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Michelle Lanz is the Associate Producer for The Frame, KPCC's arts, entertainment and culture show. Prior to joining The Frame she worked as the digital producer for KPCC's Take Two and AirTalk shows.

Before coming to KPCC, Michelle worked at KCET as the Associate Producer for New Media, where she developed web content for KCET's programming and steered social media efforts for the station. She was first bitten by the public radio bug as an intern for NPR's Day to Day program in 2008.

She has also worked as an editor for MSN's Wonderwall entertainment site, as a web producer for Marketplace and as a contributing editor to the L.A. Times’ Metromix publication.

Lanz earned her master's degree in journalism in 2009 from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

Stories by Michelle Lanz

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