Monica Bushman

Associate Producer, The Frame

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Monica Bushman is an Associate Producer on KPCC's The Frame program.

Prior to that, she worked on KPCC's Take Two program and the local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Monica began her career in radio as a producer for PRI's "America Abroad" in Washington, DC. Before coming to KPCC, she worked on various NPR shows including "Talk of the Nation" and "Morning Edition."

Monica is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a native of Anaheim, California.​

Stories by Monica Bushman

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Country music singer Jason Aldean took the stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma at his first concert since the deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

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Joe Morton plays the late comedian and activist Dick Gregory on stage in "Turn Me Loose." That Gregory's comedy remains so relevant today, Morton says, is both remarkable and troubling.

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Before comedian Zach Anner was a writer on ABC's "Speechless," he was a fan. Like the show's main character, Anner has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

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As part of PST: LA/LA, contemporary bands like Chicano Batman and The Mexican Institute of Sound are paying homage to key figures and movements in L.A. musical history.

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Reality producer Jonathan Murray discusses his latest docu-series, about young adults who have Down Syndrome.

Natalie Portman explores ethics of 'Eating Animals' in new documentary

The actress produced and narrated the new documentary, which is based on Jonathan Safran Foer's book of the same name.

Rotten Tomatoes ratings don't hurt box office, study says

Yves Bergquist looked at the relationship between Rotten Tomato scores and box office returns and found no correlation— positive or negative— between the two.

John Bailey: Academy's new president says he doesn't fear Netflix and Amazon

His top priorities as head of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are finishing the Academy museum, expanding diversity initiatives, and film preservation.

Documentary looks at the plight of immigrant construction workers, including DACA recipients

"Building The American Dream" follows the importance of immigrant construction workers to the Texas economy and the role DACA has played in securing their livelihood.

Pasadena Playhouse's Danny Feldman takes over theater at a crossroads

The theater's new producing artistic director has a big challenge: attracting new audiences without alienating longtime patrons.

How this veteran actress went from 0 to 2 Emmy nominations in a year

Her career has spanned more than 30 years, with roles in everything from "The X-Files" to "True Detective." Now, she's finally getting widespread recognition.

'La La Land' gets a drag parody that's so bad it's good

Box office receipts are one way of gauging a film's success. So are awards. But how about when a movie gets its own drag parody show? "La La Land" now can say it has all three.