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Mike Roe is a Web producer for Southern California Public Radio and lead writer for pop culture blog Without A Net. Mike joined KPCC in November 2007 after working for KCTS public television in Seattle.

Roe began his broadcast career at his high school radio station KMIH in Mercer Island, Washington, where he served as president and program director. From there he moved on to college and community radio, and interned in commercial radio.

He earned a BA in history from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

When he's not covering the waterfront for KPCC, Mike writes and performs with several improv and sketch comedy groups. He's graduated from both the improv and sketch comedy programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He also hosts the Geek Pilgrims podcast and serves on the board of his church.

Stories by Mike Roe

'Bed Intruders' auto-tune hit song goes a cappella

As a vocal music/a cappella fan, I've enjoyed the recent boom in the genre's popularity thanks to groups using online video sites to get their music out. These groups have also received some high profile advocacy recently through shows like NBC's The Sing-Off and musician Ben Folds, who put out an album last year with college a cappella groups covering his songs.

New Girl Talk album 'All Day' available, for free

Girl Talk, best known for taking sampling to another level while flipping the bird to copyright concerns, has a new album out called "All Day" which you can download for free. While he offered his last album, "Feed the Animals," as a pay-what-you-want affair, the new one isn't even asking that much.

Kanye West vs. George W. Bush: The saga continues (on the Today Show)

Kanye West famously said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during a charity television special in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, responding to perceived failures in the government response to the disaster.

Former President George W. Bush speaks for 1st time since leaving office

Former President George W. Bush spoke with NBC's Matt Lauer in an interview that aired on NBC last night. It's Bush's first one-on-one TV interview since leaving office.

Jimmy Kimmel announces 'National Unfriend Day' for Facebook

On last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jimmy Kimmel presented the idea of National Unfriend Day. He said that he thinks Facebook is cheapening the concept of friendship. "A friend is someone you have a special relationship with.

Carly Fiorina concedes California Senate race to Barbara Boxer [Updated]

After refusing to concede last night, Carly Fiorina conceded today in her bid for Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat. Boxer declared victory on election night, despite Fiorina's initial refusal to concede.

Brown vows to battle California budget deficit as governor

Fresh off his big win last night, Governor-Elect Jerry Brown promised Wednesday morning to immediately get to work on solving California's budget problems.

Obama taking election night losses well?

At least, that's what it looks like from this photo from the official White House Flickr account. Here he is talking with Speaker-Elect Republican John Boehner:

Boxer re-elected to Senate; Brown wins California governor's race

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer will retain her position as California's junior senator. Democrat Jerry Brown is projected to defeat Republican Meg Whitman to be the new governor of California.

California voters concerned about economy; Equally surprising: Sky blue

In one of the less surprising news stories of the night, exit polls show that the number one issue for voters in the California gubernatorial and Senate races is... the economy.

Oklahoma bans judges from using Islamic law

While there's no record of a judge citing Islamic law for precedent, Oklahoma voters passed a proposition banning that from happening. It wasn't a squeaker, either; early results show it passing by a 40 point margin.

Sylvester Stallone sounds off against Obama on Twitter

A bit of celebrity on this Election Day; Sylvester Stallone wrote a couple posts on Twitter encouraging everyone to vote against what he sees as an illegitimate president today.

What will the pundits say after the election? (Pundit Bingo!)

Political scientist/media critic Brendan Nyhan made this handy bingo game for you to play along as you follow the results of today's election:

Zach Galifianakis promotes Prop 19, smokes pot on HBO

On this past Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher," during a debate on California's Proposition 19 (which would legalize recreational use of marijuana under California state law), comedian/actor Zach Galifianakis apparently decided to make his point by smoking a joint on the program.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 ticket system fails, nerds outraged

The moment had finally arrived. Tickets for Comic-Con 2011 were scheduled to go on sale this morning at 9 a.m. The floodgates opened, and then... well, not so much. The ticket system apparently couldn't handle the massive amount of traffic of the eager masses (myself included) and left fans across the Internet looking at spinning icons letting them know that they weren't getting their tickets anytime soon.