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Rosalie Atkinson served as an intern for both "Off-Ramp" and "The Frame." Before moving to Los Angeles to work with KPCC, Rosalie was at KALW in San Francisco as an Associate Producer for the daily debate and culture program “Your Call”. Rosalie's stories have also been featured on KPFA/KPFK for “The Pacifica Evening News”. Rosalie graduated with honors from Whittier College with a B.A. in English Literature and Composition and also a minor in Political Science with an emphasis on Political Violence.

Stories by Rosalie Atkinson

Kira Kelly is a rarity: A female, African-American cinematographer

She has an Emmy nomination for Ava DuVernay's documentary, "13th," and that led to her working on the filmmaker's "Queen Sugar."

Gregg Allman returned to Muscle Shoals for emotional final album, 'Southern Blood'

The singer and musician went back to the studio where his career began to record his last album, slated for release on Sept. 8.

'The Man Behind the Clown' shows Jerry Lewis as more than a comic

French filmmaker, Gregory Monro, examined the comedian's career as a director, which Lewis believed he never received proper credit for.

Spotify makes an effort to strike 'hate music' from its platform

After Digital Music News wrote on "hate-music" groups on Spotify, the streaming service began to remove racist, violent music associated with alt-right movement.

Spoon's Britt Daniel talks 'Hot Thoughts' and the band's streaming success

The singer/songwriter says streaming changed the economics of music for the worse, but the band's success always went up while the music biz was going down.

Edie Falco: It's all about the 'writers, writers, writers'

"For many years I thought, 'Well you know, the script isn't very good but if I work hard enough and do a really good job, I can fix it.'"

'Step': Baltimore teens learn the power of school, sisterhood, stepping

Director Amanda Lipitz says, "I believe Freddie Gray's death gave the young women and their families the courage to really be honest and truthful about their lives."

Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt on their 'intimate experience' in 'Heisenberg'

The spare production of the play 'Heisenberg' at the Mark Taper Forum allows Mary-Louise Parker and Denis Arndt's characters to play off each other and play with the written word.

Olivia Wilde and Tom Sturridge on their stage roles in visceral '1984'

The co-stars of the current Broadway adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian story understand why audiences are having a tough time sitting through the show.

New York Times' Op-Docs is an outlet for documentary filmmakers

The executive editor for the platform, Kathleen Lingo, says the project allows audiences to absorb news in a different way.

Off-Ramp Recommends: 'Stay young, go dancing'

LA has multiple cheap or free events this weekend to get you out into the city and have you considering a shaking your groove-thang.

Off-Ramp Recommends: Getting 'Off the 405'

It doesn't get more scenic and quintessentially Los Angeles than La Luz at The Getty

Off-Ramp's producer found the show through a billboard

He was smiling, until he heard singing hippies. “Should I stay?" He asked. He did, because the next piece was Dylan Brody letting his dogs soil his neighbor’s lawn.

REVIEW: CAAM'S exhibit on the disappearing black woman

"The Evanesced" was inspired by #SayHerName and LA's Grim Sleeper serial killer. Inky nudes appear to be sinking into the canvas. Or are they reemerging from it?

Off-Ramp Recommends: Spending a day with your "dad"

It might be weird to ask the men in our life "What the hell do you want?" under the veil of Father's Day, so to spare you we've compiled some ideas.