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The California Public Utilities Commission voted to open an investigation of costs associated with the San Onofre Nuclear Plant.
California Stem Cell

Biotech firms win $20 million in California stem cell grants

California's stem cell research agency awards $20 million to biotech firms for research and development of therapies for diabetes and a rare blood disease.
Forever 21
Forever 21 is under scrutiny from the U.S. Department of Labor for allegedly working with suppliers that don’t give their workers minimum wage or overtime.
Time Warner Cable Sportsnet
There is less than a week to go before the NBA regular season begins and the cable war over broadcasting Los Angeles Lakers on TV is still unsettled.

Ask ghosts a question on Glassell Park home tour

Bring a Polaroid camera and an open mind to try and get questions answered at the home of the "ghost writer" case in Glassell Park.

US jobless claims down by 23,000; durable goods orders up

First-time claims remain stuck in a range between 350,000 & 400,000, though. A surge in aircraft orders boosted demand for products that last three or more years.

ADA campaign making kids aware of Halloween "Zombie Mouth"

The sugary facts about Halloween and "Zombie Mouth" – a campaign to promote non-sugary treats for trick-or-treaters as part of good oral hygiene.
California Health Care Facility, Stockton inmate housing under construction

CA officials to ready nation’s largest prison hospital

Opening the Stockton hospital will determine how soon a federal judge might end his oversight of the state's medical care for inmates


Medical Marijuana
Feds stage dispensary raids while a SD judge says buying medical marijuana is OK: Making sense of the day's pot news.
The Walking Debt, Prop. 30

Students to dress like zombies in "The Walking Debt"

Community college students will dress up like zombies Friday and walk from L.A. City Hall to the governor's Downtown office in support of Prop. 30.
Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala
Some 160 Los Angeles Police Department employees could be laid off by January 1 under a cost-cutting plan announced by Chief Charlie Beck.
Gov. Jerry Brown at UCLA

Proposition 30’s chance of passing narrows

Support for Governor Brown's tax hike plan has dipped below 50 percent, with voters continuing to express distrust that the funds would be spent wisely
The audio, recorded on tin foil by Thomas Edison using one of his early phonographs, was made during a 1878 museum demonstration in St. Louis.

Updated: 4 detained in killings of 3 Downey family members

Four people have been detained for questioning in connection with Wednesday's fatal shootings that left three dead in Downey, police say.

GOP backs Miller in 31st District over fellow Republican

California's "jungle" primary is creating bad blood in state political parties, as seen in Miller/Dutton and Sherman/Berman rifts
France Airbus 350 XWB
LAX nonstop to Singapore, no more. Singapore Airlines is updating its fleet and canceling the longest nonstop flights currently offered by any airline in the world.
U.S. Customs Allows Pre-Approved Travelers To Bypass Passport Lines
Federal prosecutors say Sam Allen accepted bribes from his ex-wife and others as part of a scheme to smuggle goods into the U.S. from China.
Supreme Court Upholds Obama's Affordable Care Act

That's My Issue: Access to healthcare

[It's] life-or-death for me and my family — I mean literally life-or-death. And it’s the number one issue.
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles
Asked what informs their choice of terms for immigrants who are in the U.S. without permission, several people explain why they use the words they do.
Gov. Jerry Brown

Polls: Prop. 30 support drops below 50 percent

Support for Proposition 30 has slipped below 50 percent. It would fund schools by increasing taxes on earnings over $250,000 and the sales tax by one-quarter cent.
Time Warner – which paid $3.6 billion for Lakers broadcast rights for 20 years – said they do not have the most expensive rates for others to show the games.
Medical Marijuana
Federal authorities have arrested a dozen people associated with a chain of nine marijuana stores that operated in Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Comedy Congress -  October 24, 2012
If you weren't able to make it to the Crawford Family Forum for Patt Morrison's Comedy Congress, we have the full video up for you to enjoy!
Red Flag Warning
Humidity is predicted to fall into the single digits. The LA Fire Department has issued parking restrictions in fire prone areas. See the map of the affected areas.

Video: Staff Benda Bilili shook the El Rey on Wednesday

Only a few dozen fans showed up, but remarkable Congo band Staff Benda Bilili, wheelchairs and all, rewarded them with one of the most dynamic shows of the year.
Man on fire

Update: Felony charges in Long Beach Molotov cocktail attack (video)

A man has been arrested and accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a man outside of a Long Beach market. The victim remains hospitalized in critical condition.
Obama 'confident' about immigration reform in a second term - CNN More on President Obama's take on immigration reform from a previously off-the-record interview with the Des Moines Register.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Support for Prop 30 drops

Today is Thursday, Oct. 25 and headlines include a drop in support for Proposition 30, a crack down on LA pet shops, and a look at the November propositions.
Stockton, CA Leads Nation In Rate Of Foreclosures

CA home foreclosures continue to decline

The situation with distressed homes continues to improve in the Golden State. But overall, California's metro areas are still struggling with the housing crisis.
A recent audit finds that the US government and California have done a poor job monitoring millions of federal dollars for charter schools.
Mercer 19009

Follow the lobbyist money in Baca/McLeod campaigns

Most of the money in political campaigns comes from a handful of people: a peek inside the FEC filings of Joe Baca and Gloria Negrete McLeod


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Our Perfect Sun

Our Perfect Sun

Why spinning makes you pudgy around the middle.


Episode: AirTalk for October 25, 2012
Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Cloud Atlas" - Red Carpet
Tom Hanks joins the show to talk about "Cloud Atlas," a new film that weaves history, philosophy, science and suspense into six separate narratives spanning oceans, continents and centuries.
Time Warner Cable Sportsnet
The 2012-13 NBA Basketball season is quickly approaching for the retooled and star studded Los Angeles Lakers. With the offseason acquisitions of two time MVP Steve Nash and the best center in the game Dwight Howard, Kobe and the Lakers are considered the team to beat in the Western Conference.
Anti-War Protesters Rally At Obama Campaign Headquarters

POLL: Americans are feeling foreign policy fatigue

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney rattled sabers over foreign policy last week on the assumption that it’s a big issue for voters. But is it?
Prop 30 and 38

PPIC and USC Dornslife polls on CA ballot measures

Can’t wait until election day to find out how people feel about California Propositions and ballot initiatives? No problem. There are two new surveys out today from USC and the Public Policy Institute of California.
Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
The California Fourth District Court overturned their 2010 conviction of San Diego medical marijuana provider Jovan Jackson, recognizing the right of nonprofit dispensaries to provide medical cannabis to those with prescriptions.
Nevada’s population has tripled since 1980 and over two-thirds of the state’s current 2.7 million residents live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This is good news for Democrats, who have been registering nearly twice as many voters than Republicans on a monthly basis since January, and although Las Vegas isn’t the capital, Sin City is safely Democrat territory.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for October 25, 2012
Obama And Romney Spar In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
James Rainey, political columnist for the LA Times, and Heidi Moore, U.S. economics editor for the Guardian wrap up the big stories of the week and look ahead to the final week before the presidential election.
The Gender Trap book
At baby showers all over America, it's almost always the same: blue for boys, pink for girls. But what if a choice as simple as baby clothes can lead to gender inequality in adults?
Alpha Centauri B

New Earth-size planet found orbiting Alpha Centauri B

Perhaps our dream of traveling to a planet outside our solar system is just a bit closer to becoming reality. Last week, astronomers discovered a planet circling around the star Alpha Centauri B.
World Series - Detroit Tigers v San Francisco Giants - Game 1
Now a follow up to a segment we did on yesterday's show about the popularity of baseball in Venezuela.
Hillary Clinton is set to walk out of the State Department for the last time in January. Up until a few weeks ago, her term as Secretary of State was going smoothly. She enjoyed high approval ratings and is widely seen as more popular than the president.

How will Obama, Romney address the housing crisis?

Talk of housing has largely been absent from the presidential campaign until recently.
Richmond, CA Hit Hard By Foreclosures
A new RealtyTrac survey shows home foreclosures in Los Angeles have dropped to their lowest levels in five years. Prices are starting to firm up too.
Meningitis Outbreak Traced To Framingham Pharmacy

Should CA tighten restrictions on compounding pharmacies?

Today in Sacramento, state regulators are meeting to discuss tightening regulations on compounding pharmacies. This comes after 24 people died and more than 300 became ill after receiving contaminated steroid injections produced at a pharmacy in Massachusetts.
CA Governor Jerry Brown Holds News Conference On Pension Reform
First, a look at the ballot here in California. New polls show the majority of voters do not support Prop 30, Jerry Brown's tax initiative.
It’s only days to go before Election Day, and Take Two heads to Florida where a mountain of ads, fiery DVDs, and fierce campaigns have swept over the state.
Proposed California Budget Cuts Threaten Adult Day Health Care

State accused of denying seniors day care access

More than 2,000 seniors are trying to get back into a state program that gives them physical therapy, mental health treatment and a chance to socialize.
California Health Care Facility, Stockton inmate housing under construction

CA officials to ready nation’s largest prison hospital

Opening the Stockton hospital will determine how soon a federal judge might end his oversight of the state's medical care for inmates

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