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Sharon McNary is a Politics Reporter for Southern California Public Radio. She uses public records, public engagement sourcing and other methods (like good old fashioned shoe leather) to help draw stories from the experience, expertise and concerns of our communities as well as from political agendas.

In her first three years at KPCC, Sharon launched KPCC’s Public Insight Network, a group of several thousand people who — by sharing their experiences and expertise — help the newsroom cover Southern California. People who respond to Public Insight Network questions have been included in many KPCC award-winning news reports, including investigative coverage of prison conditions, long-form narratives, and talk show segments.

A military veteran, McNary was a computer programmer before she was a journalist, so she has always sought out tech-savvy and creative ways to cover news.

McNary has worked in TV news and documentaries, radio, wire service and newspapers in the Southern California news market, developing award-winning investigative and computer-assisted reporting projects.

Following a mid-career public service break with the Peace Corps in Bolivia, McNary returned to print and multimedia reporting. She has covered disasters, government corruption, growth and immigration, often using databases, mapping and other technology tools to break news.

McNary is an avid cook, seamstress and knitter while her outdoor pursuits are competing in marathons and triathlons

Stories by Sharon McNary

UC Riverside to host congressional debate after telecast

Riverside-area candidates for Congress' 41st District clash Oct. 3 in a live forum to follow the Obama-Romney televised debate.

Survey: Asian-American voters prefer Obama over Romney

Thirty-two percent of likely Asian-American remain undecided about their choice for president, which could affect results in Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia

Super PACs spending freely in Ventura, San Bernardino

Two Congressional races in California saw huge spending by Super PACs, inundating voters with mailers, TV ads and phone calls. Who's spending and why?

5 tips for registering to vote online in CA

The state's new voter registration system is meant to save counties money and get voters' data processed about a week faster than the paper-based system.

Are you more liberal on Facebook than in real life?

A student leader said he and his friends feel peer pressure to seem politically liberal on social media sites when they might actually be more conservative.

Media for Christ got permit for suspected 'Muslims' movie

The organization that received a film permit to make the controversial movie “Innocence of Muslims” was Duarte-based nonprofit Media for Christ.

Libya: Questions raised about CA-based "Muslims" filmmaker

A man who identified himself as Sam Bacile says he made the film. The Associated Press found Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who has used an alias that resembles Bacile.

Santa Monica debates content of bus ads

The Santa Monica City Council plans to debate a free speech issue Tuesday night. It’s about the ads on the sides of the city’s Big Blue Buses.

Local birders see Obama, Romney as Egret and Kingbird

KPCC asked Southern California birder Chuck Almdale what local birds most resemble the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Student's quest to visit the White House also leads to DNC

A Crenshaw High student's quest to visit the White House landed her a role as one of California's youngest delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Super Scooper planes return to fire duty in LA County

This is the 19th year Los Angeles County has leased the larger water-dropping planes.

Williams Fire now burning well over 4,000 acres (Updated)

Firefighters hope to take advantage of cooler temperatures, higher humidity and dying winds tonight to battle the fire still burning in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Social media reacts harshly to Ryan marathon gaffe

Veep nominee Paul Ryan told conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt he ran a sub-three-hour marathon. He was off by an hour and is taking flak from runners on social media.

Despite low cash flow, Compton not broke, manager says

New city manager says "everything's not rosy" but the city has the advantage of having workers' pension and health care costs covered by longstanding parcel tax.

Why reporters are drawn to liquor stores after earthquakes

During an earthquake swarm that brought power outages and knocked trailer homes off foundations, a reporter scours Brawley to document damage.