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Nick Roman is KPCC's host of All Things Considered.

Roman has been a fixture in Southern California radio news for more than 30 years. From 1984-2004, he was the voice of news at KLON/KKJZ in Long Beach, serving as a producer, anchor, and news director. Along the way he helped create CALNET, a daily statewide news program, where he was a producer, news editor and host.

He's proud to have trained such accomplished journalists as Kitty Felde and Frank Stoltze. Roman has also worked for the past 25 years teaching broadcast journalism to students at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton. His love of sports has led him to file numerous stories for NPR's "Only A Game."

Stories by Nick Roman

John Rovick, 'Sheriff John' on Los Angeles TV, dies at 93

Los Angeles TV icon John Rovick, "Sheriff John," has died in Idaho at 93. His "Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade" program is fondly remembered by thousands of L.A. kids.

Supplies, science riding on SpaceX capsule

The SpaceX, on its first supply mission to the International Space Station, will bring supplies and return with a year's worth of urine and blood samples.

Arsonist in 2003 Old Fire sentenced to death

A San Bernardino jury has sentenced defendant Rickie Lee Fowler to death for touching off the 90,000-acre Old Fire in 2003. Five heart attack deaths were linked to the fire.

Labor dispute costs NHL week of preseason games

The National Hockey League announced it will cancel 2012 preseason schedule through Sept. 30. The labor dispute could force the league to cancel regular season games, too.

Start of new hockey season doubtful as NHL commissioner imposes lockout

Season on ice: Gary Bettman locks out players after basic agreement runs out with no new deal in place. NHL could lose second season in eight years.

Swarm of earthquakes - 4.6, 5.3, 4.9 - shake Brawley

Officials with the U.S. Geological Survey note the earthquake swarm may continue shake the region a few days into the coming week.

Gonzalez pays Dodgers a dividend right away

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez's first inning home run put the Dodgers in the lead and payback on his $154 million contract.

Yo Adrian! Dodgers spend big to get big hitter

The Dodgers Saturday completed a nine-player trade with the Boston Red Sox that brings them first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, one of the game's top sluggers, plus more than $250 million in contracts.

What's that sound? Jets fly low to find Shuttle scenic spots

If you see two military jets flying low over Los Angeles today, don't worry: it's probably just NASA shuttle Endeavor's dry run over L.A.

Slugger Adrian Gonzalez could be headed to LA

Slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez is on the bench while the team's front office works works out a blockbuster trade with the Dodgers.

Juveniles sentenced to life to get possible 2nd chance

Juveniles sentenced to life without parole in California could get a second chance at freedom under a bill passed by the state legislature.

LA’s attempt to ban pot shops takes a hit

The Patient Care Alliance, which represents 300 pot shops, is suing the city to stop the ban that's due to take effect on Sept. 6.

Add a day — maybe 2 — to the Southland heat wave

Forecasters say Southern California's weekend cookout will continue. The cooling trend that was supposed to start Sunday didn't — and it won't start Monday, either.

Laker stars square off for Olympic gold again

Spain and the US will meet in a rematch of their gold medal game in Beijing in 2008. The Americans won that one — 118-107 — but it was close.

El Tricolor holds off Brazil in final Olympic game

Mexico's Oribe Peralta, one of the team's three players over 23 years old, scored two goals in the gold medal winning game.