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Rina Palta reports on Southern California's social safety net for KPCC.

Her beat looks at what works and what doesn't about the systems designed to help people who fall into poverty, social welfare, public mental health systems, or criminal justice system — and help many get back on their feet.

Rina spent the past few years reporting on crime in Southern California. She came to L.A. from the Bay Area, where she launched the Informant, a digital collaboration between NPR and KALW. Her reporting there focused on California's prison, jails, and law enforcement agencies, and the effect of crime and the criminal justice system on communities.

Palta is a graduate of Haverford College and UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. In her spare time, she's a world-class eater and aspiring surfer.

Stories by Rina Palta

Boyle Heights car theft binge appears to be winding down

Despite otherwise average-to-low crime rates this year, the Hollenbeck division, which includes Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, and El Sereno, is in the midst of an inexplicable car theft binge.

Why gangs are like both honeybees and lions

UCLA researchers have come up with a way of plotting street gang territories: a "mathematical model used to determine the hunting range of animals in the wild."

Assault charges for men involved in I-5 road rage video

Two men in the famous I-5 road-rage-caught-on-tape incident have been formally charged and a little more info is available from the District Attorney's office.

Sheriff's deputy sentenced in drug burrito jailhouse sting

Henry Marin, a former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, was sentenced Monday to two years in jail for trying to smuggle heroin into jail in a burrito.

No automatic life without parole for juveniles

The Supreme Court has ruled that almost all people convicted of crimes as juveniles should be allowed a chance at parole.

LA Sheriff's department looking for a few good women

The goal is to reach 20 percent female staffing levels at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Bryan Stow beating suspects plead not guilty

The trial could be lengthy.

Two men in custody in apparent road rage fight video

The California Highway Patrol says that two men involved in the viral video of an apparent road-rage-inspired fight on the I-5 last week are in custody.

El Monte man died after altercation with police

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has released information on 37-year-old Khoa Anh Le, who died June 14 after an altercation with El Monte Police.

Apparent road-rage fight on I-5 caught on video

A video released Tuesday by LiveLeaks appears to show a road-rage incident, turned fight, turned beating, on the I-5 north.

Police release 911 tape from Rodney King death

Rialto Police have released a tape of the 911 call Cynthia Kelley placed after her fiance, Rodney King apparently fell into his backyard pool and drowned.

For 1st time, US Senate takes up prison solitary confinement

The hearing came just a day after inmates at the federal supermax prison filed a class action lawsuit.

Family of Abdul Arian, killed by LAPD, sues for $120 million

The family's attorney, Jeffrey Galen, said it was the worst case of excessive force he's seen in his 25-year career and that more accountability is needed.

Family of Abdul Arian, killed by LAPD, suing the city

Abdul Arian was shot and killed by LAPD officers after a freeway chase. Now, his family is expected to announce today that they're suing the city.

What caused New York City's dramatic crime drop

Crime is down all over the United States, including in LA, but nowhere has seen a plummet like New York City, where violent crime dropped 30 percent in 10 years.