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Mike Roe is a Web producer for Southern California Public Radio and lead writer for pop culture blog Without A Net. Mike joined KPCC in November 2007 after working for KCTS public television in Seattle.

Roe began his broadcast career at his high school radio station KMIH in Mercer Island, Washington, where he served as president and program director. From there he moved on to college and community radio, and interned in commercial radio.

He earned a BA in history from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

When he's not covering the waterfront for KPCC, Mike writes and performs with several improv and sketch comedy groups. He's graduated from both the improv and sketch comedy programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He also hosts the Geek Pilgrims podcast and serves on the board of his church.

Stories by Mike Roe

Whitman anticipates victory speech

Early this afternoon, Meg Whitman got a leap on her celebration. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Whitman was checking out the stage at the site of her victory party, and the first few lines of her speech popped up on the teleprompter.

AP calls California Republican gubernatorial race for Meg Whitman

The polls closed at 8 p.m. in California. So far, 8.7% of precincts statewide are reporting, so there's still a long way to go. However, the Associated Press has already called the race for the Republican nomination for governor for Meg Whitman.

California candidates go to the polls

Candidates around the state are going to the polls to vote - and making sure that the media is there to see them doing so. Politicians always announce when and where they're going to be voting, showing their civic mindedness on election day.

What was your voting experience like?

If you went to the polls today, what did you see? Did everything work well at your polling station? How was the turnout in your area? Let us know your election day experiences in the comments below.

Proposition 16 to decide whether to place new restrictions on public utilities

KPCC's Molly Peterson did a series last week about the debate over Proposition 16:

5 California political myths

UC Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain had an editorial over the weekend for the Washington Post talking about five myths of California politics. Cain's five myths:

Welcome to the KPCC Elections 2010 blog

We're going to be offering expanded online coverage of the 2010 California elections throughout the election season in this blog. We'll be bringing you the latest news, analysis and results, including live election night coverage.

Comics legend Stan Lee at the Pasadena Rock'n Comic Con

Stan "The Man" Lee headlined the Pasadena Rock'n Comic Con this weekend. As a lifelong comic book geek, I enjoyed finally getting the chance to meet Stan.

Lee DeWyze wins American Idol, adults go 'huh?!'

Underdog Lee DeWyze won the season 9 finale of American Idol last night. Many critics were left puzzled, as Crystal had been acknowledged by many to be the vocal superstar this year from the beginning.

American Idol season finale tonight; Simon Cowell says goodbye

Another season of American Idol is coming to a close. It's been a strange one with the absence of Paula Abdul, the addition of Ellen DeGeneres, and most of all, the last season for Simon Cowell.

California Senate Democrats propose budget plan

California Senate Democrats responded to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's May Revise on Monday, proposing $4.9 billion in new taxes to close the state's $19.1 billion budget shortfall. Over $2 billion in added revenue would come from delaying corporate tax breaks, while $1.4 billion would come from changes to personal income taxes.

Google home page honors Pac-Man turning 30

Pac-Man, the iconic classic arcade game, celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Google put a playable Pac-Man game on their home page to mark the occasion, and it was even the lead story on CNN's website.

The Onion takes on location-based social networking tool Foursquare, media

The Onion, always a fountain of mirth, has a great article taking shots at both Foursquare and media coverage of new media.

Ben Folds, Pomplamoose at San Francisco MusicTech Summit

The San Francisco MusicTech Summit is taking place today. I had a chance to catch the Rebirth of Video panel streaming online, featuring a couple of my favorite musicians, Ben Folds (who played Los Angeles just last week) and Jack Conte of YouTube sensations Pomplamoose.

Facebook calls all-staff privacy meeting

Apparently the powers that be have recognized that something is rotten in the state of Facebook, as numerous users, bloggers and other commentators have spoken out over recent changes in Facebook's privacy policies.