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Molly Peterson is an award-winning environment correspondent at Southern California Public Radio.

Molly has reported, edited, directed programs, and produced stories for NPR and NPR shows including "Day to Day" and KQED's "California Report." She was a contributing producer for Nick Spitzer's weekly music program, "American Routes," and reported for "Living on Earth" in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Prior to joining KPCC, she produced a nationally-distributed radio documentary about New Orleans called "Finding Solid Ground."

A former LA Press Club radio journalist of the year, Molly reported on the faulty pumps installed at New Orleans canals after Hurricane Katrina. That project was a finalist for an Investigative Reporters and Editors award.

Molly worked for NPR American legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg during the Clinton Impeachment.

She studied international politics at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. She is an inactive member of the State Bar of California.

Molly was lucky enough to grow up climbing northern California trees and fishing eastern Sierra waters.

Stories by Molly Peterson

California confronts climate change, economic change with Proposition 23

In less than a week voters will decide on the California jobs initiative. Supporters say Proposition 23 will stop the state from regulating businesses to death and killing jobs. Opponents argue that it'll kill the state's landmark global warming law - and California's hope for becoming a green technology leader.

A greener childhood

I've been light on this blog as I went to see family and friends on the east coast. GreenLAGirl has been doing the work of an entire city!

Tour de Fat coming to LA

The New Belgium Bewing Company is serious about its environmental values: wind-powered operations, high-efficiency beermaking (I can imagine at least one of my cousins saying that they believe in high-efficiency beerDRINKING here - which one will find this first?).

But what about the children? Calling climate champions.

The Air Resources Board announced today the creation of what they're calling a "Climate Generation Program" - it's modeled after the British Council's similar program in the UK and elsewhere.

Scrapertown is on the scene

Bike culture is alive and well and growing in Oakland, and this video is awesome and hypnotic. All that is true and it's still not getting the lyrics of this song out of my head:

Pour one out for Lake Mead: or maybe, pour one into Lake Mead {UPDATED]

Lake Mead has once again set a record: in the wrong direction, though. (Yes, a few days ago now.) Levels are at an all time low. Oh, but don't worry: levels will rise 8 fee this winter.

This week in Prop 23 Campaign Finance News

On the yes side for Proposition 23, the slowdown in contributions is real. At the very least, there's not a continuing influx of big-ticket contributions of the kind that got this whole battle of the millions started.

Beutner + 2 months at DWP?

So, on tomorrow's agenda for the Board of Water and Power Commissioners, there's an item that seems like fun: LA deputy mayor Austin Beutner is probably going to get re-upped for 2 more months.

Court Orders Eucalyptus Sawed Down in Larkspur

When I was a kid, I thought eucalyptus trees were native to California. (I can admit this now because I have thought so many dumber things over the years.) Each year, I ran the Bay to Breakers, turned into the park, and enjoyed their smell immensely before the sea-salt-spray smacked me in the face at the final turn onto the Great Highway.

Palin takes on the Delta Smelt

Noted, but not with much comment: Sarah Palin, appearing in Anaheim at an event Frank Stoltze attended and will cover for KPCC.

Rewind Grand Opening & the idea of public space

So Friday night I stopped by Rewind to see how their grand opening was going. Took some pictures: check 'em out below.

Rewind your go back to the future!

For today's story about ewaste, I asked Oscar about some of the stuff he had in the store. This was by far my favorite item: a JVC boom box that converted into a portable cassette player.

Echo Park's Rewind offers alternatives to e-waste

When you buy a new gadget, it often replaces an old one - and federal environmental officials estimate by the end of this year, the last decade's worth of so-called e-waste would cover Manhattan 3 feet deep. A new business offers a classic alternative to kicking that old radio to the curb at a new store in the L.A. neighborhood of Echo Park.

Notes from Solar Power International '10

Any massive convention's alienating: enormous badges. $3 sodas. Men with shopping bags, branded logos on their shoulders. "Networking areas." The phrase "turnkey solutions." The way people size each other up, unabashedly, as they walk down the maze-aisles between the popup displays.

New green jobs: introducing some local decisionmakers

Know your Los Angeles Port Commissioners! 'Cause you have two new ones, thanks to the LA City Council.