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Holiday gifts
Six of ten shoppers will spend nearly $140 on holiday gifts for themselves, the National Retail Federation reports.


Say Anything: John Cusack to play Rush Limbaugh in upcoming film

Betty Thomas is tapped to direct. She helmed "Private Parts", the well-recieved film about another shock jock, Howard Stern.
Under McGwire's instruction over the last three years, the St. Louis Cardinals have led the NL in batting average and on-base percentage and ranked second in runs.
The wagering total of Friday's races was $47.5 million, a dip from Friday's total of $50 million gambled last year.

Chris Anderson leaving Wired to run SoCal drone company

The geek king has decided to step down from his glossy throne and join the world of entrepreneurs. He's picked an interesting field, for sure.
Spike TV's "SCREAM 2011" - Show

George Lucas' filmmaking rooted in rebellion

His filmmaking outpost, Skywalker Ranch, is so far removed from the Hollywood moviemaking machine, that it may as well be on the forest moon of Endor.
A Saturday rally in downtown L.A. is intended to unify various ethnic groups, and to address an ongoing challenge of voter turnout.

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