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Study will look at whether plant-based products that mimic estrogen might prevent memory loss and reduce hot flashes common to women during the aging process.
The Newport Beach City Council is considering a dramatic increase in the dock fees it charges residents in Newport Harbor.
An effort to find simple methods to reduce infections after colorectal surgeries proves successful at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and six other hospitals.
Healthcare Stock

Affordable Care Act: What's at stake for CA minorities?

The Affordable Care Act is expected to expand access to Medi-Cal for millions of uninsured Californians in 2014. What’s at stake for communities of color?
Mercer 13032

Clogged storm drains may cause localized flooding

Rain is in the forecast the next few days across Southern California, and clogged storm drains can create flooding. But you can unclog those drains with a phone call.

Milk: Symbol of purity, symbol of conflict

Our complicated relationship with milk may make images of this week's EU dairy farmers' protest more powerful than, say, if they sprayed police with water.

Educators worry revamped GED will be too pricey

Educators agree it's time for an update, but the new GED will be more expensive and administered on computers. Some are worried the new exam will be out of reach for many.

Afghan women make their mark on the soccer field

The women's soccer team in Afghanistan isn't an international powerhouse. But their existence is a triumph and points to the growing number of Afghan women playing sports.

Victims feel slighted by Oklahoma bombing fund

It's been almost 18 years since a bomb destroyed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Today, millions of dollars remain unspent in a fund established for blast survivors.
Southland-to-Las Vegas train service could be coming soon. In true Sin City fashion, this will be an adult’s only “party train.”
World Leaders Attend UN General Assembly

Mexican President heads to Harvard after he leaves office

Mexican President Felipe Calderon will be the first participant in a fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government after he leaves office on Saturday.
'Food: An Atlas'

Guerrilla cartographers put global food stats on the map

Some 80 maps were amassed for 'Food: An Atlas,' ranging from surplus in Italy to meat in Maryland. The goal is to spread information about food systems so they can be adapted locally.
Santa Monica Trailer Park

Santa Monica trailer park to be replaced by condos, retail

Monthly rents for mobile home spaces range from about $370 to $410. The tiniest apartments can rent for five times that much. Tenants have threatened to sue.

In Cairo, tensions still high as 'Die-Hards' continue protest

The crowd in Tahrir Square is much smaller Wednesday. Police have fired tear gas to disperse those angry about President Mohammed Morsi's decrees giving him more power.
Mercer 19272
His shows told the stories of thousands of Californians and helped millions more learn about California's history. He's reportedly retiring, but he's left his mark on the state.

Neiman Marcus high-fashion brands to go on sale at Target this weekend

Starting this Saturday Target will be selling a line of products from brand names including Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch.


General Atmosphere - January 18th - 2012 Sundance Film Festival
For what appears to be the first time in Sundance history, an equal number of male and female-directed films were selected for the U.S. Dramatic Competition.
A container ship at the Port of Los Angeles

Strike keeps Port of LA pier closed, spreads to Long Beach

Striking workers shut down the largest terminal at the Port of Los Angeles for a second day on Wednesday, ignoring an arbitrator’s order to return to work.
Richard Bloom Betsy Butler
The Santa Monica mayor leads the incumbent Assemblywoman by less than one percent of the 181.000 votes tallied so far.
Doug DeCinces and three others have been indicted for insider trading prior to the takeover of a Southern California medical device company.
megabus returns to los angeles
L.A. has a busload of new travel options. Beginning Dec. 12, the wheels on the city-to-city Megabus will go round-and-round from Union Station to Vegas, SF and more.
LA Auto Show - 23

LA Auto Show: Porsche Cayman and Fiat 500e debut

Two European brands reveal new versions of cars that have found devoted buyerships. But those buyers are very, very different.

Citizenship at heart of immigration divide on Capitol Hill

Both Democrats and Republicans are talking about reform, but they remain at odds over a key provision that has become a line in the sand.

OC's Ed Royce is new Foreign Affairs Chairman

The veteran lawmaker from Fullerton says his top priority is Iran — both pressuring Tehran with sanctions, but also using soft diplomacy to affect change.
Andrew W.K. made waves after the State Department named him a cultural ambassador to Bahrain, but they changed their minds. There’s a little less partying in the Middle East.

'Chasing Ice' at the Nuart Theatre

'Chasing Ice' shows climate change as it happens, such as when an enormous chunk of glacier breaks off and splashes into the water like a bath toy.
The Inland area city has been missing more than $1 million per month in payments, using the money instead to make payroll and provide services.
Mercer 3951

LA City Council members skip conference despite recess

The Council is on recess so members can attend the National League of Cities conference. But only two of them are actually there.
Asian-American voters overwhelmingly voted to reelect President Obama, and a new statewide poll bears these numbers out in California.
LA Auto Show - 19
Technology may be the big story, but there are still plenty of green rides, exotic concept cars, and machines that are downright intimidating in the mix.

LA Auto Show: It's a rolling world of consumer electronics!

L.A.'s hometown car extravaganza has always been about dream machines and, more recently, green machines. But 2012 is slightly different.
kinde durkee

Democrats' treasurer Kinde Durkee gets 8 years in prison

Kinde Durkee was convicted of defrauding numerous high-profile clients, including U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, of at least $7 million.
The suspected shooter in the murder of three people last month at a Downey business and home pleads not guilty to 14 criminal charges.
Harry Shearer, Scott Kelman, Paul Krassner, and Peter Bergman, photographed for "Peter, Paul, and Harry" at MOCA.

Photo: Peter, Paul ... and Harry (Bergman, Krassner, and Shearer)

Since Oliver North and his fellow conspirators used code names -- North was Steel Hammer -- Peter became Commandante Baldie and I became Thunder Heart.
Among young immigrants, applications for deportation relief have slowed - Washington Post Numbers released in mid-November by the federal government show that the number of incoming applications for deferred action, which offers temporary legal status to some young immigrants, have dropped off.

San Bernardino County may sue bankrupt City of San Bernardino

The county says San Bernardino owes $1.5 million in tipping fees from trash collected by the city's waste department and taken to the county's Rialto dump.

Maven's Morning Coffee: Democrats get super-majority

Today is Wednesday, Nov. 28 and headlines include the Democrats' super-majority in Sacramento, 101 Safe Surrenders in LA County, and Kinde Durkee gets sentenced.
shipping containers port of los angeles
At the Port of L.A.'s Pier 400, clerical workers went on strike to protest outsourcing. Operations are still shut down Wednesday morning at the busy terminal.
California Budget
Educators at a private meeting Tuesday sounded off on an expected proposal to increase state funding to disadvantaged school districts.
Freshman Congress

Democrats unlikely to leverage super majority until fall

Upcoming vacancies in the Senate and Assembly could put a damper on the majority party's ability to pass taxes without Republican votes.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Sticky Feet

Sticky Feet

This could drive Sandra up the wall.


Episode: AirTalk for November 28, 2012
Major General Anthony Jackson
Major General Anthony L. Jackson has just been sworn in as director of California’s department of Parks and Recreation. How does he plan to rehabilitate the beleaguered department?
“The Fiddler on Pantico Run” is author Joe Mozingo’s quest to discover the origins of his father’s family, and the shocking discoveries he made along the way. After initially believing that Mozingo was a French or Basque name, a college professor suggested that it was most likely of African origins.
Medical staff of the Sint Franciscus hos

Should flu shots be mandatory for healthcare workers?

You’re hearing it everywhere: PSAs on TV and the radio. Maybe from your boss, too. It’s time to get a flu shot.

New book examines the 'Untouchable' Michael Jackson

“Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson” is a biography of the ‘King of Pop’ with unprecedented insight.

Euroskeptics on the rise in the UK

The European Union (EU) was established to unite the continent of Europe, but now the EU may be losing membership from one of the region’s most influential nations, The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK).

Powerball fever! How would $550 million change your life?

Squandered fortunes, lost friends, failed marriages and emotional distress have plagued past lottery winners who weren’t able to handle the pressures of sudden, inconceivable wealth. Winning office pools have turned ecstatic colleagues into bloodthirsty sharks, with ‘lottery lawyers’ eating up major portions of the profits in protracted legal squabbles.
California Budget Crisis Threatens Basic Services

UCLA Medical Center gets failing grade for patient safety

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious hospitals in the United States. The medical center ranked in the top five in U.S. News and World Report’s 2012-2013 national Best Hospitals ranking, but more recently one healthcare quality rating group gave UCLA an F in patient safety.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for November 28, 2012

Should kids with cancer use medical marijuana?

In the wake of this month's elections, there are now 18 states which allow the medical use of marijuana. As acceptance of medical marijuana grows, so have questions about its use by young people.
Mexico Beauty Queen Killed

20-year-old Mexican beauty queen killed in drug cartel shoot out

A 20-year-old beauty queen was killed in Sinaloa, Mexico this past weekend in a gun battle between suspected drug traffickers and the military. Authorities say Maria Susana Flores Gamez was used as a human shield in the face off.
Frank Olson

Lawsuit planned for 1953 death of man CIA drugged with LSD

We turn now to another story about the CIA, one that has become part of popular lore: the curious death of U.S. Army biological warfare specialist, Frank Olson.It sounds like the stuff of "X-Files" or the "Manchurian Candidate," a government scientist working on bio weapons during the height of the Cold War.
US United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice Speaks To The Press After Meeting On Syria

Susan Rice still facing criticism for Benghazi comments

UN Ambassador Susan Rice and potential next Secretary of State is back on Capitol Hill today, meeting with senators. She's been trying to mollify criticism over statements she made after the September 11 attack on the U.
Learn Something New Every Day
In her new book, "Learn Something New Every Day: 365 Facts to Fulfill Your Life," NPR librarian Kee Malesky enlightens readers on 365 little-known facts.
NBC, Comcast CEO'S Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

Is NBCUniversal's Jeff Zucker a good choice to lead CNN?

And now some news from the world of news... There's buzz that Jeff Zucker, the former head of NBC Universal, will be taking the reins at CNN. Earlier this year, Jim Walton said he'd be stepping down as head of the struggling cable news network.
In Israel, women have already served in combat positions in the Israeli Defence forces for 20 years. Women make up 33 percent of the military, and just last year they appointed Brig.
(FILES) Photo dated 13 June 2003 a femal

Lawsuit takes on US military's women in combat policy

The ACLU of Northern California has filed a lawsuit on behalf of four female service members who say that the Department of Defense's policy has hampered their ability to get the same kinds of promotions that their male counterparts receive.
Rap Brain
A new study reveals what's going on under the hood (i.e. in the brain) when a rapper busts out a freestyle rap on the fly.
Global Warming Activists Demonstrate In High Tide Flooding Area

Sea levels rising quicker than initially thought

In a new climate study, researchers have suggested that sea levels are rising far faster than previously thought. We speak to Coral Davenport, Energy and Environment Correspondent for National Journal
peanut butter

Salmonella outbreak may cause shortage in organic peanut butter

If you've had the munchies lately, you may have noticed that some of your favorite organic peanut butters are still missing from the grocery store. As it turns out, that could very well be the case for months to come.

Middle East update: Car bombs in Syria, Morsi protest and more

The situation throughout the Middle East continues to escalate. In Syria, twin suicide car bombs ripped through a suburb of Damascus today killing at least 34 people. In Egypt, two of the highest appeals court suspended their work today in protest of President Mohammed Morsi's power grab.

Still waiting for nuclear fusion at Livermore's National Ignition Facility

The National Ignition Facility in Livermore is a $5 billion, taxpayer-funded super laser project. It's been hailed as the ultimate in revolutionary science and dismissed as the mother of all boondoggles.


Vahan, Ara, and Khechig Manoogian with Huell Howser, c1990.

Kevin Roderick on Huell Howser's retirement

Kevin Roderick remembers back more than twenty years, when Huell Howser came West as a general assignment reporter for Channel 2, and then found his niche on KCET doing the long-form visits he became famous for.

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