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Shirley Jahad serves as reporter, weekend anchor and host at KPCC: Southern California Public Radio.

An award winning journalist, radio correspondent and news anchor, her work as an anchor and reporter has been honored by the LA Press Club and the Associated Press among other outlets.

Jahad is also a recognized documentary producer, winning the Robert F. Kennedy Award, the National Associated Press Award and others for her work. She traveled to Iran, her parents’ home country, to produce the award-winning documentary, "Dreaming in Farsi." Most recently Shirley has been named a fellow by the International Center for Journalists.

She has also written television documentary stories, including one for the History Channel on the life of Fidel Castro.

Before coming to Los Angeles, Jahad spent many years as a journalist in Chicago. She worked at WBEZ-FM, Chicago Public Radio as a correspondent, anchor, documentary producer, and news executive. She also worked at WTTW, Chicago Public Television as a regular correspondent for the acclaimed program, "Chicago Tonight."

Jahad graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

In her spare time, she dabbles in tap dancing, jewelry making and karate kicking.

Stories by Shirley Jahad

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In his closing argument in the civil suit against the Dodgers, the plaintiff's lawyer said the team "didn't do doodly squat" to prevent a fight that left Giants fan Bryan Stow brain damaged.

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FBI and LA officials release surveillance footage and $100,00 reward for information on the Ramona Gardens firebombing on May 12.

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The group LA Parking Freedom Initiative thinks tickets should be capped at the median hourly wage in Southern California — $23.

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Under the buyback program, anyone can show up with any type of gun and will be able to turn the firearm in, no questions asked, in exchange for a grocery store gift card.

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Opening statements have been made in the civil lawsuit against the Dodgers by the family of Bryan Stow. He suffered permanent brain damage after a beating at the stadium.

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Law enforcement officials can determine whether a person is eligible for a "5150 hold" but face many challenges.

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Opponents say the hike will hurt the poor who depend on the transit system. Metro says the increase will help close a budget shortfall.

California woman found 10 years after kidnapping

A woman who was 15 when she disappeared 10 years ago from her California home has contacted police and says she was held against her will for years.

A bus and train fare increase may be coming down the line

Fares could rise 25 cents by fall with future increases in 2017 and 2020. Some board members look to soften the blow to poor riders.

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California add 56,100 jobs in April, accounting for 19.5% of all jobs added in the U.S. for the month.

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Federal agents say $15 million was lost in the scheme; 12 people have been arrested and three others are being sought.