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Kids banged up in Victorville bus crash

School bus crash in Victorville injures 14 people. CHP says no life-threatening injuries reported.
Long Beach police say raids on seven medical marijuana dispensaries is the start of a citywide crackdown on pot shops.
Georga Pla
George L. Pla is the president and CEO of Cordoba Corporation, the Southern California-based civil engineering firm that planned Endeavour’s journey on city streets.
domestic violence
A bilingual awareness campaign marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month in San Bernardino County.

UCI awarded $1 million to combat elder abuse

The University of California, Irvine has won a $1 million federal grant to test a program designed to combat elder abuse.
Three undercover LAPD narcotics officers were driving just west of downtown early Thursday when an SUV pulled up alongside their unmarked car, and fired a shot.
Seal Beach memorial
A candlelight ceremony Thursday night will honor the eight shooting victims, a day before the first anniversary of the worst mass killing in Orange County history.

Tainted steroids linked to meningitis may have gone to SoCal

Patients at two Southland health facilities are among those that may have received potentially contaminated medication linked to a rare form of fungal meningitis.
endeavour challenge coin

New LAPD challenge coin honors Endeavour shuttle

What connection is there between the Endeavour shuttle and a military tradition that involves free drinks?


Mercer 17967

Rick Caruso out of mayor's race before ever getting in

Developer Rick Caruso ended the speculation on his political future today by announcing that he will not run for mayor of Los Angeles in the 2013 race.
This fall, California voters will take up capital punishment for the first time in decades—an issue where there's no unified voice from law enforcement or victims.

That's My Issue; The Environment

Everyone should be interested in this because it affects them at the level of their bodies — what we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, all that.

Most injuries are not life-threatening, authorities say

Students from Galileo Academy in Victorville are involved in a bus collision with a U-Haul truck. The crash injured 13 children and the bus driver, but authorities say no one sustained critical injuries.
We're curating the best and most interesting of what's being said about the vice presidential debates by our staff and the world on social media. Follow along!
The rain will affect drivers during the morning commute. A possible lightning strike is believed to have disrupted the Metro Blue Line in Long Beach.
Congressman Joe Baca

PHOTOS: CA Congress members show opposition to Prop 8

To mark National Coming Out Day more than half a dozen of the state's congressional Democrats posed for pictures to show their opposition to Proposition 8.

Kobe smooshes Smush, Mihm, and Kwame

Bryant said Parker was "the worst. He shouldn't have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. So we let him walk on."

Democrat Howard Berman brags about GOP support

LA Democrat brags about GOP endorsements in Valley House race
Sadly, it's probably not Martian, but rather a small plastic part that came loose during the the rover's landing on the Red Planet in late August.
U.S. Awaits Supreme Court Decision On Affordable Care Act

That's My Issue: Health care

I'm a healthy person — a couple of minor little health problems. I could not buy private health insurance for myself.
Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Economic debate battles that Biden and Ryan will fight

When the candidates for Vice President debate Thursday in Kentucky, the U.S. economy isn't all they'll talk about, but it will be a big part of the night.
SCE Power Lines

Lightning causes outages in Long Beach

Lightning knocked out service for about two hours Thursday on the Metro Blue line in Long Beach. Rain is in the forecast throughout the day.
Yongda Huang Harris, 28, who wore flame retardant pants as he flew from Japan to LA, had a laundry list of odd objects in his suitcases.
Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan
No matter what you're doing, KPCC is giving you easy access to tonight's Biden-Ryan debate. Here's how you can watch, listen and discuss the face-off.
Check out this computer-generated video animation of Endeavour's proposed travel through Los Angeles, nicknamed "Mission 26" and "The Big Endeavour."
Mayoral Candidates

Garcetti ahead — slightly — in mayoral money race

About $71,000 separate Councilman Eric Garcetti and Controller Wendy Greuel in the 2013 race for mayor of Los Angeles. Each has $2.8 million in the bank.

API scores: School Quality in Snapshot Format

In addition to releasing state Academic Performance Index numbers today, the California Department of Education is debuting an easy to read School Quality Snapshot.
An empty classroom
Academic Performance Index scores are up 10 points throughout California, and a majority of schools scored the state goal for the first time in 13 years.
Mercer 4313
Academic Performance Index scores for public schools are out. California education officials say most schools reached the coveted 800-point goal for the first time.
Democratic National Convention: Day 1

Mayor Villaraigosa backs Richard Alarcon for state Assembly

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has come to the aid of Councilman Richard Alarcon, endorsing him in his race for the state Assembly.
Report shows little harm from Baldwin Hills fracking. Environmental and community groups are still reviewing it, but they've expressed skepticism about the findings.

Maven's Morning Coffee: USC Village gets OK

Today is Thursday, Oct. 11 and headlines include approval of the USC Village project, more campaign money in the mayor's race, and a look at San Fernando.

Jobless claims: Good week gets U.S. near important number

Economists like to see first-time unemployment claims running under 400,000. The US is now getting closer to 300,000, a positive sign.

September foreclosures: California sees improvement

Home foreclosure rates in California are dropping. But there is still plenty of homeowners in trouble.
Construction Worker

Construction worker crushed to death on 405 Freeway

A crane was being used to move the 3,000-pound steel beam from a truck when it crushed the construction worker. It may cause delays for the morning commute.
Mercer 1124
Gang violence in LA has plummeted in the past couple of years, which many attribute to the city’s anti-gang strategy. Now, the city's hoping to expand its reach.

The art of the spin doctor at Vice Presidential debate

The congressman was picked by the Democratic Party to be one of its spin doctors following the Biden-Ryan face-off

GOP, Democrats spend millions in Calif. Congressional races

View some of the TV ads both parties have produced as part of a multi-million dollar campaign aimed at protecting incumbents and attacking vulnerable opponents.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Giant Invasion

Giant Invasion

Give 'em an inch, they'll take eight.

Off-Ramp Extra

Episode: Hail Hawthorne! What old Rome's triumphal parades say about the Endeavour parade

What old Rome's triumphal parades say about the Endeavour parade

The LA Times Architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne writes, "In parading Endeavour along our boulevards, LA is in some striking ways reenacting one of the oldest public celebrations in Western urban history, the Roman triumph."


Episode: AirTalk for October 11, 2012

The rise of Netflix and the remaking of home entertainment

In her new book “Netflixed,” financial and media writer Gina Keating details the story of how one company transformed the movie-watching habits of a generation, and gave Americans even more reason to stay home on Saturday nights.
scantron standardized test

API school scores released today

This morning, the California Department of Education released the Academic Performance Index (API) scores of its schools.
Mercer 5527

OC journalists’ roundtable

Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists riff on the latest news from the O.C.
Biden Attends MRAP Program Transition Ceremony At Pentagon

Debate strategy round two: Biden vs. Ryan

Vice presidential debates are traditionally surrogate affairs, with each candidate for VPOTUS trying first to do no harm to their political party’s campaign with a scant few weeks before Election Day. But the stakes are higher this year.

Egypt’s proposed constitution criticized for favoring Islam

Egypt’s new government may not ultimately embrace the democratic ideals demanded by citizens who overthrew former president Hosni Mubarak last year.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for October 11, 2012
Debate Bingo
It's that time again! Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden and VP candidate Paul Ryan face off in their only televised debate.
Social Networking And Blogging Website Twitter

How social media is making political analysis instantaneous

The first presidential debate was the most tweeted event in U.S. political history. We look at how social media has democratized political talk.
Awkward Black Girl

Issa Rae on 'Awkward Black Girl' and her first TV gig

Issa Rae, creator of the web series "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," talks about her popular web series, her latest project and how she comes up with the situations in the show.
Today, more information on the thousand pages of evidence that took down Lance Armstrong.
Silent Spring
Fifty years ago Rachel Carson single-handedly started the environmental movement with her book "Silent Spring".
California education officials say that for the first time, a majority of schools reached the coveted 800-point Academic Performance Index goals.
Space Shuttle Endeavour Offload at LAX

The space shuttle Endeavour starts its trip to its LA home

Late tonight the space shuttle Endeavour starts its to its new home at the California Science Center.
fast furious latino movie goers

Hollywood eager to appeal to movie-loving Latino population

These days it's not just politicians courting Latinos; Hollywood is also very eager to reach this growing demographic.
Las Vegas Strip Exteriors

Betting on Nobel Prize winners

This week the Nobel Prize for Literature will be awarded, but for weeks, economists, gamblers and laymen have laid their money on the line in hopes they can guess the tomorrow's winner.

Junot Diaz, Mo Yan win big awards for literature

Book critic David Kipen, also the founder of the bookstore/lending library Libros Schmibros, joins the show to discuss the Nobel Prize in Literature and the finalists in the National Book Awards.
Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan
Tonight Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan take to the stage in Danville, Kentucky for the one and only vice-presidential debate. The debate gives the two a chance to highlight their many differences in policy, but the two have one fundamental thing in common: their faith.

New report says torture cases in Mexico on the rise

Today Amnesty International issued a report about the Mexican government under outgoing President Felipe Calderon.


Inglewood shuttle Endeavour no parking sign
We're doing a live, 2-hour special Off-Ramp this weekend, following the Shuttle Endeavour as it parades through South LA. If you're along the route and want to help, call-in between noon and 2pm Saturday. Since the show is live, the podcast will be sent out sometime Saturday. Please don't freak out!

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