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Mike Roe is a digital news producer for Southern California Public Radio and covers pop culture online and on air. Mike joined KPCC after working for KCTS public television in Seattle. He's covered events like Comic-Con, as well as breaking news.

Mike began his broadcast career at his high school radio station KMIH in Mercer Island, Washington, where he served as president and program director. From there he moved on to college and community radio and interned in commercial radio.

He earned a BA in history from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, and also spent time studying communications, music and religion.

When he's not covering the waterfront for KPCC, Mike writes and performs with several sketch comedy groups, including the monthly late night variety show It's Past My Bedtime and weekly topical show Top Story Weekly. He's graduated from both the improv and sketch comedy programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Stories by Mike Roe

Calif. Rep. Adam Schiff on bin Laden death: 9/11 victims now have 'some measure of justice'

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff serves on the House Intelligence Committee. Schiff says the Committee didn't know about the raid before it took place.

Muslim Public Affairs Council greets bin Laden's death with 'sense of relief'

People are reacting this morning to the death of Osama bin Laden. The Muslim Public Affairs Council's website this morning read "MPAC Greets Bin Laden's Death With A Sense Of Relief." Salam Al-Marayati, president of MPAC in Los Angeles, spoke with KPCC.

Pasadena City College receives $4 million donation

An alumnus of Pasadena City College has left the school $4 million, the largest gift in the school's 87-year history.

How Prince William and Kate Middleton met, if it involved dinosaurs and jetpacks

I've written about Neill Cameron before, but I just discovered today that he had illustrated the (not really) true story of how Prince William met Kate Middleton.

Twitter users' relationships don't last as long as everyone else's

Is Twitter bad for your dating life? Statistics say "maybe."

Orange County GOP Committee member sends e-mail with Obama's face on chimpanzee body

An e-mail sent by an Orange County GOP Central Committee member has raised a controversy. Marilyn Davenport's e-mail shows a photo of President Obama's face on the body of a baby chimpanzee. The caption reads "Now you know why – No birth certificate!"

Foo Fighters release YouTube performance of their entire new album 'Wasting Light'

In an interesting marketing approach, the Foo Fighters performed their entire new album "Wasting Light" and put up a YouTube video of the performance. The video was shot in the Foo Fighters' Studio 606.

Google hires Happy Tree Friends to explain copyright to YouTube uploaders

Google's tightening their copyright policies for YouTube uploads. If you upload copyrighted material to YouTube, you'll have to watch a video called "YouTube Copyright School" and then pass a test on copyright to continue using the site.

NBA owners discuss Sacramento Kings' potential move to Anaheim

Sacramento Kings co-owner George Maloof said he and his brothers have yet to decide whether they will file a request with the NBA to move the Kings to Anaheim this year reports the Sacramento Bee. However, he indicated that they are leaning toward filing.

A crossword 'Inception' - The Atlantic's 'The Cross Word'

"Late at night, when we were small, Sara sat on my bed, whispering into my ear." So begins the prose beneath the first clue in a new crossword that's a combination of a prose story and a crossword puzzle.

Pro wrestler Larry Sweeney dead at 29 - a look at the charismatic entertainer

I was saddened this morning to read about the passing of pro wrestler Alex Whybrow, better known as Larry Sweeney, at the age of 29. He's someone who wrestled for some small pro wrestling companies, portraying the hilarious, boisterous character "Sweet and Sour" Larry Sweeney.

How will the potential government shutdown affect Los Angeles & Southern California?

Democrats and Republicans still remain between $6 billion and $7 billion apart in budget negotiations, with even bigger disagreement over policy issues in the budget bill. Chances for a deal before midnight Thursday seemed slim, meaning a government shutdown on Friday. What would this mean for Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California?

500 Pixar movie scenes in 7 minutes

This video takes 500 shots, culled from all 11 Pixar feature films, to produce this loving tribute:

'A-Z of Awesomeness 2: Japan' raising money for Japan relief

I've been following artist Neill Cameron for a while now. I first spotted his work when he did the A-Z of Awesomeness. He produced 26 pieces of art, each centered around geeky "awesome" things that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet, such as "Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-off.

Governor Brown expected to declare end to California drought

Tomorrow, Governor Jerry Brown is expected to declare an end to California's 3-year-old drought after a winter with heavy rainfall and snow.