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Nick Roman is KPCC's host of All Things Considered.

Roman has been a fixture in Southern California radio news for more than 30 years. From 1984-2004, he was the voice of news at KLON/KKJZ in Long Beach, serving as a producer, anchor, and news director. Along the way he helped create CALNET, a daily statewide news program, where he was a producer, news editor and host.

He's proud to have trained such accomplished journalists as Kitty Felde and Frank Stoltze. Roman has also worked for the past 25 years teaching broadcast journalism to students at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton. His love of sports has led him to file numerous stories for NPR's "Only A Game."

Stories by Nick Roman

Anna Nicole Smith painkiller trial results in 2 convictions, 1 acquittal

After 13 days, an L.A. jury has handed down a split decision in the trial of two doctors and Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime companion. Prosecutors accused them of getting phony painkiller prescriptions for the model and reality TV star.

Minnesota businessman Bob Short links Lakers, Rangers

The Lakers began a new season last night; they’re after their 17th NBA championship. The Texas Rangers begin the World Series tonight; they’re after their first championship. A Minnesota businessman links the Lakers and the Rangers.

Lakers' toughest opponent this season: Time

The NBA champion Lakers opened the new season last night at Staples Center against the Houston Rockets. Coach Phil Jackson’s team is going for its third straight title. The Miami Heat with superstar LeBron James stands in the way. But the Lakers’ toughest opponent isn’t a team; it’s time.

Still no verdict in Anna Nicole Smith prescription painkiller trial

There’s still no verdict in the Los Angeles trial over the way the late actress and model Anna Nicole Smith got prescription painkillers. Two doctors and Smith’s longtime companion face a string of felony charges. The jury has been at it for 10 days.

Ice crystals found on Moon

The Moon is a dry and dusty place – but scientists knew they’d find at least some water when they slammed a rocket into a crater at one of the lunar poles last year. They found it, all right - 41 gallons.

LA County hires San Francisco health director

Los Angeles County has been trying to lure San Francisco’s health director south for two years. He’s finally on his way.

New research says curveball doesn't really curve

Here’s something the Cincinnati Reds could have used last week before the Phillies’ Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter at ‘em: new research says a curveball doesn’t really curve!

Gold medal that led to 1968 Olympics gloved fist protest for sale

The gold medal that led to the famous gloved fist protest at the 1968 Olympic Games is up for auction. Former San Jose State athlete Tommie Smith, who finished first in the 200-meter sprint, is selling the medal.

Report says Forest Service slow to respond to Station Fire due to cost concerns

A new report on last year’s Station Fire says the U.S. Forest Service was slow to react because it was worried about spending money. The report comes from the Agriculture Department – which oversees the Forest Service. Italso comes a day before a congressional hearing in Pasadena on the Station Fire battle plan.

Anna Nicole Smith prescription trial comes to a close

An L.A. jury will soon begin deliberations in the Anna Nicole Smith prescription drug trial. Two doctors and the model’s longtime companion are accused of writing phony prescriptions for her. Closing statements wrapped up yesterday.

The battle over the "SC" logo now has a winner

A 13-year battle over which university gets to use the “SC” logo on apparel and other merchandise is over. KPCC’s Nick Roman says you’ll find the winner at Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard.

Janis Joplin: 40 years after her death

A sad anniversary in rock music history has just passed: it’s been 40 years since singer Janis Joplin died of a heroin overdose in a Hollywood hotel. KPCC’s Nick Roman says Joplin had stayed in Los Angeles to record what would be her greatest album – “Pearl.”

McCourt divorce court helps launch a law student's career

The Dodgers baseball season is over — and soon, the divorce case of Jamie and Frank McCourt will be, too. Testimony in the “who owns the Dodgers?” phase ended last week.

Governor Schwarzenegger signs bill to ease traffic on the 91 Freeway

Governor Schwarzenegger is busy signing or vetoing hundreds of bills passed by the legislature this year. One bill he signed this week gives the green light to a project to speed up traffic on the 91 Freeway.

McCourt divorce trial continues

The Jamie and Frank McCourt divorce trial continues in L.A. today. Testimony has focused on just how worried Jamie McCourt was that owning the Dodgers might not work.