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Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics

Angels reportedly sign Josh Hamilton to $125 million deal

Multiple outlets are reporting the Angels have landed the biggest prize of the offseason, signing slugger Josh Hamilton to a 5-year contract.
Boy Scouts
A California appellate court has upheld an order for the Boy Scouts of America to surrender confidential files on alleged child sex abuse.

Rice's decision may set up musical chairs in senate

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice's withdrawal of her name from secretary of state consideration may have repercussions on Capitol Hill and in Massachusetts.

Lady Liberty's sea-washed gates closed indefinitely

Hurricane Sandy flooding destroyed much of Ellis Island's infrastructure, and the Statue of Liberty National Monument is closed indefinitely.

HSBC critic: Too big to indict may mean too big to exist

The accusations against HSBC were harsh, so why did the federal authorities fine HSBC rather than pursue any criminal charges?
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David Geffen funds 33 scholarships to UCLA Medical School

David Geffen's name is already on UCLA's Medical School. Now, he's paying for 33 full-ride scholarships with a $100 million fund.
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We're living longer, but not all that healthier

Life expectancy has ticked up. But people aren't in the best of health during those extra years. Chronic problems, like depression and pain, are on the rise.
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Storm brings snow to Southern California ski resorts

The ski area opened earlier than usual this season, but closed about a week and a half later because it got too warm to sustain man-made snow.
A boy wearing a traditional Oaxcan costu

Census Bureau releases data on indigenous Latin American groups

The US Census is starting to track indigenous Hispanic populations more closely. For many, identity rests on their indigenous heritage, not where they are from.
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'Calm Act' to quiet down ads, so what's next for Congress?

Congress isn't sitting around quietly while commercials get louder. Now, it's illegal for commercials to be louder than programming. But why stop there? Here are some ideas.
Piles of cash

How the rich feel about paying more taxes

Many earning more than $250,000 a year say they can afford to pay higher taxes. But they don't necessarily like the idea, especially when made to feel like skinflints.
House Members-Elect Pose For Group Photo At The U.S. Capitol

POLL: Majority of public sides with Democrats on 'fiscal cliff'

Of those surveyed, 55 percent said President Obama is making a "serious effort" to work with Republicans. Just 32 percent said the same about Republicans.
Best-drama contenders like Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," Ben Affleck's "Argo" and Quentin Tarantino "Django Unchained" scored at least five nominations.
Lab Cleanup
Investigators found concentrations of radioactivity in soil near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, a former rocket test lab in Simi Valley.
Maribel de la Torre
A judge dismissed the charges after Maribel De La Torre's ex-lover and former fellow councilman failed to show up in court to testify against her.
2012 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2
The money covers tuition, housing and other expenses so incoming students finish school without a huge debt. A UCLA medical school education runs about $300,000.
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The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell sharply for a fourth straight week, a sign that the job market may be improving.

Santa Ana group seeks volunteers to help with 'motel kids' party

Grandma's House of Hope is looking for volunteers to help with cooking, crowd control, and wrapping presents for a party it's throwing for "motel children."
Disney Santa
Caution: This post contains Santa spoiler alerts.
At 7.1 percent, Orange County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in California. Lots of employers are hiring, including Disneyland.


LA Sheriff's jailer arrested for allegedly assaulting inmates

Los Angeles County sheriff’s jailer Jermaine Jackson was arrested Thursday afternoon for allegedly assaulting inmates and falsifying the subsequent police reports.
Annual Geminid Meteor Shower

How to shoot great photos of the Geminid meteor shower

We have some expert photography advice for trying to capture the Geminid meteor shower. It peaks Thursday night, Dec. 13 and can also be seen Friday, Dec. 14.
People don’t watch ads on TV anymore, but a hell of a lot of them watched creative ads on YouTube — the most watched ad of the year netted almost 21 million views.

Quieter TV commercials law goes into effect

Several members of Congress say that at town halls, complaints about blaring TV ads were as common as concerns about Social Security.
One man's "driving rock" is another man's "fresh hell." Here are a few reactions to the musical melange. What did you think of the performance?
A new state bill seeks to provide California benefits such as unemployment insurance to young immigrants approved for temporary legal status.
Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera's family identifies her remains

The remains of Mexican-American music star Jenni Rivera were headed back to the United States after being identified by her family, state officials said Thursday.
Economy, lower birth rates and fewer people moving in keeps state population growth below one percent.
The mission impact of NASA's "Ebb" and "Flow" spacecraft will be met with a literal impact when the twin space probes crash into the moon next week.
Councilman Huizar

Ethics Commission fines Jose Huizar for campaign missteps

José Huizar was fined $10,500 for exceeding contribution caps. The councilman's attorney says he relied on staff to catch mistakes.
Layout 1

A holiday tradition: Loretta Sanchez's Christmas card

The Anaheim Congresswoman has irked some people in years past with her playful images; this year she goes with a fiscal cliff theme.
Los Angeles City Hall

Downtown business group endorses LA City Council candidates

Two incumbents and five other candidates were endorsed by the downtown pro-business group. The primary for the council is set for March.
Young Immigrants Apply For Obama Administration's Temporary Deportation Reprieve
New policy for young immigrants creates paperwork deluge - NPR The federal deferred action program, which kicked off in August, requires applicants seeking temporary legal status to document five consecutive years in the country.
Jerry Brown Attends Rally In Support Of Proposition 30

Maven's Morning Coffee: Jerry Brown gets cancer treatment

Today is Thursday, Dec. 13 and headlines include Gov. Brown's cancer treatments, a new behavioral test at animal shelters, and marriages performed by volunteers.
LA Weather
Moisture remains in the forecast Thursday, though the bulk of the storm has moved out of Southern California. It's expected to clear out by Friday.
Community College Chancellor
California Competes, a group of business owners and elected officials, said professors are slowing the pace of reform at California’s 112 community colleges.
The elusive, exclusive McRib McReturns to McDonald's on Dec. 17. Let's review what we know, look at options, cover the basics, take a poll, and looks at photos.
Post CSUF -2
The university tweeted: "All buildings are now clear and occupants are free to leave" just before midnight. Three of the five suspects police were searching for are in custody.
Two states have all the top 10 cities with more than 200,000 residents when it comes to home foreclosures, but California is doing better.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Social Animals

Social Animals

Something to crow about.


Episode: AirTalk for December 13, 2012
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Walking while texting could be dangerous to your health

Have you found yourself narrowly avoiding an accident because of your device? Should there be a law against texting and walking?
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics

Angels reportedly make blockbuster deal for Josh Hamilton

Baseball star Josh Hamilton has reportedly reached a deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to become their new outfielder.
Classes at California State University, Fullerton resumed today after police locked down the school for eight hours as they searched the campus for an armed-robbery suspect thought to have hidden there.
Could Christie’s weight limit his ability to effectively do the job? Even if his health wasn’t an issue, could Christie’s weight affect his electability?
Lee is the latest in a long line of African-American women who have faced commentary about their natural hairstyles. What is the best way to respond to this kind of commentary?
Mercer 12696
House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) voiced her opposition to a Republican proposal for avoiding the fiscal cliff by raising the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 67.
The Imperial Valley
In what he said was “a call to action,” the US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar yesterday issued the unhappy results of a study looking at water sustainability in the Western United States.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for December 13, 2012
School Bonds - 1

School building boom: Are districts facing a bond debt problem? (Photos)

To finance new facilities, California schools are taking on billions of dollars in debt using financing tools that some state officials say should be banned, but schools argue it’s a good deal.
Urban Air
We have an update to a previous story we reported about the Kickstarter campaign for Urban Air, sculpture artist Stephen Glassman's effort to replace a billboard in Los Angeles with a bamboo garden.
Any Day Now Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming on gay marriage, photography and 'Any Day Now'

Fans of the actor Alan Cumming can now see him in two very political roles.

Can your deleted tweets be used against you in court?

Last year an Occupy Wall Street protestor named Malcolm Harris was arrested for unruly conduct during a march in New York City. Harris claims he did nothing wrong, prosecutors say his tweets tell a different story.
Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced it will now tie interest rates to the unemployment rate. Under something called the "Evans Rule," interest rates will remain as they are until unemployment goes below 6.

OC has one of the lowest unemployment rates in state

At 7.1 percent, Orange County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in California. Lots of employers are hiring, including Disneyland.
National Finals Rodeo
Trevor Brazile broke a world record this week at the National Finals Rodeo when he won his 10th all-around gold buckle.
It's December and by now, kids headed for college — and their parents — have filled out countless admissions forms. Applications for financial aid mean gathering lots of information, like transcripts, essays.
In this courtroom drawing reviewed and a

CIA treatment of 9/11 suspects to be kept secret in court

New movement in the prosecution of alleged 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-conspirators. Yesterday, the judge in the case said details about the harsh interrogation techniques used on the men will not be disclosed in court.
Believe it or not, MySpace is gearing up for its third relaunch since its beginning in 2003. Before the days of Facebook, MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the world and throughout that time grew a significant popularity among musicians and bands looking to get noticed.
The Imperial Valley
Yesterday, the federal government released the results of a three-year study on the Colorado River, a water source critical to Nevada, California and elsewhere.The picture it paints is grim: demand is growing and supply is dwindling, and within 50 years the situation will be unsustainable.
The New Republic

The effects and consequences of older parenthood

Birth rates in the U.S. have been falling in the midst of the recession, except among one demographic: People over 40.There is much to be said for starting a family at an older age, parents are more likely to be financially and emotionally prepared to have kids.
What do actor Don Cheadle, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Pastor Rick Warren have in common? They are just the California contigent of a long line of American lunimaries who have made pilgrimages to visit Rwandan President Paul Kagame.


Help LADOT make your neighborhood more walking friendly

Earlier this year LADOT launched a pedestrian traffic division. They chose a public health official to lead, but what do transit and health have in common?

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