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Rosalie Atkinson is an intern for KPCC’s Southern California news and culture program “Off-Ramp”. Before moving to Los Angeles to work at KPCC, Rosalie worked at KALW in San Francisco as an Associate Producer for the daily debate and culture program “Your Call”. Rosalie's stories have also been featured on KPFA/KPFK for “The Pacifica Evening News”. Rosalie graduated with honors from Whittier College with a B.A. in English Literature and Composition and also a minor in Political Science with an emphasis on Political Violence.

Stories by Rosalie Atkinson

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The co-stars of the current Broadway adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian story understand why audiences are having a tough time sitting through the show.

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REVIEW: CAAM'S exhibit on the disappearing black woman

"The Evanesced" was inspired by #SayHerName and LA's Grim Sleeper serial killer. Inky nudes appear to be sinking into the canvas. Or are they reemerging from it?

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The Crenshaw Cowboy of the Wild (Interstate 10) West

Before Lovell Moore came to Los Angeles, he says he traveled the world as a Marine, rode a double-hump camel, and even toured King Tut's tomb in Egypt.

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Filming "Tiny Dancer" throughout LA makes a lot of sense when you think about the inspiration for the song's lyrics.

LA Chamber Orchestra Maestro Jeffrey Kahane's exit interview, with piano

Sitting at the most beautiful piano in the world, Jeffrey Kahane gives us a preview of his final concert as maestro of the LA Chamber Orchestra

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Leonard Nimoy, James Whitmore, Union Station, and giant ants! What's not to love. Come to a free outdoor screening of 1954's "Them!"

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Parsnip brings Romanian classics to Highland Park

Chef Anca says the food pays tribute to the country's working class: "It's a combination of these stews and braises, things that are kind of making the most with what you have."