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san onofre nuclear power plant atomic

Federal study to examine cancer and nuclear plant link

The National Academy of Sciences is launching a study to examine radiation levels around six nuclear power plants, including San Onofre.
Radioactive waste detected Wednesday in a dumpster behind a grocery store turned out to be a diaper worn while getting radiation therapy.
Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Prostate cancer database helps patients avoid complications

A new online database is designed to let patients track the progression of their disease before they seek aggressive treatments.
Mercer 5686
The LA County Commission on Human Relations released a report Wednesday which shows hate crimes increased 15 percent during 2011. Read the complete report.
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Obamajam map: President, 1st Lady in LA for talk shows

President Obama is expected to visit LA Wednesday and appear on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Mrs. Obama is set to visit ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday.
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Santa Ana winds to increase fire danger across Southland

Mountain and valleys may see wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. It's being called the first notable Santa Ana wind event of the season.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will study cancer risks in people living near nuclear power plants, including the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
Clinton - 1

Bill Clinton stumps for Democrats in Irvine

He visited Irvine Tuesday to help Democrats locked in tight congressional races. A Republican spokesman played down the visit, saying the candidates are too extreme.
Spotlight Ticket Management, founded five years ago in Calabasas by a former AEG employee, helps businesses manage corporate tickets.
clinic, medicine, south central family health center

Should people's ethnicity matter in their medical treatment?

Research has found that certain ethnic groups are prone to certain conditions and diseases. But how should health providers and medical researchers use that information?


And then there were none. The fourth and final X-51A Waverider hypersonic plane will be tested next spring or summer, the U.S. military announced Wednesday.
Sam Lutfi is suing for damages for defamation and for a 15 percent share of the millions of dollars Spears made while he was with her.
Southern California Assembly membes add/change votes
Members of the Assembly are routinely holding off on casting votes, adding them in later when they know how fellow members voted

3 family members killed, 2 hospitalized in Downey shootings

Police are investigating shootings in Downey that may have killed three people and sent another two to the hospital, according to NBC LA.

That My Issue: Education policy

It’s a personal thing. I’m pursuing education policy — that’s where I’m going. So for me, [education] is the big pressing issue of the time.
Television viewers will get a chance tonight to see the new-look Lakers take on the high-flying Clippers because the game is being broadcast at 7 p.m. on Prime Ticket.
I Voted
A poll of Muslim voters found 25 percent of respondents still undecided in the presidential election, although the vast majority said they plan to vote. Sixty-eight percent said they favored President Obama, while seven percent supported GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Bono Mack and Ruiz hit airwaves with new negative ads

It's getting nasty in the desert: Raul Ruiz attacks Mary Bono Mack's bi-coastal housing arrangement and she continues to question his political leanings
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It's been just months since the story of migration from Mexico coming to a standstill made national headlines, but a new report suggests an uptick the first half of this year.
surf beach
A 15-ft. great white shark may be behind the fatal bite that claimed a 39-year-old surfer on Tuesday. Surf Beach in Santa Barbara County has been closed.
Richard Thompson's "Cabaret of Souls"

Richard Thompson's 'Cabaret of Souls' set for Broad Stage

Death is a cabaret? It will be at the Broad Stage this weekend, in music-and-theater piece by Richard Thompson featuring Harry Shearer and Judith Owen.

Shark attack: Shark that bit, killed surfer was great white

Experts say the shark that bit and killed a surfer off California’s central coast probably was probably a great white. It may have been 15 feet long.
P-25 mountain lion cougar
The National Park Service says hikers found a dead mountain lion in Point Magu State park, and a park service biologist confirmed it was Puma-25, a one-year old female.
California officials are expected to investigate an $11 million campaign contribution from an Arizona group to defeat Prop. 30 and pass Prop. 32.
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A federal judge twice ordered him to serve 22-year terms, but the sentences were reversed on appeal. His attorneys conceded he should face at least three decades.
Obama, in off-the-record interview, laid out plans to fiscal, immigration deals - NBC The White House has allowed the release of a transcript of an originally off-the-record Des Moines Register interview in which President Obama talked about unfinished busines he plans to get done in a second term if elected, including comprehensive immigration reform.
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A total of 19 people have contracted the virus in San Bernardino County. Officials did not immediately release any further details.

CA lawmakers can change voting record on bills after the fact

Critics say the practice allows lawmakers to mislead constituents by changing the official record of how they acted on legislation. Scan the spreadsheet to see how your lawmakers voted.
Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala

Maven's Morning Coffee: Chief Beck on immigration

Today is Wednesday, Oct. 24 and headlines include Chief Beck on immigration, President Clinton in Orange County, and more jail oversight for L.A. County.

FAQ: Why Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be just like TV

The Internet was supposed to be the anti-television. But that has led to anarchy, confusion, and MySpace. Facebook wants to change all that.
The body is that of Desmond John Moses, 55, whom police believe responsible for killing a father and son. He was found shot in the head and wearing body armor.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Deep Microbes

Deep Microbes

Taking a mud bath at the Equator.


Episode: AirTalk for October 24, 2012
Mercer 6157
Should institutions of higher learning be policing extreme religious views, hate speech and unpopular politics? How do you respond to views you disagree with?
Echo Park hate crime sticker

Hate crimes in Los Angeles County are up 15 percent

Hate crimes in Los Angeles County are up 15%. What’s your definition of a hate crime? Do you see specific groups or people targeted in LA County?
If you happen to come across medical study results that claim a treatment has a “very large effect,” those results are likely either exaggerated or flat out wrong, according to researchers at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.
With the 2010 Citizens United decision, the United States Supreme Court radically changed campaign finance by removing restrictions on political expenditures by corporations and labor unions.
Proposition 34, a measure on the November 6th ballot, would replace California’s death penalty with life without parole. Proponents of the bill say that the switch would save the state tens of millions of dollars every year, and potentially correct unjust racial imbalances in sentencing.
The gender gap isn’t closed when it comes to equal pay: a new study of recent graduates shows a demonstrable difference in wages between women and men who are just entering the workforce.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for October 24, 2012
As the U.S. begins to scale down its military presence in Afghanistan, it appears that the so called "war on terrorism" is also winding down.
Black Cat
A new University of California, Berkeley study looks at the stereotypes humans attribute to domestic cats and their coloring, as well as how that applies to adoption rates.

Former AEG employee turns Spotlight on corporate tickets

Spotlight Ticket Management, founded five years ago in Calabasas by a former AEG employee, helps businesses manage corporate tickets.
A  worker paints the stage in front of t

Romney sees Latin America, not China, as land of opportunity

Mitt Romney described Latin America as a land of opportunity in the last presidential debate, calling its economy almost as big as China’s.
Monarch the bear
The story of Monarch: his life, death, and fascinating relationship with William Randolph Hearst.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
Is it “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”?
Audra Ang
Audra Ang spent seven years as a reporter in China where she fell in love with its food and its people.
World Series - Media Day
There's a place much farther south of the border that produces lots of good baseball players: Venezuela
St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Seven
Tonight, the San Francisco Giants play the first game of the World Series, after winning the National League title Monday night against the St Louis Cardinals.
Obama And Romney Spar In Final Debate Before Presidential Election

Obama campaign's reaction to Romney's momentum in the polls

Edward-Isaac Dovere, Deputy White House Editor for POLITICO, joins the show to discuss how the Obama campaign has reacted to Gov. Romney’s momentum in the polls.
GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Campaigns Day After Final Debate
Today, President Obama visits Iowa, makes a stop here in Los Angeles, and will end his day Las Vegas. Governor Romney begins his day in Vegas, then heads east to Iowa and Ohio.
Mark Helprin
Writer and political commentator Mark Helprin talks to us about his new book “In Sunlight and In Shadow," a tale set in the post-World War II New York City.

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