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Myanmar Opposition Activist
For many young Burmese-Americans, the Nobel Peace Prize winner's visit suggests the promise of a truly democratic Burma, and an opportunity to return someday.
The High Court will hear a California case — involving ta Long Beach liquor store murder — that turns on a deadlocked jury, similar to the 1957 movie "12 Angry Men."
Medical Marijuana
The council acted after activists submitted nearly 50,000 signatures opposing the law. The choice was to either place the ban before voters or repeal it outright.
Mercer 6901
We want to know what intersections and locations are most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. See what's been submitted and send in your own report.
Red Flag Warning 10/2

Heat & red flag warnings continue; relief on Wednesday

Southland heat wave to continue through Tuesday before cooling off Wednesday. Fire danger remains high. And a woman was arrested for leaving a baby in a locked car.


Veto rates among California's governors had been creeping up until Jerry Brown returned to the governor's office in January 2011.
L.A. County Supervisors will get an analysis in three weeks on what it will take to establish an inspector general position to oversee the Sheriff's Department.
Demetri Martin.Standup Comedian

Interview with comedian and writer Demetri Martin

Our interview with comedian and writer Demetri Martin who tells us about his new DVD and CD, "Demetri Martin. Standup Comedian," which are both very different.
Challenger school

LACOE, teachers' union at impasse on health benefits

The L.A. County Office of Education and its unions have reached an impasse in negotiating next year's health and welfare benefits and are now in state mediation.
As part of the annual National Week of Action, the grassroots parent group, CADRE,is hosting a workshop for parents framing access to education as a human right for all students.
The odds of Morrissey and Johnny Marr getting the band back together is about as good as the singer competing in Nathan's hot dog eating contest, their people say.

Why have Americans decided to stop working?

The labor participation rate is at levels not seen since the 1980s. It's been in trouble since the last recession but has fallen off a cliff since 2008.
Councilman Richard Alarcon probe

Richard Alarcon ordered to stand trial for perjury

L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon will face trial for 23 felonies, including voter fraud and perjury, for allegedly living outside of the district he represents
Farmer John - 1
Activists blocked entrances to an L.A. Farmer John plant, leading to two arrests. Activists also compared the plant to Auschwitz in a press release.
2013 Ford Escape

Ford has discovered that America loves small SUVs

It's not too big, but not too small. Ford's downsized SUV has found a large U.S. market in the era of expensive gas, with consumers who need more than a compact.

Dog survives ride on truck engine during Southland heat wave

The driver of a Chevrolet Silverado discovered a really hot dog after he drove his truck in temperatures that approached triple digits.

California real estate market is stranger than ever

The California Association of Realtors hesitates to call the current market "distorted," but it's definitely far from normal and probably won't be for a few years.
California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed SB 9, a bill that offers the chance at parole for juveniles sentenced to life in prison.
Wall Street Protest Spreads To Other Cities

Maven's Morning Coffee: anniversary of Occupy movement

Today is Tuesday, Oct. 2 and headlines include the anniversary of Occupy, the end of Richard Alarcon's preliminary hearing, and a final vote on medical marijuana.

With Jeep and Fiat, Chrysler has a very good September

The once-bailed-out, once-bankrupt automaker is now run by Italy's Fiat. The takeover is starting to look very successful, as sales continue to improve.
Party identification among Asian Americans
Researchers say low voter turnout from California's Asian-American due to lack of interest in the group from political parties.
Chavez Monument

Obama: Cesar Chavez home to become national monument

The site near Bakersfield also served as the United Farm Workers labor union headquarters. Chavez is buried there; his gravesite will be part of the monument.
Mojave Desert

Plan to tap Mojave Desert groundwater gets first approval

A private company still needs to secure funding and obtain permission to access the Colorado River Aqueduct to get the water to Southern California taps.
California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction is set to announce his pick to run the Inglewood Unified School District for the state.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: The evolving electric car industry

The evolving electric car industry

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says one of the most prominent players in the electric car industry is having trouble.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Texting Sheep

Texting Sheep

A device even Q would be proud of.

Off-Ramp Extra

Episode: Zak Penn is our superhero... for stopping by KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Zak Penn stops by KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Zak Penn, on superheroes like Rogue: "In a real world setting, it’s not fun when you accidentally kill everyone that you touch."


Episode: AirTalk for October 2, 2012
Democrats Court Latino Vote At Mexican Independence Celebration

How powerful is the Latino vote?

A recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center shows that Latino voter eligibility has risen 22 percent since 2008. What's the impact on the November election?
“The economy, stupid” is a phrase coined by political strategist James Carville during Bill Clinton’s first successful presidential campaign in 1992, but those words couldn’t be truer than they are in the 2012 presidential race.
Los Angeles suburbs with cul-de-sacs surrounded by freeways

Is urban sprawl to blame for cities going bankrupt?

Former Ventura mayor William Fulton says that large public pensions aren't solely to blame for California city bankruptcies. Urban sprawl poses additional problems.
Halloween Brings Out Trick-Or-Treaters, Young And Old
Less than a month after the city of Simi Valley approved restrictions of registered sex offenders’ Halloween activities, it has been sued for allegedly violating the first amendment rights of convicted sex criminals and their families.
Sea Life Aquarium Presstour

Do undersea seismic tests threaten marine life?

One controversial technique involves the use of high-decibel air cannons to create detailed three dimensional images of submarine fault zones but the practice has environmental groups up in arms.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for October 2, 2012
The 11-2 vote negates a July decision to put a "gentle ban" on medical marijuana that would eliminate storefronts but allow patients and caregivers to grow cannabis.
Willy Blackmore, LA editor of, joins A Martinez to discuss a slew of new carbonated drinks that are popping up at restaurants and bars around town.
A U.S. Border patrol agent was shot to death early this morning while patrolling on horseback in Naco, Arizona. A second agent also suffered gunshot wounds and was air-lifted to a hospital for surgery.

Should pedophiles be treated like alcoholics?

When incidents involving pedophiles hit the news, we often focus on what happened and who the perpetrator was, but the question that seldom gets attention in the media is 'why?'
Corporate And Media Leaders Attend Allen & Company Media And Technology Conf.
We've all been there — stuck in traffic, bored and frustrated.
Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

Time Warner Cable's monopoly on Lakers games

The Lakers preseason starts this weekend, they'll play the Golden State Warriors in Fresno on Sunday night, but you can only watch the game if you have Time Warner Cable.
Total Recall: My Unbeliveably True Life Story Arnold Schwarzenegger
Alex Cohen talks with one book reviewer who's read all 646 pages of Arnold's autobiography.
Uta Barth MacArthur Fellowship

California home to four MacArthur Genius Grant winners

The MacArthur foundation has announced the 23 winners who will take home the Genius Grant with $500,000 in award money. The grants, paid over five years, give recipients freedom to pursue a creative vision and winners don't have to report how they spend the money.
GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Orlando Ahead Of Florida Straw Poll
Tomorrow night, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will meet face to face in their first debate, but Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, will be watching on TV like the rest of us.
Occupy Rose Parade

Does taxing the rich really drive them out of the state?

One of the arguments against propositions that raise taxes for the wealthy — like Props 30 and 38 this time around — is that when taxes go up on the wealthiest, they move to states where the rates are lower.
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2010 - Day 3

What is dubstep?

Music critic Drew Tewksbury is in the studio with Alex Cohen to tell dubstep's origin story and to describe what's next for that signature *womp* *womp* sound.

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