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Molly Peterson is an award-winning environment correspondent at Southern California Public Radio.

Molly has reported, edited, directed programs, and produced stories for NPR and NPR shows including "Day to Day" and KQED's "California Report." She was a contributing producer for Nick Spitzer's weekly music program, "American Routes," and reported for "Living on Earth" in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Prior to joining KPCC, she produced a nationally-distributed radio documentary about New Orleans called "Finding Solid Ground."

A former LA Press Club radio journalist of the year, Molly reported on the faulty pumps installed at New Orleans canals after Hurricane Katrina. That project was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award.

Molly worked for NPR American legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg during the Clinton Impeachment.

She studied international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. She is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.

Molly was lucky enough to grow up climbing northern California trees and fishing eastern Sierra waters.

Stories by Molly Peterson

A Rebirth for the lower Owens River...and how's its growth?

This view of the Lower Owens River is beautiful - at least to Inyo County and its visitors. Despite and because of the big steel box in the center-right of the picture.

Kumi Naidoo, from the Golden State to Greenland

In the spring, Greenpeace's el jefe de jefes Kumi Naidoo came to Los Angeles, hung out with Hollywood a little, stayed in Beverly Hills. Today he's under police escort in Greenland.

Why does anyone cut down Indonesia rainforest?

After I reported on the Mattel-Greenpeace standoff over packaging sourcing, friends in LA who rely on me to tell them the news asked: why does anyone cut down rainforest? My generally over informed friends - people at KPCC - said, wait, I thought they were slowing down with the cutting, what's the big deal?

LADWP rates: the public in the public meeting [UPDATE]

I went to the second of seven (plus one) Los Angeles Department of Water and Power meetings last night. DWP's rolling out what it's calling "community conversations" - they brief everybody about what they're asking for, why they're asking for it, and then they take questions and comments.

What's the rainforest got to do with California?

This week on Pacific Swell l figured it was worth it to talk a little about Indonesia and Mattel and Barbie and Greenpeace - because the radio stories we'd had so far were shortened by our very short successful pledge drive.

Maria Garzino asks Obama for action on New Orleans pumps

You may remember her as a whistleblower: Maria Garzino was the key voice in a series of reports KPCC did on pumps in New Orleans- reporting over a few years that failed to find evidence (then, and as best we know, now) that the US Army Corps of Engineers has ensured pumps designed to protect New Orleans from flooding will work when they're needed.

LADWP wants 15-percent rate hike over next 3 years

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials say the utility needs rate increases of at least 15 percent over the next three years to keep the city's lights on and taps flowing.

Los Angeles ports’ Clean Trucks program leads to costs, complications

Two major trucking companies that signed on to the Clean Trucks Program at the Port of Los Angeles may owe the port money.

Federal judges to rule on truck regulations at Port of Los Angeles

A three-judge panel of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will decide whether the Port of Los Angeles can limit the kind of trucks that serve the harbor complex.

Mattel responds to Greenpeace Barbie protests, developing new toy packaging policy

Several days after an attention-grabbing protest outside its headquarters, El-Segundo-based Mattel corporation has announced it will develop a policy on the way it packages its toys.

Mattel to modify paper sourcing as Greenpeace continues Barbie campaign

El Segundo-based Mattel Corporation, the world's largest toy maker, announced Friday that its policy for producing paper products including packaging would address concerns the company is contributing to deforestation.

NASA's "Age of Aquarius" - and the future of climate satellites

So, NASA sent a new satellite up at Vandenburg Air Force Base today here in Southern California. The Aquarius observatory - their materials promise - will, within a few months, "collect as many sea surface salinity measurements as the entire 125-year historical record from ships and buoys.

Seven seas' worth of books for World Oceans Day

Pledge drive plus actual reporting is killing me. For World Oceans Day, here's something better than me trying to write about the ocean: seven writers who succeeded in making me fall in love with the ocean, over and over.

Barbie goes to jail (and so do 2 Kens): Protest over rainforest pulp in Mattel packaging

During a demonstration outside Mattel headquarters in El Segundo, police arrested 10 activists with the environmental group Greenpeace. The activists aimed to link the maker of Barbie dolls with rainforest destruction.

LA City Council works out how LADWP ratepayer advocate will be selected

Details about the watchdog office for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are emerging from hearings at the Los Angeles City Council.