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Want to be rich? Be lucky, know right people

In the first of a three-part series, All Things Considered asks several wealthy Americans with very different perspectives how they account for their own economic prosperity.
Hurricane veteran in Maryland's Eastern Shore isn't taking Sandy for granted.

Pumps and polls: Why Americans wait in lines

You don't need the threat of Hurricane Sandy to get folks in line. Look around — we line up to dance and dine, to buy the newest iPhone, and for the opportunity to cast an early ballot.

Big Bird costumes are a hot seller, thanks to Mitt Romney

Big Bird costumes are a top seller this Halloween, thanks to Mitt Romney's debate comment. Sales are brisk across the nation.
Hurricane Sandy Utility
Power companies try to prepare for widespread outages by bringing in reinforcements from the rest of nation as the massive storm hits the East Coast.

Pricey prostate cancer therapy raises questions about safety

Proton therapy can be targeted much more precisely than regular radiation. The hope is that it translates into fewer side effects. But it costs twice as much as regular radiation.
Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastline

Hurricane Sandy: Latest news as the worst begins to be felt

Sandy's rains are falling on the Mid-Atlantic and as the storm's winds follow there will be dangerous conditions from Virginia to the Northeast, impacting millions.

At 79, ex-party official lambastes Chinese leaders

Bao Tong was once a senior figure in the Communist Party. He was ousted and jailed for seven years after the Tiananmen Square events of 1989, but he doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

After election, winner will face economic hurdles

Although the situation has improved since four years ago, the man in the Oval Office next year will still have to deal with a sluggish U.S. economy.
Hurricane Sandy Track
More than 100 flights between the Northeast and Southern California have been canceled due to the large storm. Here is some advice on how to deal with the airlines.
President Obama declared October National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. His former cybersecurity chief was in Anaheim to speak to IT security professionals.
Dee Dee Ramone Exhibit
An exhibit featuring the art work of late punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone opened Friday at Shepard Fairey's Elysian Park gallery, Subliminal Projects.


Prop 30 and 38
Moody’s Investors Service says the forecast for districts is dire, possibly leading to higher interest rates on loans and even bankruptcy
Occupy San Fernando - 4
City officials have torn down a 6-foot-tall wooden fence surrounding a home whose owner, Javier Hernandez, has been fighting fighting a bank-ordered eviction.
imperial stars
Band members of Imperial Stars were sentenced Monday to probabtion and community service for their daytime, mid-freeway concert two years ago.
Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
Sandy's been reclassified as a "post tropical cyclone," but it still packs a hurricane's wallop. Now, the Internet itself is being affected as major websites are knocked offline.
Sally Ride enviro center

LAUSD unveils science center named for Sally Ride (video)

LAUSD unveiled a state-of-the-art science facility in Glassell Park named for Sally Ride, in hopes of inspiring students to pursue careers in math and science.
bob ross google doodle
The painter becomes the painted on Monday as Bob Ross gets the Google doodles treatment on what would have been the beloved artist's 70th birthday.
Virginia-based attorneys for Americans for Responsible Leadership were given an extra day to travel to Sacramento from the storm-battered East Coast
Despite Sandy hitting the northeast, forcing residents to either evacuate or hunker down, the East Coast king of late night David Letterman is going on with his show.
Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Union gathers signatures for medical marijuana regulation

The regulation of medical marijuana is back — again — as a local union collects signatures to get an ordinance on the city of Los Angeles’ May 2013 ballot.
Patt Morrison Oct 29, 2012
Not an everyday ensemble, but this is not an everyday election, is it?
Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
"It's raining "puppies" in Germany, "pocket knives" in Brazil and "cobbler boys" in Denmark. How does the rest of the world describe a downpour?
Downey Shootings

Downey: Murder charges filed in shootings of 3 last week (PDF)

Prosecutors filed murder, attempted-murder and other charges Monday against the 30-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed three people last week in Downey.

Why the pressure is on Apple to have a big holiday season

As the technology giant witnesses its stock prices slide by hundreds of points, it positions itself to — hopefully — recover at year's end.
Gov. Jerry Brown

Yes on Prop 30 expected to unleash ad blitz

WIth only a narrow lead in the polls and tens of millions of dollars to spend, expect an aggressive TV ad campaign for the Governor's tax hike proposal
Downey Shootings
The man suspected of shooting and killing three people last week in Downey at a business and home is expected to make his initial appearance in court Monday.
Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Emerge In NYC

MTV, Sway put Obama on the climate hot seat

Sway looks nervous, and he sounds like he has no idea what he is talking about. He doesn't ask a follow-up. The whole thing lasts 3 minutes. But heck, he did ask, and Candy Crowley didn't.
Steve Soboroff shows John Rabe the bill of sale for Shuttle Endeavour 11-12-12
How much did Endeavour cost?
Neo Nazi Candidates

Trial starts for boy who allegedly killed neo-Nazi father

At a court hearing Monday morning, Judge Jean Leonard granted the defense attorney’s request to have the boy unshackled during trial.

Sam Adams brews business dreams in Los Angeles

Yet another microlending initiative touches down in Southern California, which is rapidly becoming a center of this by type of small-business financing.
Endeavour - 1

Shuttle Endeavour exhibit opens to public Tuesday

The Space Shuttle Endeavour makes its debut at its new home, the California Science Center, Tuesday morning.
Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
Are you stuck on the East Coast and taking photos of Hurricane Sandy? Share your photos of the so called "Frankenstorm" and we'll feature the best on our site.
Gay marriage, pot, immigration among ballot issues - ABC There are measures addressing these issues in several states, including a Montana immigration initiative calling for voters to have proof of citizenship, and a Maryland measure proposing in-state tuition for undocumented college students.
Expo Rail

Maven's Morning Coffee: Opposition to Expo Line

Today is Monday, Oct. 29 and headlines include opposition to the Metro Expo Line, an Election Day party in Grand Park, and registering jailhouse inmates to vote.
Hollywood Sign
Check out our full gallery of photos from the top of the Hollywood Sign as it undergoes the first major renovation in 35 years.
The Twin Towers Correctional Facility in
In the last weeks before the Presidential election, 'get out the vote' efforts are in full gear nationwide. In L.A. County, they’re even going behind bars.
A new online game for high school students is designed around one of the most high stakes decisions teenagers make: successfully applying to college.


Off-Ramp Extra

Episode: Dylan Brody wants to punch many things in the face, including a meme (not a mime)
I want to punch the entertainment industry in the face for combining art and the most powerful tools of communication in the history of humanity into a system for the manufacture and distribution of mind-numbing, repetitious, self-referential, self-reverential, carefully non-inflammatory indulgences.

The Loh Life

Episode: Egypt 3: Touchdown

Egypt 3: Touchdown

Sandra Tsing Loh makes her way to Egypt.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish

Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish

Strike a pose! Vogueing under the sea.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for October 29, 2012
World Series - San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers - Game 4

Baseball superfans reflect on the outcome of the World Series

The San Francisco Giants last night closed out the World Series in a spectacular way: A four-game sweep over the Detroit Tigers.
Hurricane Sandy has virtually shut down DC. Federal government offices, schools, the Metro - all closed. But you know where it's business as usual? The Supreme Court. This morning, the court heard oral arguments on government wiretapping of suspected terrorists and the case of a USC grad student accused of breaking copyright law.

Support for three strikes laws waning as prison costs rise

California is one of 24 states to have some type of three strikes laws on the books. Ours is one of the toughest but some critics are arguing that the hard line stance might not be needed anymore.

Props To You: Prop 36 seeks to ease three strikes law

California’s “three strikes law” is one of the toughest sentencing laws in the country. It puts habitual criminals away for 25-years-to-life sentences.
Big Sky, Big Money
Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal teams up with PBS’s Frontline to investigate how independent groups are funneling millions of dollars into issue campaigns aimed at swaying elections.
U.S. Hispanic Population Grows 43 Percent In Last Decade
The U.S. Justice Department is now investigating claims that CVS pharmacies wrongly refilled prescriptions and charged insurance companies without the knowledge of customers. The practice may be widespread among pharmacies like Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid as well.
redwood city Ana Tintocalis

Voters supportive of local measures for schools, but skeptical of statewide solutions

Next Tuesday, Californians will decide if they trust state government to spend their money wisely on public schools when they vote on two statewide tax initiatives, Props. 30 and 38.
President Obama cancelled his campaign plans because of the storm, he was expected to attend events with former President Bill Clinton in Florida and Ohio today. Instead, Mr. Clinton will appear with Vice President Biden.

Flight delays due to Hurricane Sandy ripple across the globe

The worst of Storm Sandy isn’t expected to hit New York until this evening but it’s already disrupting travel across the country and even internationally. KPCC’s Sanden Totten joins us live from LAX.
Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy
While politicians are staying mostly mum on climate change, Hurricane Sandy has a lot of folks talking about the topic and wondering whether global warming is to blame for the imminent uber-storm.
Obama And Romney Square Off In First Presidential Debate In Denver
Two thirds of American voters say climate change is an important problem. But we have heard little about what Barack Obama or Mitt Romney would do about it.


How might opinions on immigration continue to change? What kinds of propositions concerning undocumented immigrants might California see on future ballots?

East Coast braces for historic hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy moves closer and closer to the East Coast, it promises plenty of damage and destruction.
Early Voting Starts In Special Election For New Miami Mayor
Should states use ballot machines to tally votes? How should the economic ties between candidates and companies that own e-voting machines factor into elections?

How will Hurricane Sandy affect next week’s election?

What impact will Hurricane Sandy have on the campaigns in these crucial final days? How will Romney and Obama’s responses to Sandy’s destruction affect voters?
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Senator Dianne Feinstein counting on six more years

What are Feinstein’s plans for her next term? What changes does she think the next administration will bring? How has she succeeded in a GOP-weighted congress?
Halloween Brings Out Trick-Or-Treaters, Young And Old
Americans love to be scared, and the number one day of the year that people revel in all things spooky is Halloween. How young is too young for gorier costumes?

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