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Major health study of 16,000 US Latinos finds American-born Latinos at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Low income, less education pushes risk up.

Creator of mochi ice cream dies

Frances Hashimoto, creator of Mikawaya's mochi ice cream, has died at 69; she was a prominent Japanese American civic leader.

Cox Launches Time Warner Cable's exclusive Lakers channels

Another million people can now catch the Lakers on TV. Cox Communications launches new channels just in time for the next Lakers-Jazz game.

How to cope if your candidate lost

You volunteered, you voted, but your candidate just lost. How do you deal? Psychology experts suggest taking some pointers from — of all things — die-hard sports fans.
Mark Takano

IE more “purple” after bruising election night

Areas of the Inland Empire, once solidly Republican, trended more toward Democrats in Tuesday's election

America's big backyard pot business

Using a pseudonym, photographer "H. Lee" draws back the curtains around marijuana production in Northern California.

How third-party candidates fared

Two independent candidates won their Senate races on Tuesday, but third-party candidates barely put a dent in the presidential outcome.
Raul Ruiz and Mary Bono-Mack
With all precinct votes counted, she's trailing Democratic challenger 51% to 48%. But many vote-by-mail, provisional, and damaged ballots still have to be reviewed.
Gov. Jerry Brown
Election night was a rollercoaster for hundreds of thousands of California educators who kept a close eye on Proposition 30 past the midnight hour.
Mercer 6247

Airlines prepare for another major Northeast storm

American, United and other airlines warn travelers, suspend some operations at New York area airports as a another major storm sets in on Northeast.
US Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)

Republican response likely to be tactical, not transformative

Initial indications from within the GOP were that Mitt Romney's defeat wasn't a rejection of the Republican platform as much as a failure of its standard-bearer.
Mercer 13832
Congress has just weeks to rescue an economy moving closer to the so-called 'fiscal cliff' – a $600 billion cluster of spending cuts & tax hikes due to hit at year's end.

For Obama, vindication, but not a mandate

Having won reelection, Obama will seek to set the nation's agenda on issues ranging from taxes to immigration, but he may struggle in selling his ideas to Congress.
Mitt Romney addresses USHCC in Los Angeles - 1

What Tuesday's election means for health care reform

Could Mitt Romney really have repealed the Affordable Care Act? One legal expert says it's not that simple.


Gov. Jerry Brown

Prop 30 passed, now where's the money?

Prop 30 passes, and California's public schools avoid new budget cuts. But when will the money from ballot measure's tax hikes show up?
police tape

2 injured in workplace stabbing near LAX

Police say a workplace argument led to a man slashing and stabbing two coworkers with a large knife or cutting instrument near Los Angeles International Airport.
Mark Basseley Youssef, central in making controversial anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims," was sentenced to a year in prison with 4 years supervised release.
Mercer 15687

Democrats may have super majority in Sacramento

The election may have given them control of two-thirds of seats in the Senate and Assembly, and control of the state budget.
People enjoying California beach

LA regional water board to consider stormwater runoff rules

Los Angeles regional water regulators will consider rules designed to keep polluted stormwater runoff out of coastal waters and beaches.
Tax Preparers Help Last-Minute Filers As Tax Deadline Looms

Prop. 30 has passed, but how do you pay retroactive taxes?

Prop. 30 has passed, and if you make more than $250,000 your income tax will go up - we explain how that's paid. Sales tax will also rise in January.
Mike Sheehan's election 2012 sketchbook

Mike Sheehan's Election Day sketchbook

Artist Mike Sheehan travelled Southern California on Election Day, sketchpad in hand, capturing voters in the act of exercising their franchise.
Comedy Congress - Election Night
If you weren't able to make it to the Crawford Family Forum for Election Night, we have the full video up for you to enjoy!
Jackie Lacey
The longtime protegé of current District Attorney Steve Cooley says she's ready to make her own mark.

Buffett to CA home prices: DeBord Report hits 1,000 posts

It's a nice round number, 1,000. Since last August, your business and economy reporter has covered a lot of ground in Southern California and beyond
Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Cloud Atlas" - Red Carpet
Tom Hanks was allegedly defrauded by a Southern California insurance broker, who was arrested Wednesday morning.
Autodesctrucción 1, a sculptural exhibition by Abraham Cruzvillegas, transforms rebar, art, rod, and feathers into inspired translations of a traveling trumpet player.
sad pets vote 2012 election
Newton said for every Super Bowl, there is an equal and opposite Kitty Halftime Show. We applied this law of motion to the election, and here's what happened.
Patt Morrison
Join Patt Morrison and Bob Stern, former president of the Center for Governmental Studies, for a live chat about how the election results may affect you.
Patt Morrison
Election Day plus one just felt like a crustacean sort of day. I didn’t remember until later that I actually have TWO lobster pins, and could have worn both. Like "an exaltation of larks" or "a murder of crows," what’s the plural term for lobsters?

September home prices: CA is still down from peak

In Southern California, home prices are moving up in response to limited supply and high demand. But in the state, prices are well below their highest levels.
AIDS Memorial Quilt On Display In Brooklyn For World AIDS Day
Many fear that the passage of "The Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act" will scare the profitable industry away from L.A. - and possibly California.
Rupert Murdoch Delivers Keynote At The National Summit On Education Reform

Could Murdoch buy both the LA Times and the Financial Times?

The head of News Corp. has been discussed as an L.A. Times buyer. His name surfaced again this week as speculation heated up about another newspaper on the block.

CSU students to get tuition refunds after Prop. 30 passes

Instead of a tuition hike, Cal State students will receive refunds on their fees because voters approved Prop. 30 at the polls.
Grand Park Election Night - 5

Voters approve Prop 30; educators relieved

Fifty-four percent of Californians approve Prop 30, a measure to raise taxes; educators throughout the state express relief at avoiding $6 billion in potential cuts.
Rabe Downtown LA
I especially like the Megalineating Variable Intensity Multifunction Power Tool that not only retranks floating lug grout but removes ear wax.
No on Prop 32 Canvassing - 4

Wins, losses in California Assembly races

An update on last night's state Assembly races, including Districts 39, 47, 49, 50, 51, 57 and 65. L.A. Councilman Richard Alarcon’s political career may be over.
Mercer 9526
California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 36, which amends the state's Three Strikes law.
An L.A. County man who is believed to be behind the film "Innocence of Muslims" is due in court today to determine if he violated probation.
Latinos vote in large numbers for Obama again. Despite Republican predictions, Latinos' share of the overall vote is steadily rising.

East Coast storm causes LAX flight cancellations

The impending storm has thwarted several New York-bound flights out of LAX this morning. The new storm is forecast to bring rain, snow and strong winds.
Polling Election Day 2012

Maven's Morning Coffee: Election results

Today is Wednesday, Nov. 7 and all of the headlines are a look at last night's ballot returns, from the president to state Legislature to propositions.

Updated vote totals on California propositions, Measure J

Good morning, folks. Let’s get back to where we were with the campaigns at Dodger Stadium -- Props 30, 32 and 34, and Measure J.
U.S. Capitol Building
Redistricting had a major effect on California's Congressional races, likely sending new faces heading to Washington. As of Wednesday morning, two races are too close to call.
Prop 30 and 38

Did CA vote against self-interest with Props 30, 33, and 38

It looks like voters thought through tax increases and insurance discounts pretty thoroughly. But they may not have considered some underlying problems.
Proposition 34, the initiative that would have replaced the death penalty with life without parole in California, failed by more than 5 points.
Brad Sherman defeats Howard Berman in new 30th Congressional District. It's the end of an era for a southern California political icon.
The big question in the Senate race: Would Republicans lose two seats in the Senate and their ability to block Democratic budget proposals?
Los Angeles County District Attorney race, Jackie Lacey, Alan Jackson

Jackie Lacey becomes LA's first female District Attorney

"While she and I have serious disagreements, we share a commitment to making Los Angeles County a safer place to live," Jackson said in conceding the race.
General Election - Grant

California Propositions: An Election Night roundup

Voters approved a tax hike to fund public education, gave a boost to unions, softened the Three Strikes law, and kept the death penalty.
Updated results on some of Southern California's most competitive and bitterly fought Assembly races. Democrats seek a two-thirds majority.

Prop. 30 winning; what's next for schools, taxes

Prop. 30, a measure to increase taxes and stave off $6 billion in primarily education cuts, appeared headed for passage early Wednesday.
Republican Abel Maldonado conceded to Democratic Rep. Lois Capps Tuesday night. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Capps led 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent.
Would you have voted for a tax adding 12 cents to a can of soda or $1.28 to a gallon of sweetened juice drink to raise revenue for health and law enforcement?


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Altruists vs. Louts

Altruists vs. Louts

Overthinking sushi.


Episode: AirTalk for November 7, 2012
House Speaker Boehner Holds News Conference On Impending Fiscal Cliff

Republicans and Democrats focus on fiscal cliff compromise

What kinds of measures would prevent the U.S. from falling off the fiscal cliff? Will the lame duck Congress be able to provide an interim solution?
Jerry Brown Attends Rally In Support Of Proposition 30
Which propositions were most important to you? What do you think yesterday’s results mean for the state?

POLL: Election 2012: a nail-biter to the end

It seemed like this day would never come, but the 2012 election cycle has finally reached its end.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for November 7, 2012
U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

Analyzing the election results for California

Darry Sragow, partner of SNR Denton lawfirm and former chief campaign strategist for Democrats in the California State Assembly and Allan Hoffenblum, Republican political analyst join the show to analyze the election results for California.
US President Barack Obama winks

The role of hindsight in the presidential election

President Barack Obama has won the race for the White House. Did you see that coming? As the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20. Is there a way to catch ourselves from becoming know-it-alls after the fact?
U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration
Two Western states, Colorado and Washington, have become the first states to legalize recreational marijuana.
Democratic Senate Candidate Sen. Claire McCaskill Holds Election Night Gathering
The presidential race always gets top billing, but a third of the Senate and all members of the House were up for re-election yesterday, too. Lawmakers will be heading back to work with many of the same faces, and likely much of the same divisiveness.
Marvin Hamlisch Memorial Service - Outside Arrivals And Departures

Who were the winners and losers in the election media frenzy?

Who were the winners and losers when it came to media coverage of the election? Joining us is Tim Goodman, TV critic at The Hollywood Reporter.
Anti-death penalty campaigners stage a d
Last night brought mixed news for California's criminal justice system. Voters approved Prop 36 to ease California's Three Strikes Law, but they failed to end the death penalty by rejecting Prop 34.
U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

California state election round up

In California state politics, it wasn't all about Proposition 30. The California ballot had 11 propositions, plus there were also local ballot measures and hotly-contested Congressional and mayoral races.
California Political Prodigy

Molly Munger on the failure of Proposition 38

Molly Munger joins Take Two to talk about the outcome of Prop 38 and what she thinks is next for California schools.
U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

Swing-state Colorado turns blue again, but not by a landslide

Latino voters played a crucial role in Colorado, helping President Obama carry the swing state as he did in 2008. However, it was still a close race in the state with 51 percent for Obama versus to 46 percent for Romney.
U.S. Citizens Head To The Polls To Vote In Presidential Election

70 percent of US Latinos voted for Barack Obama

More than 12 million Latinos voted and they broke overwhelmingly for President Obama: 71 percent voted for the incumbent compared to 27 percent for Romney. That's a forty-point difference.
Jerry Brown Attends Rally In Support Of Proposition 30

What the passage of Prop 30 means for California

First we bring you an update on the passage of Proposition 30. It increases the income tax on wealthy Californians and temporarily raises the state sales tax

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