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Michelle Lanz
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Michelle Lanz is KPCC's Associate Digital Producer for Talk Shows, where she produces content for AirTalk, Patt Morrison, Take Two and Off-Ramp.

Before coming to KPCC, Michelle worked at KCET as the Associate Producer for New Media, where she developed web content for KCET's programming and steered social media efforts for the station. She was first bitten by the public radio bug as an intern for NPR's Day to Day program in 2008.

She has also worked as an editor for MSN's Wonderwall entertainment site, as a web producer for Marketplace and as a contributing editor to the L.A. Times’ Metromix publication.

Lanz earned her master's degree in journalism in 2009 from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

Stories by Michelle Lanz

LAX uses therapy dogs to calm stressed-out travelers

"Pets Unstressing People,"or PUP for short, brings therapy dogs and their handlers into the terminals to help calm stressed-out travelers.

Photos: How NASA imagined life in a space colony would look 40 years ago

Back in the early 1970s, NASA funded a study about what life might be like on space colonies, complete with some amazing, futuristic illustrations.

Patt's Hats: Time for the rights of spring – color!

You don’t believe it looking out your windows in Southern California today, but spring it is. Perhaps I am forcing the spring by wearing bouquets on my stems – I think I can identify ranunculus, poppies, dianthus, and maybe roses?

What makes Kobe Bryant's torn Achilles injury so serious?

Here to explain what Bryant has ahead of him is Dr. Robert Klapper, chief of orthopedic surgery at Cedars Sinai and the host of The Weekend Warrior show on ESPNLA 710.

Hockey great Willie O'Ree on breaking down barriers in sports

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League baseball, but there was another man facing similar obstacles in the world of professional hockey.

Patt's Hats: An ensemble in honor of the late Margaret Thatcher

The twinset, in russet and camel colors, was my ‘homage’ to Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman prime minister, who died Monday at the Ritz Hotel in London.

Budget cuts force grounding of Navy's Blue Angels air show

The sequestration axe has fallen on one of U.S. military's biggest attractions. Citing budget cuts, the Navy is grounding the Blue Angels for the rest of 2013.

Vandals strike again at Joshua Tree National Park (Map)

Vandals have struck again in Joshua Tree. Today officials from Joshua Tree National Park reported that rocks and walls at the popular Rattlesnake Canyon were spray painted and damaged.

California extends hands-free driving law to include GPS apps

A California court has extended the ban on using cell phones while driving. It's not just texting and talking that are off limits, now you're barred from using your GPS apps, too.

Why is there a lack of sex scenes steaming up the big screen?

Where has the love gone? More to the point, why are steamy, hot sex scenes just not showing up in movies anymore? With studios targeting a wider audience age range, violence, explosions and animation are now box office gold.

'Tattoo Nation' doc explores body art's journey from taboo to trendy (Photos)

A new documentary explores how tattoos have moved from a sign of rebellion to a trendy fashion statement. Plus, share your tattoo stories with us!

Patt's Hats: Think pink!

Audrey Hepburn I am not, but every once in a while, a girl’s gotta go for the gamine look, right? The ankle-length or capri trousers, the ‘50s pink and black color scheme.

Picture This: Louie Palu captures horrors of the Mexican drug war

Louie Palu spent a year photographing the cross-border drug trade, from checkpoints in Texas and Arizona to villages deep into cartel country. Warning: graphic images.

Unnecessary roughness? Flag football team forced to forfeit for having girl player

Sequoyah School's flag football team had to forfeit their 8-0 record this year, due to a new rule that barred girls from playing on boys' teams. Is that fair?

Does God love gay Christians? Writer Jeff Chu's search for an answer

Writer Jeff Chu wanted to know the answer to a pivotal question inspired it the Sunday school song "Jesus Loves Me." As a gay Christian, does Jesus love him?