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Michelle Lanz is the Associate Producer for The Frame, KPCC's arts, entertainment and culture show. Prior to joining The Frame she worked as the digital producer for KPCC's Take Two and AirTalk shows.

Before coming to KPCC, Michelle worked at KCET as the Associate Producer for New Media, where she developed web content for KCET's programming and steered social media efforts for the station. She was first bitten by the public radio bug as an intern for NPR's Day to Day program in 2008.

She has also worked as an editor for MSN's Wonderwall entertainment site, as a web producer for Marketplace and as a contributing editor to the L.A. Times’ Metromix publication.

Lanz earned her master's degree in journalism in 2009 from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

Stories by Michelle Lanz

Scoring horror with 'Saw' and 'American Horror Story' composer Charlie Clouser

Composer Charlie Clouser knows exactly how to set a creepy scene. Before he got into scoring for TV and film, Clouser played keyboard in the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. These days he’s best known for his work scoring all seven films in the Saw franchise, as well as the theme song for the FX series American Horror Story.

Hopscotch: Riding through LA in The Industry's mobile opera for 24 cars

In a new production, The LA-based experimental opera company The Industry is taking opera out of the stuffy concert hall and onto the gritty streets of Los Angeles.

'An avoidable mess': Gamergate target Brianna Wu on SxSW cancellations

The influential South by Southwest Interactive conference canceled two panels due to threats of on-site violence. The panels were to address sexism and harassment in the gaming industry.

Mark Mothersbaugh: From Devo to becoming Wes Anderson's composer

The new wave music icon talks about how he got his start in scoring for television, working with a variety of directors, and how important score actually is to TV and film.

'Fargo' creator Noah Hawley: ''No Country For Old Men' is always in my mind'

Hawley says the Coens have an "amazing library of ideas and characters," which helped as he put his own stamp on their 1996 dark comedy.

How director Lenny Abrahamson used his own experience as a parent to help make 'Room'

The Irish filmmaker talks about his collaborative process with 'Room' writer Emma Donoghue and the lessons on parenthood he gave to actress Brie Larson.

'Bitch Planet' writer Kelly Sue DeConnick gives tips for breaking into comics

DeConnick, who revamped the Captain Marvel series, has succeeded with the biggest comic book publishers and with indie imprints that provide more freedom.

Jeff Russo tried to avoid scoring "Fargo" like a TV show

Composer Jeff Russo says, "Television turns away from music because they use music as a crutch" due to time and budget, but with "Fargo," they tried to make it cinematic.

Don't judge CW's musical comedy series 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' by its clichéd title

The show's co-creator, Aline Brosh McKenna, turns the rom-com genre against itself in her new musical comedy series for the CW network.

Censored filmmaker Jafar Panahi defies Iranian government to release 'Taxi'

In the movie, Panahi poses as a taxi driver in Tehran, picking up passengers from all walks of life. A series of cameras mounted on the dashboard capture the action and the conversations that take place inside his cab.

How filmmaker Maria Giese helped spark a federal investigation into Hollywood hiring practices

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is examining the film industry after a complaint from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Can TiVo stay relevant in today's TV-watching (and streaming) marketplace?

In an era of cord-cutting and standalone streaming platforms, what’s the need for a digital video recorder?

Director Ridley Scott says 'The Martian' isn't science fiction, it's science fact

The new movie, which opened to rave reviews and big box office, is based on the book of the same name by author Andy Weir.

Awesome Tapes from Africa brings obscure musicians to a wider audience

Ethnomusicologist Brian Shimkovitz turned his African music blog into a record label, which distributes and promotes the work of artists from across the continent.

For composer Derrick Spiva, music is all about movement

Whether he's writing for synchronized swimmers or dancers performing to African- and Indian-influenced sounds, Spiva keeps rhythm top of mind.