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Patt Morrison is best known as a longtime reporter and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, where she has won numerous awards, including a share of two Pulitzer Prizes.

In addition to the Times, Patt is read, heard, and seen in many other places. She is a regular commentator on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and has published a bestselling book on the Los Angeles River.

Morrison is frequently interviewed about Southern California on the BBC and other television and radio programs, and was a founding host of "Life & Times" on KCET-TV, for which she won six Emmys and six Golden Mike awards.

A Senior Fellow in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA, Morrison was featured on the cover of "TALKERS Magazine" as one of the ‘’heavy hundred’’ of the nation’s talk radio hosts – a first for a public radio host.

Among her other honors: Pink's, the famous Los Angeles hot dog stand, has a veggie dog named after her!

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