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UCR med school wins accreditation

UC Riverside's medical school wins accreditation it was denied a year ago. A successful local fundraising effort eases fears about the commitment to the school.
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Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca Wednesday said he “would not quibble” with a blue ribbon report that found “a persistent pattern of unreasonable force.”

How sunlight weakens your skin

Ultraviolet light can burn your skin and raise the risk for skin cancer. New research has helped uncover how the rays can weaken skin's outer layer.

When new diseases emerge, experts are faster on the uptake

Public health experts have gotten better at detecting new diseases and figuring out their cause since the SARS outbreak nearly 10 years ago.

How politicians get away with dodging the question

Candidates frequently avoid uncomfortable topics by diverting the conversation to an unrelated strength. A psychologist explains why we may not catch every "the pivot."

Calif. greenlights self-driving cars, but legal kinks linger

Supporters of the technology say it will save a million lives a year and prevent a global carmageddon. But if a self-driving car runs a red light, who gets the ticket?
Convention Center

Update: AEG, LA sign agreement to build downtown NFL stadium

Los Angeles city officials and the president of AEG signed the agreement Wednesday in front of the L.A. Convention Center, near the site of the proposed stadium.

What young people really want to ask Obama and Romney

With young people among the hardest hit by the down economy, NPR wondered what millennials want from tonight's debate.
Judges have signaled the laws would withstand scrutiny if states can ensure that the vast majority of voters have easier access to free IDs.

Colorado voters get revved up over energy policy

Some voters say too much federal regulation makes the U.S. overly reliant on foreign oil. Others argue the government should help businesses move toward sustainability.

Why New York is a hub in the global trinket trade

Buyers from all over the world still come to vendors in Manhattan to buy cheap toys and tchotchkes. We find out why.

Santa Monica start-up sells used wedding items

Santa Monica entrepreneur Tracy DiNunzio came up with after she had so much leftover stuff from her wedding. The website sells used wedding items.

One More Trip for Endeavour

The Southland’s gearing up for next week’s Space Shuttle Endeavour trek through the streets of Inglewood and Los Angeles. Starting early Friday, October 12th, crews will lead the massive spaceship from LA International Airport to the California Science Center. The LAPD is placing priority on crowd control.
Presidential Primary Election
KPCC & WNYC are gathering stories of how you came to care about the issue that matters to you. Tell us the story of how a particular experience shaped your opinions.


Obama And Romney Square Off In First Presidential Debate In Denver
In a showdown at close quarters, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney sparred aggressively in their first campaign debate Wednesday night.

Curating the debates on social media

We've created a live social media dashboard of what you're saying and what they're saying on stage tonight. Follow along
In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama square off in Colorado for the first Presidential debate.
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LAUSD considers making arts education a 'core subject'

The LAUSD school board will vote Tuesday on a measure that would make arts education a "core subject," prohibit more cuts, and restore funding to more robust levels.
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Can Latino voters swing California House races?

Some Congressional contests could be determined by Latino voters, whose eligibility numbers have grown significantly since 2008
A political ad from an anti-illegal immigration group that's set to air during tonight's presidential debate touches a raw nerve for some people; it essentially pits black voters against immigrants.
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A Senate report says the nation has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into so-called anti-terrorist "fusion centers," with little to show for it.

Video: Heeeere’s Jerry! Prop 30 TV campaign launches

A newly launched and well-funded ad blitz is pegged to the first presidential debate and next week's launch of voting by mail in California
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A UCLA professor and the Los Angeles Business Council have produced a report to address the lack of affordable homes for middle-class workers.
The veteran pop group sued the game giant for fraud, violation of publicity rights, and breach of contract over the Character Manipulation Feature in the "Guitar Hero" spinoff.

What do BYD's troubles in China mean for Los Angeles?

The Chinese company opened its U.S. headquarters in Downtown L.A. last October. Since then, its business has entered a big decline.
California's State Superintendent has picked Kent Taylor, a Kern County superintendent, to take over the fiscally troubled Inglewood Unified School District.
I know these Presidential debates aren’t debates in the historical sense. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing how both men do on a topic of immense complexity. Is Mitt Romney going to be more forthcoming about what tax deductions he’d want cut to keep his tax reform plan from ballooning the deficit? Will President Obama give more detail about how he would improve the economy, short of a government stimulus that could never get through a GOP Congress?I’ll be live tweeting during the debate.
Space Shuttle Endeavour Offload at LAX
The space shuttle Endeavour begins its final mission Thursday night. Find out its path, where to see it and more.
Gov. Brown signed a law Sunday directing state officials to let some young undocumented immigrants apply for driver's licenses, but some would benefit aren't happy about it.
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CSU Campuses spread the word on Prop 30

California State University campuses are trying to spread the word on why voters should say “Yes” to Prop 30. Over the next week, three CSU's are hosting a series of informational events detailing the impact of the tax initiative as well as voter registration drives.
Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices

Gasoline prices in LA now 41.8 cents higher than a year ago

Fuel costs have seen a sharp spike recently in Los Angeles County, rising over a penny each of the past five days to $4.259 for regular self-serve unleaded.
A recent study finds that iPhone-dominated states vote one way, while the reverse is true for Android states. Check out the infographic that reveals the preferences.
Ford And GM Report Large Drops In Monthly Sales

September auto sales: A 15-million sales year?

So far, 2012 is looking like the best sales year for U.S. automakers since before the bailouts and bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler.
Dollar, Dollar, Bill
Charting the political money wars -- a data wiz who works in politics helps pull back the curtain on big spending in California elections.

PHOTOS: KPCC's Steve Julian and John Rabe get their flu shots

To combat flu season, both Morning Edition host Steve Julian and Off-Ramp host John Rabe have taken precautions before the virus has a chance to get too friendly.
In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races
You can watch, listen to and discuss tonight's Obama-Romney presidential debate here, on 89.3, on Facebook and on Twitter with KPCC! Here's how.
Romney says he would honor reprieves granted by Obama - New York Times Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told reporters this week that he "would not cancel temporary reprieves from deportation that President Obama is granting to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Marijuana ban repealed

Today is Wednesday, Oct. 3 and headlines include the repeal of the city's medical marijuana ban, a judge's decision to send Richard Alarcon to trial, and a multimillion-dollar settlement out of LAPD.
Giants Dodgers Baseball

LA Dodgers miss playoffs after loss to Giants

The defeat left the Dodgers two games behind St. Louis with one game left. L.A. had won six in a row to stay in the race for a playoff spot.

'New Girl' character poses as Mitt Romney son 'Tugg'

Schmidt from "New Girl" is picking up girls in bars as the other son of Mitt Romney — the one you've never heard of — Tugg.
Bay Area Vector Control Team Investigates West Nile Mosquito Presence
Both victims were elderly adults who lived in the southeastern part of the county. Officials report 54 people in the county have become sick from the virus.


Off-Ramp Extra

Episode: Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez seeks another term; will Henrique Capriles pull off the upset?

Hugo Chavez v. Henrique Capriles re: Venezuela's future

Today, SoCal Venezuelans will trek to San Francisco to vote. President Hugo Chavez seeks another term; how will Henrique Capriles fair?

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Why So Blue?

Why So Blue?

Feeling blue today?


Episode: AirTalk for October 3, 2012
Fox's "Take Me Out" Speed Dating Event
Do you know what an HB 10 is? Have you negged your way to a kiss close? Do you have any idea what these terms mean? If not, than you may be completely unaware of an entire community of codes, strategies and systems for men to connect with women.

LA voters could put a condom on every porn actor

In January, Los Angeles became the first city in the nation that requires adult film actors to wear condoms during filming. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which sponsored the city initiative, has put a measure on the November ballot that would make the ordinance apply to all adult film production in Los Angeles County.
“It’s the economy, stupid” is a phrase coined by political strategist James Carville during Bill Clinton’s first successful presidential campaign in 1992, but those words couldn’t be truer than they are in the 2012 presidential race.
Total Recall: My Unbeliveably True Life Story Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger's very public secrets

California's most famous governor is known for reaching the top: of bodybuilding, Hollywood, public service and, recently, personal scandal.
A one-eighth ounce container of Maui Afg
The latest move in the chess game between Los Angeles’ medical marijuana dispensaries and the city officials was made yesterday when the L.A. City Council voted 11-2 to repeal their own controversial ban on the collectives instituted in July.
How often are you lied to? It’s probably more often than you think, according to lie detection expert Janine Driver.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for October 3, 2012
Graffiti Artist

Turning graffiti into commercial art in Highland Park

In neighborhoods like Echo Park, Inglewood and Eagle Rock, hand painted signs are everywhere. But who paints them, how do they get there and are they even legal?
Cinefamily video nasties
The Cinefamily movie theater on North Fairfax is hosting a terrifying run of midnight screenings throughout October.
ESPN Documentary Broke

ESPN doc examines why pro athletes go broke in retirement

According to a recent article by Sports Illustrated, a majority of NBA and NFL players are financially broke within five years of retirement.
The Afghan Defense Ministry has released a guide book called "Cultural Understanding: A Guide to Understanding Coalition Cultures."
Election video game

Snagging the youth vote via video games

A slew of political video games out this election season just might motivate them enough to put down the controller or iPad and head down to the polls.
Debate Bingo

Make politics fun with the Take Two Debate Bingo game

Wednesday night presidential contenders Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will engage in a series of televised debates.
Ray Bradbury

Banned Books Week celebrates 30 years of literary freedom

Banned Books Week is an annual awareness campaign that celebrates freedom in literature and seeks to draw attention to books that have been, or still are banned. The annual event celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
Stop Foreclosures!

Are banks changing their fraudulent lending practices?

Six months ago, the banking industry reached a $25 billion settlement with the government. The five biggest banks agreed to the payout after investigators uncovered an industry-wide practice of using fraudulent paperwork to process foreclosures.
Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala
This week,. the U.S. government began flying Mexican deportees to Mexico City, in an effort to relieve border cities that have been overwhelmed by the numbers of deported immigrants.
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A record number of openly gay candidates are running for seats in the next Congress, and almost all of them say their sexuality is a non-issue on the campaign trail — both for them, and their opponents.

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