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Steve Julian is KPCC's host for Morning Edition. Steve started his broadcasting career as a police dispatcher and served as a police officer in Baldwin Park. He moved to radio in 1980 at an easy-listening station in the Inland Empire. At KPRO in Riverside, he co-anchored the afternoon news with Larry Mantle, before KPCC hired Larry away in 1983.

Steve joined KPCC in 2000 after five years as a traffic reporter for AirWatch America in Santa Ana. He coordinated the simulcast of WNYC’s coverage of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

A Southland native, Julian acts and directs at theaters around southern California. He serves on the boards of two theater companies and writes about theater for LA STAGE Times and on his own website,

Stories by Steve Julian

Schwarzenegger Administration Ordered to Fix Prison Healthcare Crisis

A federal judge says Gov. Schwarzenegger's administration is moving too slowly on implementing healthcare reforms in state prisons. L.A. Times writer Jenifer Warren says the prison healthcare system suffers from numerous problems.

Genetically-Engineered Mice Could Answer Questions About Alzheimer's

Cal Tech neuroscientist Dr. Joanna Jankowsky and several colleagues have created a strain of genetically engineered mice that may be leading researchers to Alzheimer's treatment. The disease is associated with dense clumps of a small peptide called amyloid-beta in the spaces between neurons.

Broadcast Pioneer Ralph Edwards Dies at 92

Steve Julian talks with "Price is Right" host Bob Barker about Ralph Edwards and his career. Edwards hired Barker to host "Truth or Consequences," which was Barker's first national show. To hear the extended interview, click here

Federal Report Criticizes UCI Medical Center

A report, obtained by the L.A. Times, found UCI Medical Center has turned down dozens of organs while 30 patients on a liver transplant waiting list died. KPCC's Steve Julian spoke with Tom Mone, CEO of One Legacy, the local organ-procurement agency.

Schwarzenegger Suffers Big Defeat in the Special Election

Jack Pitney, a professor of government at Claremont-McKenna College and a former staff member for the Republican National Committee, says the election does hurt Schwarzenegger, but doesn't necessarily portend doom for his reelection campaign.

Reagan Library Debuts Air Force One Exhibit

The Reagan Library is opening the "Air Force One Pavilion" to the public. The exhibit features the same Boeing 707 plane that carried President Reagan and six other U.S. presidents.

Superintendent Calls on Charter Schools to Ease Overcrowding

L.A. Unified School District Superintendent Roy Romer is urging charter school operators to open campuses near seven year-round, overcrowded schools in the district.

Garamendi Joins Talks on Mandatory Disaster Insurance

California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi is exploring with officials the idea of mandatory catatastrophe insurance for homeowners. Howard Kunreuther, co-director of the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, discusses the idea.

St. Vincent Suspends Liver Transplant Program Over Improprieties

St. Vincent Medical Center President Gus Valdespino says the hospital is shutting down its liver transplant program after discovering that a patient who was low on the waiting list received a transplant.

Jet Blue Passenger Talks About Experience

Alexandra Jacobs, an editor with the New York Observer, was on the Jet Blue flight that made Wednesday's emergency landing at LAX.

L.A. County Holds Forum on Mental Health Funding

Dr. Rod Shaner, medical director of the L.A. County Mental Health Department, discusses county plans for the Proposition 63 money. The voter-approved measure placed a one-percent tax on millionaires to fund mental health services.

Talks Underway to Save Prostate Cancer Treatment Program

State officials and supporters of IMPACT have been trying to come to a consensus on the program that provides prostate cancer treatment for the poor. Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the program in July, saying too much money was going to administrative costs.

King/Drew Appoints New CEO

Antionette Smith Epps, who currently works for Baptist Health System in Alabama, will take over as CEO at the troubled hospital Oct. 17. Epps spoke with KPCC about the challenges she faces running the hospital.

Long Beach Man Sheds Light on 'Last Mission' of WWII

Jim Smith is the co-author of "Last Mission," a book detailing an unusual and little-known event which took place at the end of World War II.

.A. County Leads Nation in Jobs, Workers

A report from the U.S. Census Bureau finds Los Angeles County has the most jobs and employees, but Riverside County has the lowest average salary when compared with the most populous counties in the nation.