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Molly Peterson is an award-winning environment correspondent at Southern California Public Radio.

Molly has reported, edited, directed programs, and produced stories for NPR and NPR shows including "Day to Day" and KQED's "California Report." She was a contributing producer for Nick Spitzer's weekly music program, "American Routes," and reported for "Living on Earth" in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Prior to joining KPCC, she produced a nationally-distributed radio documentary about New Orleans called "Finding Solid Ground."

A former LA Press Club radio journalist of the year, Molly reported on the faulty pumps installed at New Orleans canals after Hurricane Katrina. That project was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award.

Molly worked for NPR American legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg during the Clinton Impeachment.

She studied international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. She is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.

Molly was lucky enough to grow up climbing northern California trees and fishing eastern Sierra waters.

Stories by Molly Peterson

Water rate miscalculations cause money problems in Glendale

In December, Glendale officials discovered problems with their water rates, set up by a Temecula-based consulting firm. Attempts at a fix have grown complicated.

Researchers take to skies to survey marine protected areas

Emerging data looks at how fishermen are responding to marine sanctuaries, scattered like scrabble tiles over 350 square miles between Santa Barbara and Mexico.

California Drought News: Going deep for groundwater

Southern California's got a chance of rain this week. It's certain the state will grab snowpack stats tomorrow - and it's unlikely they'll be pretty.

California Drought News: Australia-inspired solutions and water savings in the shower

Some days, California can't do anything right about the drought...but "the lucky country" can. Two more suggestions to copy Australia's water conservation, in here.

California Drought News: Moving water and trucking salmon

California's giving Chinooks a ride to the sea through dried-up plumbing this year — but maybe you shouldn't blame system operators for making the drought worse.

FAQ: Answers to your questions about lead battery recycling in Vernon

Exide Technologies in Vernon is asking a judge to let it reopen its battery recycling plant. Here are answers to your questions about Exide and lead recycling.

Exide may test more houses, test deeper for lead around plant

Exide’s work plan offers no timeline for completing the testing around its Vernon plant, and toxics regulators must approve plans before more testing happens.

Australia and Arizona are gray water pioneers

It won't be the last time you hear this: dry places that live with recurring drought have the drop on California when it comes to recycling water.

California Drought News: No predictions of March miracles

The University of Dayton might have won a first round upset in March Madness, but California won't, when it comes to drought. Federal scientists sound bleak.

Air regulators approve Exide's plan to reduce toxic emissions

The company submitted three versions of its risk reduction plan before air officials signed off, though AQMD is still trying to halt lead smelting operations.

Drought: We could be recycling gray water right now—why aren't we?

While California had the first law on the books permitting home water recycling, homeowners have been slow to adopt it. That may be changing.

UCLA scientists find shortcut to estimating a river's volume

UCLA researchers have found a new way to understand a river’s volume without stepping into it, a move that has implications for risk and water managers worldwide.

California Drought News: Making money on water

Would you believe some people used MORE water last month? Monday's drought news will upend your deeply held convictions...and offer business opportunities.

California Drought News: Legislation, a Delta Smelt conflagration, and hydroelectricity

Friday's news includes mini climate and fish news roundups, too. Come on in! We're expecting you.

DTSC targets foams, paint strippers for safety makeovers

As a major step in an effort to limit Californians’ exposure to hazardous chemicals, toxic regulators have announced the first products they want companies to make over more safely.