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Steve Proffitt is a producer and reporter for KPCC's "Take Two" show. One of the original members of the Madeleine Brand Show staff, Steve plans and executes much of the program’s hard news coverage and manages a stable of contributors that includes The Sklar Brothers, Jennifer Sharpe, Peter Mehlman, and Mike Pesca.

Steve has a long history working across a broad spectrum of media. A native of Louisiana, he began his career at public radio station KERA before moving to NPR in Washington, DC. Proffitt has been a resident of Los Angeles since 1984, where he's worked for CBS News and served for over a decade as a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Opinion. Prior to joining KPCC, he was senior producer for NPR’s "Day to Day" program.

In the early days of the internet, he ran a small Web development group for an agency owned by the Japanese advertising giant, Dentsu, and later worked for the internet and technical consultancy Sapient.

Immediately before joining KPCC, Steve was part of a team at KCET’s SoCal Connected that won a Dupont-Columbia award for coverage of local issues. He also teaches undergraduates the basics of journalism as an adjunct professor at USC’s Annenberg School.

Proffitt is a fairly accomplished musician, photographer, baseball coach and handyman. But radio has always been, and remains, his first love.

Stories by Steve Proffitt

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