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Michelle Lanz
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Michelle Lanz is KPCC's Associate Digital Producer for Talk Shows, where she produces content for AirTalk, Patt Morrison, Take Two and Off-Ramp.

Before coming to KPCC, Michelle worked at KCET as the Associate Producer for New Media, where she developed web content for KCET's programming and steered social media efforts for the station. She was first bitten by the public radio bug as an intern for NPR's Day to Day program in 2008.

She has also worked as an editor for MSN's Wonderwall entertainment site, as a web producer for Marketplace and as a contributing editor to the L.A. Times’ Metromix publication.

Lanz earned her master's degree in journalism in 2009 from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

Stories by Michelle Lanz

The underground online market of unwanted adopted children

Re-homing of adopted children often happens with little in the way of background checks, and adoption officials say some children wind up in abusive homes.

Juarez police investigate suspected female vengeance killer

Police in Ciudad Juarez are investigating claims that a woman with blond hair is killing bus drivers in revenge for violence against women.

Trader Joe's sues Canadian 'Pirate' reselling items in Vancouver

Michael Hallatt runs Pirate Joe's, a store offering Trader Joe's products he's smuggled across the US-Canada border. Now Trader Joe's is suing Hallatt.

Riverside teacher's show-stopping duet with Kristin Chenoweth goes viral

If you were lucky enough to be at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, night you probably thought Kristin Chenoweth would be the highlight of the evening.

Summer Food: Cooling down naeng-myun style in Koreatown

As part of our summer food series, where we introduce you to meals best served on sizzling hot summer days, Meghan McCarty brings us a hot weather specialty from Korea.

Why people just can't resist the urge to text while driving

The dangers of distracted driving have been well documented and laws have been enacted to discourage it, but why is it still an increasing problem?

Seattle cops hand out munchies to Hempfest revelers

Seattle pot smokers were greeted with an unusual gift at the city's Hempfest this weekend: The Seattle Police Department handed out bags of Doritos to hungry revelers.

Epic aims to help magazine writers turn articles into films

Magazine writers Joshuah Bearman and Josh Davis recently started a new project called Epic to help other magazine writers get their pieces translated to the big screen.

Meeting Dread Pirate Roberts, the head of the Silk Road illicit drug website

An underground website, The Silk Road, reportedly traffics between $30-45 million in drugs from pot to LSD each year. Given the nature of the business, the guy in charge is pretty hard to pin down.

Banksy's 2008 mural 'Flower Girl' goes up for auction in LA

The LA-based auction house Julien's has announced that it's selling one of Banky's works - a piece called Flower Girl - which once graced the wall of a gas station on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and La Brea.

'Breaking Bad': The real woman behind Walter White's meth chemistry

As AMC's hit series returns this Sunday, KPCC's Take Two pulls back the curtain on the real-life chemistry professor who provides the science behind Walter White's blue meth

Woman who kept Huntington Library's clocks ticking for 25 years retires

Jacqueline Dugas has been winding the Huntington Library's 18th century clocks since 1989. It turns out this week she's handing over the keys and retiring.

Pasadena's Gamble House opens up servants quarters to public (Photos)

The Gamble House is opening the doors to its servants' hall and rooms for the first time in its history, as other rooms undergo renovation. The "Upstairs Downstairs Tour" runs through most of August.

LA freeway map redesigned as subway system

Designer Peter Dunn makes clean and stylish improvements to L.A.'s tangle of roadways by applying a familiar logic and aesthetic: the subway map.

The top 10 biggest auto failures of the past decade (photos)

Edmunds.com has listed the “Top 10 Automotive Failures of the Last Decade,” which include Honda’s Insight, the relaunched Ford Thunderbird and Cadillac XLR.