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Sharon McNary is a Politics Reporter for Southern California Public Radio. She uses public records, public engagement sourcing and other methods (like good old fashioned shoe leather) to help draw stories from the experience, expertise and concerns of our communities as well as from political agendas. These days, she is covering the built environment around Southern California -- sidewalks, water and sewer systems -- to find out what's working, what's broken, and who's fixing it.

In her first three years at KPCC, Sharon launched KPCC’s Public Insight Network, a group of several thousand people who — by sharing their experiences and expertise — help the newsroom cover Southern California. People who respond to Public Insight Network questions have been included in many KPCC award-winning news reports, including investigative coverage of prison conditions, long-form narratives, and talk show segments.

A military veteran, McNary was a computer programmer before she was a journalist, so she has always sought out tech-savvy and creative ways to cover news.

McNary has worked in TV news and documentaries, radio, wire service and newspapers in the Southern California news market, developing award-winning investigative and computer-assisted reporting projects.

Following a mid-career public service break with the Peace Corps in Bolivia, McNary returned to print and multimedia reporting. She has covered disasters, government corruption, growth and immigration, often using databases, mapping and other technology tools to break news.

McNary is an avid cook, seamstress and knitter while her outdoor pursuits are competing in marathons and triathlons

Stories by Sharon McNary

Betty Yee claims she's on November Controller ballot

Yee and former Assembly Speaker John Perez see-sawed between second and third place many times in the close race. Perez must decide between concession and a recount

California unions fear 'free-riders' in Supreme Court health ruling

The high court rules that some health care workers in Illinois can opt out of paying union fees, prompting California unions to brace for a similar future challenge

Burbank's Bob Hope Airport opens a new people mover in July

The 1,100-foot elevated moving walkway takes travelers to new rental car counters. The airport plans to eventually connect to train platforms.

Gooch calls off recount in Inland Congressional primary

Republican Lesli Gooch had placed third in the primary and was hoping to close a 209-vote gap on the second-place finisher, Democrat Pete Aguilar.

FAQ: Recount begins in Inland Empire congressional primary

The count was requested by a board member of a local Tea Party group, and the first day's $6,000 cost was paid for by the Lesli Gooch campaign.

California calls for constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

California joins Vermont in supporting an amendment. If 34 states join the call, Congress would be required to hold a constitutional convention to draft a new law

Election 2014: Controller candidates still unclear weeks after primary

With ballots from 26 of the state's 58 counties counted, only a few hundred votes separate two possible candidates for a place on the November ballot.

Tea Party wants recount in Inland Congressional primary

Republican Lesli Gooch fell 209 votes short of getting into the runoff against a fellow Republican and hopes to displace Democrat Pete Aguilar on the November ballot

Controller cliffhanger race hinges on tardy mail-in ballots

More than 20,000 mail-in ballots arrived too late to county registrars' offices throughout California to be counted in the June 3 primary.

SoCal veterans frustrated by chaos in Iraq

Southern Californian veterans of the Iraq War have seen the progress they made largely reversed as militants overrun many of Iraq’s cities.

Congress gets bill to form San Gabriel National Recreation Area

Mountains and river corridors stretching from the I-15 to Santa Clarita would be jointly managed by federal forest and parks officials, but it's no slam dunk

Obama visit strips UCI grads of festive caps and frills

A long list of the White House's items forbidden at Obama's Angel Stadium commencement speech means UCI grads and parents can't bring cameras, air horns or water.

Controller's race see-saws as ballot counting continues

Former Assembly Speaker John Perez has swapped the lead in the controller's race with Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee several times.

Landlord Donald Sterling: Has he improved in 4 years since bias claims?

Years ago, Sterling paid out millions in settlements and legal fees after tenants sued, alleging violations of the Fair Housing Act. What's his record been since then?

Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer faces $10K campaign violations fine

The South L.A. legislator accepted a big loan from his girlfriend and passed it on to his 2012 campaign committee as if it were his own money.