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Molly Peterson is an award-winning environment correspondent at Southern California Public Radio.

Molly has reported, edited, directed programs, and produced stories for NPR and NPR shows including "Day to Day" and KQED's "California Report." She was a contributing producer for Nick Spitzer's weekly music program, "American Routes," and reported for "Living on Earth" in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Prior to joining KPCC, she produced a nationally-distributed radio documentary about New Orleans called "Finding Solid Ground."

A former LA Press Club radio journalist of the year, Molly reported on the faulty pumps installed at New Orleans canals after Hurricane Katrina. That project was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award.

Molly worked for NPR American legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg during the Clinton Impeachment.

She studied international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. She is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.

Molly was lucky enough to grow up climbing northern California trees and fishing eastern Sierra waters.

Stories by Molly Peterson

Brown favors renewable energy project over conservation in Mojave Desert

Governor Jerry Brown has weighed in on a contested solar energy project in the Mojave Desert. The legal brief he's filed is likely to satisfy renewable energy advocates, but probably won't make conservationists happy.

Superfund Site of the Week: Rialto's B.F. Goodrich

It was in 1997 that Rialto first figured out that a plume of perchlorate was contaminating groundwater. The Environmental Protection Agency named it the B.F. Goodrich site after the Goodrich Corporation, and made it a Superfund site in 2009.

Song of the Week: Bloomberg Philanthropy gives $50 million to Sierra Club for coal campaign

News today inspires this week's song. A campaign already targeting LA's utility for its reliance on coal power has gotten a $50 million boost from Bloomberg Philanthropy for its national work.

Judge rules in favor of environmental groups in ongoing Long Beach port trucking dispute

Environmental and labor groups have won a victory in an ongoing fight with the Port of Long Beach over how to enforce a ban on the oldest, dirtiest trucks working the harbor.

State regulators, LADWP reach agreement on delaying Clean Water Act provision

State water regulators struck a compromise Tuesday that will give the L.A. Department of Water and Power more time to meet standards for coastal power plants.

DWP seeks 15-year delay of Clean Water Act provision

State water regulators again must decide whether to grant L.A.'s Department of Water and Power more time to phase out a cooling process at coastal power plants.

Superfund site of the Week: Maywood's Pemaco Chemical Company, now a city park

The federal law called CERCLA - the friendly term is Superfund - is supposed to create a structure for cleaning up toxic pollution, and often in its history the law and its regulators have operated with the idea that polluters should pay to clean up their messes (though not now, which is a story for a different day).

Biggest winner of the #FlightVsBike Tour de Carmageddon...not who you think

So, bicyclists won handily in the race Saturday, beating Jet Blue. Wolfpack Hustle could soon be a household name in LA, which is kinda awesome. Jet Blue got its piece: the airline was a trending topic on Twitter Saturday, and got plenty of publicity, which was probably at least part if not all of its goal.

Septic system ban still a mudfight in Malibu

Regional water regulators have approved a deal with the city of Malibu over its plans to get rid of septic tanks. Environment and surfing groups aren't happy about it.

Carmageddon throwdown: Wolfpack Hustle v. Jet Blue

Hard to top the US-Japan women's World Cup match for a sporting event this weekend, but this one's gonna try: a bunch of cyclists are going to race a plane from Burbank to Long Beach.

For Carmageddon, a song of the week: "Why'd you want to live here?"

In honor of Carmageddon, and the existential crises it threatens to cause, this week Pacific Swell is reclaiming Death Cab for Cutie's "Why'd you want to live here?".

Manhattan Beach's bag ban gets green light

California's top court says a long-delayed ban on plastic bags in Manhattan Beach can move forward.

Lego latest toy maker to respond to Greenpeace rainforest campaign

Since Barbie drove her bulldozer down an El Segundo business park, much has happened in the world of big toy companies and their packaging supplies.

Environmental activists still targeting Mattel over packaging

Environmental activists are keeping El Segundo-based Mattel firmly in their sights as they try to push the toymaker away from questionable logging practices in Indonesia that supply the boxes for Barbie dolls.

JetBlue's 405 special: Carmageddon's carbon Armageddon in the sky

To borrow from The Clash, it's Carmageddeon Time! Jet Blue's offering $4 flights between Long Beach and Burbank. (A fiver if you want leg room.) And JetBlue is one of the few airlines that — when you book with them — directs you to a place where you can offset your carbon because riding in a great big jet plane takes great big combustion engines that burn great big fuel.