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Steve Julian is KPCC's host for Morning Edition. Steve started his broadcasting career as a police dispatcher and served as a police officer in Baldwin Park. He moved to radio in 1980 at an easy-listening station in the Inland Empire. At KPRO in Riverside, he co-anchored the afternoon news with Larry Mantle, before KPCC hired Larry away in 1983.

Steve joined KPCC in 2000 after five years as a traffic reporter for AirWatch America in Santa Ana. He coordinated the simulcast of WNYC’s coverage of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

A Southland native, Julian acts and directs at theaters around southern California. He serves on the boards of two theater companies and writes about theater for LA STAGE Times and on his own website,

Stories by Steve Julian

Skirmish Over West L.A. Property; Changes to Education Bill; Republican Infighting

California's two senators want to ban commercial development at the West Los Angeles Medical Center; a bill by Concord Rep. George Miller would make substantial changes to how students can pay for higher education and Huntington Beach Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is upset that President Bush accepted an invitation to attend the 2008 Olympics in China.

State of Southland Economy; Unions Target Reality Shows; Lawsuit Filed Against Pasadena Hotel

The local economy is entering the last few months of the year in decent shape; a new CBS show is adding to the debate over whether reality shows should be unionized; and employees of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Pasadena claim in a lawsuit that they worked long hours without receiving overtime pay.

No Child Left Behind; Investigating 'Asset Deployment'; House Gym Funding

Rep. George Miller of Concord is expected to lead a fight to get the "No Child Left Behind" bill rewritten; Rep. Henry Waxman of Los Angeles is challenging the White House over how it allegedly allocated resources for 18 federal agencies; and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a fellow Democrat may go to the mat over funding for the House gym.

Web Exclusive: Conversation with Former Dodger Great Wes Parker

Former Dodgers first baseman Wes Parker was named to the all-time Rawlings Gold Glove team this week. The award was based on fan balloting. KPCC's Steve Julian spoke with Parker, who played with the Dodgers during the late 1960s through the early 1970s.

Non-Partisan Group Documents Growing Disparity in California Wages

A report by the California Budget Project says California's job growth over the past nearly three decades has been concentrated in low-wage and high-wage jobs, while the number of middle-wage jobs hasn't grown as quickly. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke with Jean Ross, the executive director of the non-partisan group.

Democrat Laura Richardson Wins Southland Congressional Race

California Assemblywoman Laura Richardson won Tuesday's election for the 37th Congressional District seat, which became vacant after the death of the late Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald earlier this year. KPCC's Steve Julian spoke with Richardson about the victory and what she hopes to accomplish.

Mattel Fallout; Hollywood & Wall Street; Wal-Mart Goes Small-Box

The fallout from Mattel's recall may not be as bad as some think; Wall Street may be hurrying away from Hollywood and Wal-Mart plans to open a line of convenience stores.

Camp Pendleton Marine Cleared in Haditha Killings

The Marine Corps dropped charges yesterday against Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, a Camp Pendleton Marine accused of killing three Iraqi brothers in Haditha in November of 2005. Sharratt was accused of killing the civilians after a roadside bomb killed a Marine. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke with James Culp, one of two attorneys who represented Sharratt.

LAPD Mandates Use of Videographers

From now on, when Los Angeles police respond to a major incident, a video crew will have to tag along. The crew will record a sort of "video log" narrated by the incident commander. KPCC's Steve Julian spoke with LAPD Deputy Chief Mike Hillman about the new policy. Hillman heads the department's incident management bureau and says the department has been using videographers since about 1990, but not in every case.

Budget Stalemate Continues in Sacramento

State Senators voted down the Assembly version of the budget last night. The budget needed the support of two-thirds of Senators, and at least two Republicans, but only one Republican voted for it. KPCC's Steve Julian spoke with State Capitol Reporter Julie Small about why it failed.

Getty, Italy Reach Agreement on Disputed Antiquitie

Italy and the Getty Museum have struck a deal on 40 items that Italy has claimed were stolen from the country. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke with former Los Angeles Times reporter Ralph Frammolino about the agreement. Frammolino and L.A. Times reporter Jason Felch are writing a book about the dispute called "Chasing Aphrodite.

State Assembly Approves Budget Plan

The State Assembly approved a budget early Friday morning, but it may face a tough fight in the Senate. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke about the spending plan with State Capitol Reporter Julie Small.

Report Criticizes L.A.'s Gang-Fighting Strategy

A report by a Washington D.C. think tank says some big cities like Los Angeles are taking the wrong approach in the fight against gang violence. The Justice Policy Institute says cities are focusing too much on sending gang members to jail, and not enough on deterring gang membership. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke with the report's co-author, Kevin Pranis.

L.A. Archdiocese Settles with Clergy Abuse Victims

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles has agreed to pay a record $660 million to victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. The settlement came before the first lawsuit against the Archdiocese was set to go to trial on Monday. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian talked about the settlement with Rob Schmitz, L.A. bureau chief for KQED in San Francisco.

Nixon Library Comes Under Federal Control

The Nixon Library is now under the aegis of the federal National Archives. It means millions of pages of the Nixon presidency will move from the east coast to the west and about 78,000 pages were unveiled Wednesday, along with more than 11 hours of audio tape. KPCC's Morning Edition host Steve Julian spoke with Tim Naftali, the director of the Nixon Presidential Library.