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Shirley Jahad serves as reporter, weekend anchor and host at KPCC: Southern California Public Radio.

An award winning journalist, radio correspondent and news anchor, her work as an anchor and reporter has been honored by the LA Press Club and the Associated Press among other outlets.

Jahad is also a recognized documentary producer, winning the Robert F. Kennedy Award, the National Associated Press Award and others for her work. She traveled to Iran, her parents’ home country, to produce the award-winning documentary, "Dreaming in Farsi." Most recently Shirley has been named a fellow by the International Center for Journalists.

She has also written television documentary stories, including one for the History Channel on the life of Fidel Castro.

Before coming to Los Angeles, Jahad spent many years as a journalist in Chicago. She worked at WBEZ-FM, Chicago Public Radio as a correspondent, anchor, documentary producer, and news executive. She also worked at WTTW, Chicago Public Television as a regular correspondent for the acclaimed program, "Chicago Tonight."

Jahad graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

In her spare time, she dabbles in tap dancing, jewelry making and karate kicking.

Stories by Shirley Jahad

LA area Iranians turn out for Global Day of Demonstrations

Thousands of Iranian-Americans and their supporters turned out for a protest in Westwood this weekend. It was part of a global day of demonstrations around the world in support of people inside Iran. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more from the event at UCLA.

Doo Dah surfers dress up and ride

The US Open of Surfing championships happening right now in Huntington beach. But just north of Will Rogers beach there’s a whole different kind of surf celebration underway.

Iranian-Americans plan worldwide demonstration

Since last month’s presidential elections in Iran, people within and beyond that country have staged large demonstrations to call for government transparency and free expression. Iranian-Americans in the Southland are planning another such demonstration tomorrow. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad says they’re coordinating with activists around the world.

Loan scammers get more aggresive

Southern California law enforcement officials and housing advocates are trying to get the word out about loan modification scam artists. Those scammers have been busy – trying to bilk people at risk of losing their homes. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more on the latest effort in Orange County.

How to avoid mortgage loan modification scams

Con artists have been taking advantage of people who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Federal and state officials are trying to crack down on the bogus loan modification firms. They pocket money upfront from people in trouble and then don’t actually help them adjust their loans. Officials say Orange County has been a hotbed for the scams. Patricia Pinto, an attorney with the Orange County Legal Aid Society, specializes in helping people in foreclosure. Many have been victims of various scams. After a crowded press conference was wrapping up yesterday, she talked with KPCC’s Shirley Jahad.

Bruno tops box office

Gay Austrian fashionista Bruno tops the box office this week. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more …

LA County Sheriff's Deputies involved in three questionable shootings this weekend

LA County Sheriff’s Deputies were involved in three separate shootings this weekend. One deadly shooting has sparked calls for a federal investigation. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more …

Transit officials pave way for more bikes on trains

L.A. County bicycle commuters may soon catch a break. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad says public transit officials are considering whether to lift bike restrictions on light rail and subway trains.

Investigations underway after LA sheriff's deputies shoot, kill 16-year-old

Law enforcement officials are looking into whether L.A. County sheriff’s deputies were justified in shooting and killing a 16-year-old in Compton this weekend. The father of the teenage boy wants legal action against the officers. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad has more.

Family of teen shot, killed by LA sheriff's deputies considers lawsuit

The family of a 16-year-old boy seeks to file a wrongful death lawsuit after sheriff's deputies in Compton shot and killed the teenager during the weekend. More on the story from KPCC's Shirley Jahad.

Metro considers lifting rush hour restrictions for bikes on trains

L.A. County’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering how to make public transit friendlier to bicycle commuters. The agency may lift its rush hour ban of bikes on trains.

Free music under the stars in the Southland

The summertime outdoor concert season is underway. The Levitt Pavilions in Pasadena and MacArthur Park offer free open-air concerts all summer long. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad tells us all you need is a lawn chair and a picnic basket to enjoy the sounds of summer.

Conviction against accused cyberbully dropped

A federal judge is throwing out the conviction against a Missouri woman accused of cyberbullying. The teenage girl targeted incident committed suicide. Shirley Jahad has more.

Judge tosses conviction against accused cyber bully

A federal judge has aquitted a Missouri mother for her role in a cyberbullying hoax against a 13 year old girl. The teenager later committed suicide.

California to start issuing IOUs tomorrow

California is running out of cash and will start issuing IOU’s to pay its bills tomorrow. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad talked with Hallye Jordan, a spokeswoman at the State Controller’s office, to sort out who will get paid now and who will get paid later. A last minute temporary save from the federal government means the disabled and elderly will be receiving their checks for now.