET TV in L.A. She has reported abroad from South Africa, Germany, India, Israel and the West Bank.

Meghan got her Masters from USC's Annenberg School of Journalism and her B.A. in English from UCLA, but she is not torn when it comes to rooting for sports teams (it would be impolitic to reveal her allegiance).

Meghan would love to hear from you. Send her story ideas, grumbles and comments at memccarty [at]

Stories by Meghan McCarty

LA considers scaling back controversial jaywalking tickets

A recent crackdown on pedestrians in downtown Los Angeles has spurred protest by activists. City Council members are considering changing enforcement policy.

Downtown streetcar plan inches ahead - without funding plan

The L.A. City Council calls for engineering plans to be drawn up, but it's unclear how the $280 million project will be funded.

LA Metro moving to close down dangerous rail crossings

As train service increases across Southern California, concerns over safety at track crossings are growing. Several deadly accidents have occurred in recent years.

Boarding at the back: LA's experiment to speed up late buses

Metro is trying a new system called all-door boarding to speed up one of its busiest — and tardiest — bus lines. Will it pencil out?

SoCal bike sharing programs may not work together

L.A. Metro will choose a vendor to operate its bike share program, but will it be compatible with Santa Monica's bike share operator?

Stuck in gridlock: Why 405 expansion didn't cut your commute

A year after the 405 expansion, traffic is flowing better but rush hour wait times remain the same. Why doesn't adding a lane cut down on traffic during peak hours?

I-405 still congested, but flowing better since expansion

You'll still wait a long time in rush hour on the Sepulveda Pass, but rush hour itself is getting shorter, and there have been other benefits, according to a new study.

What worked — and didn't — in a crowded race

David Ryu won an unlikely victory in the CD4 LA City Council race, which started out with 14 candidates. How does one standout in such a crowded field?

#MakeAlCare: Sustaining voter engagement

Earlier this year, we picked one person who didn't vote in local elections and got him to care. He voted, but will Al return to the polls for Tuesday's runoffs?

We Made Al Care! The evolution of one voter

Voter turnout in LA is among the worst in the state. So we chose one person who doesn't usually vote and we tried to #MakeAlCare. This is his journey.

#MakeAlCare: It's Election Day in LA County, and Al has voted!

As voters go the polls today, Al Gordon shows that he really cares: He voted! Follow KPCC reporter Meghan McCarty and Al to the polls.

#MakeAlCare: Al holds election open house at his restaurant

We've been trying to #MakeAlCare about the elections. We succeeded so well he's taking up the fight - holding an open house for candidates and neighbors.

#MakeAlCare: Al goes to the candidates' forum (Election 2015)

Al Gordon — our typical non-voting Angeleno — has begun to care deeply about the issues that affect his life and business. And now the candidates are hearing him, too.

#MakeAlCare: Al has no time for City Hall; an expert tries to help

We take on low voter turnout by focusing on one non-voter. But before we can #MakeAlCare about voting, we have to figure out what Al cares about in his neighborhood.

#MakeAlCare: Taking on voter apathy one person at a time (Election 2015)

Voter turnout in Los Angeles is the lowest in the state. It got us thinking: Can we get one person fired up enough to vote on March 3? Meet Al.