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Steve Julian was KPCC's host for Morning Edition from 2000 until 2015. He started his broadcasting career as a police dispatcher and served as a police officer in Baldwin Park. He moved to radio in 1980 at an easy-listening station in the Inland Empire. At KPRO in Riverside, he co-anchored the afternoon news with Larry Mantle, before KPCC hired Larry away in 1983.

Steve joined KPCC in 2000 after five years as a traffic reporter for AirWatch America in Santa Ana. He coordinated the simulcast of WNYC’s coverage of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

A Southland native, Julian also acted and directed at theaters around Southern California. He served on the boards of two theater companies and wrote about theater for LA STAGE Times and on his own website,

Steve died of complications from brain cancer in April 2016. He was 57.

Stories by Steve Julian

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In many cases, actors no longer will be allowed to volunteer their time rehearsing and performing a play in a theater with 99 or fewer seats.

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Traffic resumed on some San Bernardino County roads that had been blocked by several feet of mud, rocks and debris near the rural communities of Oak Glen and Forest Falls.

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Jamzilla: Two 405 lanes open ahead of schedule

Metro recommends giving extra time if you're going through the Sepulveda Pass while it's open - or find another way into the Valley.

Mountain Fire: New evacuation warnings; 6,000 already displaced for third day (map, photos)

Residents of another 700 homes were advised to retreat to safety on Friday as crews grew increasingly concerned about the weather and erratic winds.

POLL: Prop 8 ruling legalizes gay marriage in California; DOMA ruled unconstitutional

The Supreme Court issued two landmark opinions Wednesday, legalizing gay marriage in California and overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Let us know what you think in our polls.

Investigation: 7 of 11 Jiffy Lubes scam SoCal customers (VIDEO)

A new NBC4 investigation found some Jiffy Lube stores in Southern California are using new tactics to trick customers into unnecessary vehicle repairs.

Scripps College volunteers make olive oil from campus trees — and beat the pros

When volunteers at the womens' college decided to harvest olives from campus trees and press their own oil, they didn't expect that their first-ever product would win an international award. But it did.

PHOTOS: Cathy Rigby to end her theater run as Peter Pan

Cathy Rigby “flies” on wires, jumps, dances and sword fights on stage as Peter Pan. Despite the physical demands, she said she hasn’t slowed down much – even at age 60.

Rose Parade Grand Marshal Jane Goodall on conservation

Primate expert Jane Goodall is the grand marshal for Tuesday’s 124th Tournament of Roses Parade. She spoke with KPCC about her focus on global conservation.

PHOTOS: KPCC's Steve Julian and John Rabe get their flu shots

To combat flu season, both Morning Edition host Steve Julian and Off-Ramp host John Rabe have taken precautions before the virus has a chance to get too friendly.

Avoiding Carmageddon 2 through art

More than 200 L.A.-based artists and organizations want Angelenos to actually take advantage of Carmageddon Two this weekend.

Craiglist Joe: Film documents a month living off a website

Could you leave behind everything and everyone you know and survive entirely off Craigslist for a month? Joe Garner says he could – and he did.

Book of Mormon uses Mormonism to question all faiths

Is it any less credible that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri - as Mormons believe - than that one can die and come back to life as a giraffe or kumquat tree ... or that a crucified man can be transfigured three days later?