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Molly Peterson is an award-winning environment correspondent at Southern California Public Radio.

Molly has reported, edited, directed programs, and produced stories for NPR and NPR shows including "Day to Day" and KQED's "California Report." She was a contributing producer for Nick Spitzer's weekly music program, "American Routes," and reported for "Living on Earth" in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Prior to joining KPCC, she produced a nationally-distributed radio documentary about New Orleans called "Finding Solid Ground."

A former LA Press Club radio journalist of the year, Molly reported on the faulty pumps installed at New Orleans canals after Hurricane Katrina. That project was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award.

Molly worked for NPR American legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg during the Clinton Impeachment.

She studied international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. She is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.

Molly was lucky enough to grow up climbing northern California trees and fishing eastern Sierra waters.

Stories by Molly Peterson

Santa Margarita Water District defends, approves Cadiz plans for Mojave groundwater pumping

A small Orange County water authority has approved plans to purchase water from the Cadiz company, under a divisive plan that would harvest water from aquifers in the Mojave Desert.

More about Navajo Generating Station & air pollution

Still talking about Navajo Generating Station. Last week I was connecting issues around air quality to LA. Then on Friday I got an email from George Hardeen, who is a communications consultant for the Navajo Generating Station, and a longtime resident of the Navajo Nation.

Coal-fired power could get more costly for California

Federal rules aimed at improving the view at national parks could also raise costs at a coal-fired power plant that delivers cheap energy to the city of L.A.

Controversial power line dedicated in San Diego County

Brown has touted the recently-completed transmission line’s ability to carry wind and solar energy from the Inland to San Diego Gas & Electric customers.

Orange County water district delays decision on Cadiz pumping project

A company that wants to pump water from the Mojave Desert to southern Orange County must wait another week to learn whether a local water district will approve its plan. The Santa Margarita Water District is considering the Cadiz company’s plan to take water from underground aquifers about a hundred miles away.

EPA action on Navajo Generating Station has implications for LADWP, anti-coal activists, Arizona

The Navajo Generating Station is one of two coal power plants sending LA cheap power. Federal proposals to clean up its emissions could end that sooner rather than later.

Vitamin B sampling could explain ocean health

A group of USC scientists has developed a new way to track vitamins believed essential to marine life, and they’re making it public.

Atmospheric and climate research is all about math and chaos

I'm almost done stuffing my brain with atmospheric research at NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. We spent vast amounts of time discussing modeling for global climate change, which couples weather data with all kinds of other things: interactive ocean, land surface, and sea ice models; changes in greenhouse gases, solar input, volcanoes, visible air pollution; standard carbon cycles.

New poll: most people want tighter chemical regulation

Tea Party supporters, 51% of them, supported tighter chemical legislation, which is interesting because of the commitment those voters have to less regulation.

Where the numbers came from on LA City Hall's ficus trees

If I had a nickel for every time someone I was interviewing told me that Tom LaBonge was the right source about something to do with a city park, or the zoo, or Griffith Park, well, I'd have at least $1.95.

Fire damage, and preparedness, in Colorado and California

I'm in Colorado this week at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. But I came in early and saw some parts of Colorado Springs where the fire had taken homes.

Native plants, new landscaping re-occupy City Hall park in downtown LA

Last winter, LAPD swept Occupy LA protesters movement off the City Hall lawn. L.A.’s Department of Recreation and Parks worked through the spring on a restoration project for the south City Hall park. This week the new landscape will be unveiled.

Brown Pelicans are starving along the Coast. Is that bad?

Something bird advocates agree on is that people who spot baby Brown Pelicans struggling, stranded, or hungry sound call their local wildlife rescue or Animal Control office.

Carson Carousel residents want contamination efforts sped up

People who live in the city of Carson’s Carousel neighborhood flooded a meeting of regional water quality control regulators to complain about contamination cleanup efforts under their houses.

EPA gets money for two Torrance Superfund sites

Plumes of pollution from Montrose and Del Amo Superfund sites have commingled underground; now the EPA will build one joint treatment system.