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Supreme Court hears arguments in LA River case

Rainwater from 84 local cities flows into the L.A. and San Gabriel rivers, but the cleanup onus falls on the L.A. County Flood Control District.
Tea Party Express Holds Demonstration In Albany

For Florida's Tea Party activist, health care battle goes on

In Florida, where Republicans led the legal battle against Obamacare, there's now recognition that the state must comply with the law. Tea Party activists disagree.
California Gas Prices Fall 9.6 Cents In One Week

AAA calls to suspend sale of new ethanol fuel

AAA says uninformed drivers could use E15 and accidentally damage their vehicles. Ethanol producers and renewable fuels lobbyist say that's nonsense.

A Polio outbreak in Pakistan reveals gaps in vaccination

Gaps in vaccination campaigns have been exposed by the appearance of a weakened strain of the virus that has mutated and infected unvaccinated people.

Kabul's roads, paved with good intentions

Afghanistan's capital is notorious for rough, unpaved streets. A massive construction project to fix these roads has brought traffic, and frustration.
Port of Los Angeles Strike
Federal mediators will try to negotiate a deal to end the clerical workers strike that's idled the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Manhattan Project sites part of proposed park

Congress is considering whether to turn three top-secret sites involved with creating the atomic bomb into one of the country's most unusual national parks.
Hollywood Sign

Update: Time-lapse video of the Hollywood Sign's $175k facelift

It took more than two months for crews to completely strip and repaint the sign. We have details about the sign's new look and three fun facts about the makeover.
Mayor Cory Booker

Living on food stamps: Newark Mayor Booker starts challenge

The Democratic politician has taken up a challenge to live on $30 worth of food for a week. It's part of a campaign to raise awareness about the struggles of low-income Americans.
Same Sex Marriage Advocates Rally At San Francisco Court Hearing
US District Court Judge William Shubb ruled that the First Amendment rights of psychiatrists eclipsed concerns of danger to young people. Another judge has issued a conflicting ruling.
Captured Drone

US disputes Iran's claim to have captured drone

Iran has released video of what it says is a drone launched from a US ship and captured in Iranian airspace. The US Navy says all drones are "fully accounted for."

Obama changes tack with Congressional Republicans

President Obama won re-election four weeks ago, and he's trying out a new leadership style which has him taking a different approach to Congress.

Xolos, Mexico's soccer champion, brings joy to Tijuana/San Diego

Xolos – pronounced "cholo" – are named after a hairless dog, not the better known East LA Hispanic lowrider. They are Tijuana's soccer team and are now the Mexican League champions.

Santa Monica nativity scene moving to private land (Map)

The litigated display of 14 life-sized figures depicting the birth of Jesus Christ opens Sunday. The atheist group opposing the display praised the decision.


Port of Los Angeles Strike
LA Mayor Villaraigosa announced Tuesday night that union officials have agreed to put an end to the week-old strike that has crippled the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
All Saints Church has received dozens of e-mails denouncing its decision to host a conference by the Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Mercer 20547

LA Democrat Maxine Waters snags key committee post

The longtime Congresswoman has been unanimously elected top Democrat on the powerful House Financial Services Committee.
BET Comedy Icon Awards - Show
Katt Williams had planned to announce his retirement in L.A., but a Seattle reporter caught up to him and got him to spill the beans early: Williams is retiring.

4 suspects arrested in Las Vegas tied to Northridge shootings

One person, Ka Pasasouk, 31, of Los Angeles was arrested on suspicion of murder. The other three were taken into custody on suspicion of aiding a felon.

SANDAG plan fails on California's climate policy, says court

Judge Timothy B. Taylor’s ruling is the first time a court has weighed in on California’s controversial requirement that planners spell out ways to cut greenhouse gases.
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Unclaimed ashes of 1,656 people to be buried in mass grave

Los Angeles County will bury the unclaimed cremated remains of 1,656 people in a mass grave at the L.A. County Crematory and Cemetery in Boyle Heights on Wednesday.
Men's Central Jail
Kamala Harris says local law enforcement agencies have a choice as to whether to place immigration holds on individuals at the request of federal agents.
Approaching Mars
Mars is ours for the forseeable future, NASA announced Tuesday with plans for a multi-year program that includes a 2020 launch date for a new robotic science rover.
Opportunity — the solar-powered six-wheeler that landed on Mars in 2004 — has uncovered hints of clay minerals along the western rim of the massive Endeavour crater.
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Assemblyman Feuer recovering in intensive care after crash

New details emerge about the car crash that landed the Los Angeles politician in the hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.
Chief Brian Cummings argued that budget cuts have affected the department's performance. Adding to his woes: a video of a woman frolicking at a Venice firehouse.
Scripps researchers say climate change will bring warmer temperatures and increased flooding to southern Sierra Nevada by 2100, affecting California's water supply.
LAPD Takes Over Security At Dodgers Games After Attack On Giants Fan
Let the contest begin! The DeBord Report will name its first L.A. Businessperson of the Year this week. And the contestants couldn't be more different!
George Lucas Poses With A Group Of "Star Wars" Inspired Disney Characters At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney-Lucasfilm: Now it's a $4 billion done deal

The U.S. government gives its approval to the Mighty Mouse's acquisition of "Star Wars," paving the way for an upcoming seventh episode.

New details in alleged murder by LA sheriff's deputy

An autopsy report describes the death of a man allegedly shot by an off-duty LA County sheriff's deputy as a drive-by shooting.
W. Kamau Bell
An interview with W. Kamau Bell, star of FX's "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell," he performs at The Largo on Friday, December 7.

LAPD to release more info on Northridge quadruple shooting

LAPD officials are keeping a tight lid on the shootings, which took place at an illegal boarding home early Sunday morning.
Port of Los Angeles Strike
LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said: "The parties need a mediator. They need someone to get us back to work. There are almost (20,000 people) impacted by this."
George W. Bush urges 'benevolent' immigration reform debate - The Hill During a speech in Dallas, the Republican former U.S. president urged comprehensive immigration reform, saying there should be 'a benevolent spirit' to the debate.
Jackie Lacey

Maven's Morning Coffee: Jackie Lacey is new DA

Today is Tuesday, Dec. 4 and headlines include Jackie Lacey as the new district attorney, a big endorsement for Eric Garcetti, and Mike Feuer in the hospital.
LA Port Strike
The White House press secretary says the president is closely monitoring the situation and is urging both sides to quickly reach agreement.
LA Streetcar
The line would run on a four-mile Broadway-to-Figueroa loop, stopping at Disney Hall and Staples Center. The tax should raise $62.5 million – about half the cost.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: Why Cirque du Soleil didn't work in Los Angeles

Why Cirque du Soleil didn't work in Los Angeles

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter explains why Cirque turned out to be a flop in LA.Steve Julian: We mentioned yesterday that Cirque du Soleil is closing "Iris" at the Dolby Theatre in January.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Holy Jumping Robots!

Holy Jumping Robots!

This one'll float your boat.


Episode: AirTalk for December 4, 2012
Gender Identity Debate

APA makes significant updates to new diagnosis manual

The American Psychiatric Association has released approved changes to be published in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Among the most significant modifications to the new edition is the reclassification of the diagnosis for transgender and gender-variant individuals from “Gender Identity Disorder” to the less-stigmatizing “Gender Dysphoria.”
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Does off-label drug marketing qualify as free speech?

Who should decide what a drug is for: the manufacturer, or the government? Have you ever taken a prescription drug for an off-label purpose?
LA Port Strike
Is it fair and reasonable for the unions to shut down one of the country’s busiest ports in an effort to gain leverage? How damaging is such a strike to the U.S. economy?
How to Create a Mind

Reverse engineering the human brain with futurist Ray Kurzweil

How will future technology help or hurt humankind? What ways can artificial intelligence improve our lives?
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Who's responsible for L.A.'s stormwater pollution?

L.A.’s water comes from nine watersheds, flowing through miles of interconnected pipes, channels and drains to the ocean.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for December 4, 2012

'Gay conversion' therapy rulings conflict in district courts

A federal ruled the First Amendment rights of psychiatrists eclipsed concerns of danger to young people. Another judge issued a conflicting ruling. An appeals court will likely sort it out.
Syria Deeply

Journalist Lara Setrakian's quest to cover 'Syria Deeply'

The civil war in Syria has consumed reporter Lara Setrakian. Until a few months ago, She was living in Dubai, and reporting on the Middle East for ABC News.
Syria Aleppo
In Syria, fighting between the rebels and pro-Assad forces has intensified all over the capital of Damascus. And there are more signs the Syrian regime of President Bahsar al-Assad has its back against the wall.
Twas The Night Before Hanukkah
The new two-CD collection compiles eclectic songs about the Festival of Lights and Christmas songs, written and sung by Jewish performers.

Immigrants, minorities especially vulnerable to bankruptcy scams

California court workers are concerned about a new kind of financial scam that takes advantage of people's mortgage troubles. Ruxandra Guidi reports that immigrants, Latinos and African Americans are especially vulnerable.
Richard Land

Conservative activists meet in DC to talk immigration reform

Today more than 250 conservative activists are meeting in Washington, D.C. for a bipartisan national strategy session held by the National Immigration Forum.
immortal jellyfish
Pat Krug, a marine biologist at Cal State L.A. joins the show to explain more about how the jellyfish cheats death and whether or not it could prove the key to life ever after.
Young people wait in line to enter the o

Why momentum for deferred action has slowed since September

Think back to August: the weather was hot, the presidential race was in full swing and the Obama Administration rolled out something called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.The program offers temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country before their 16th birthday.
Traffic may be easing thanks to the new toll lanes on the 110 freeway, but drivers are still confused by how the lanes work. Josie Huang reports

Need to hitch a ride? There's an app for that

Smartphone applications designed for drivers, ride-sharers, and taxi seekers are starting to come into their own, but they're creating a lot of controversy.Here to tell us about this fairly new class of transportation apps is Samatha Murphy, a tech writer for Mashable.

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