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Rosalie Atkinson is an intern for KPCC’s Southern California news and culture program “Off-Ramp”. Before moving to Los Angeles to work at KPCC, Rosalie worked at KALW in San Francisco as an Associate Producer for the daily debate and culture program “Your Call”. Rosalie's stories have also been featured on KPFA/KPFK for “The Pacifica Evening News”. Rosalie graduated with honors from Whittier College with a B.A. in English Literature and Composition and also a minor in Political Science with an emphasis on Political Violence.

Stories by Rosalie Atkinson

Parsnip brings Romanian classics to Highland Park

Chef Anca says the food pays tribute to the country's working class: "It's a combination of these stews and braises, things that are kind of making the most with what you have."

Off-Ramp Recommends: For Easter, get off your keister!

SoCal has lots of options for the holiday weekend, whether you want to spend it in a sandy pew, paying it forward, or petting rabbits.

Vonnegut's work still 'dynamite' 10 years after his death

"It's a comic voice but it's also subversive. When I first read him and there was a feeling of 'Oh, it's funny!'... then I'd go back and reread and think 'Why did I find this funny?' They're actually dark and serious."

Off-Ramp Recommends: Two ways to party like it's 2001

Go to SaMo to see the original "2001: A Space Odyssey" in a brand new 70mm print, then hit Lincoln Heights to walk through the bedroom in the movie's final scene.

Off-Ramp Recommends: Bach in the Subways

To celebrate the birthday of composer Johann Sebastian Bach, classical musicians are taking to the streets (really, UNDER them) to share their love of classical music.

Off-Ramp Recommends: an aeronautic pioneer at the Women at War lecture series

The lecture will focus on Iris's experience in the war effort, the importance of women in the armed forces, and how her experiences have informed her life.

RIP Donna Fuller, 85: What a voice, and what a life!

85-year old jazz and pop contralto Donna Fuller died Tuesday. She performed in Playboy Jazz clubs, toured with Christine Jorgensen, was A-list adjacent, and made two really good albums you should listen to.

Off-Ramp Recommends: Celebrate the spirit of puppeteer Bob Baker

His colorful, handcrafted puppets captured the hearts of audiences from TV viewers, to naval families during Baker's base tours, and attendees of his hometown performances.

New Hollywood bar Girl at the White Horse says 'drink at home'

"What we wanted to do was make it as simplified as possible. You can call your spirit and we’ll probably have one mixer with it. Almost the way you’d come home from work and just pour something."

A last-minute guide to Valentine's dining

Don’t pay a fortune for a fixed-price meal on Valentine’s Day; we’ve got a long list of recommendations that might save your relationship and your bank account.

Top 5 breakfast cereals, according to Off-Ramp interns

Step aside, Sarah Koenig. After a station-wide breakfast, Off-Ramp interns Jesus Ambrosio and Rosalie Atkinson get semi-serious about cereal.

Song of the Week: Queer girl group MUNA's 'Crying On the Bathroom Floor'

MUNA uses the contrast of danceable music with introspective lyrics, noticeably influenced by other queer dance icons like Robyn and La Roux.

Silverlake thrift store supports free healthcare

A huge painting of Michael Jordan takes up a corner of the store. There are typewriters tucked into the tall bookcases, vintage shoes lining the windows, and every color you can imagine is on the rack and on the walls.

3 ways to remember Dr. King on Monday

Monday is MLK Day, and in honor of Dr. King's legacy, LA is hosting a lot of free, family friendly celebrations.

Song of the Week: This Charming Man stumbles into a Dirty Old Town

Something about the opening riff of The Smiths' "This Charming Man" makes you want to grab a handful of flowers and unbutton your dress shirt just a bit further than normal.