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Investors, retailers shy away from guns; will it last?

There's nothing like a broad-scale consumer boycott, but companies are responding proactively to rapidly shifting attitudes about guns.

MAP: You showed us where the dangerous intersections are in LA

Los Angeles city officials launched an effort to give 53 intersections a makeover Monday, but are they in the right places? We checked against our user-submitted map of dangerous intersections.

Obama finding gun control voice

If President Obama takes the lead in a movement for more effective gun control it would mark a significant break from his pattern so far as chief executive.
Sonia Hermosillo's attorney says a lack of evidence was presented at the preliminary hearing; otherwise, her client will plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus Gets Teaching Position at USC

Feds: No 'cyberstalking' charges for woman in Petraeus affair

Paula Broadwell, whose affair with David Petraeus led him to resign as CIA director, will not face federal charges in the alleged cyberstalking of another woman.
Bald eagle
Four bald eagles have been spotted near Southern California lakes in the season's first bird count.
San Onofre Nuclear Plant
A Japanese company that manufactured the troubled steam generators at the San Onofre plant might be looking for fixes with the wrong test equipment, federal regulators disclosed.

Are politicians near a deal on the 'fiscal cliff'?

Signs are pointing to an agreement to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. Of course, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have been close before.
Army Secretary McHugh Testifies At Senate Appropriations Committee On Army Budget

Sen. Daniel Inouye, A War Hero Who Broke Barriers, Dies At 88

Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye, the Senate's senior member, received the Medal of Honor for service in World War II. Inouye died Monday from a respiratory ailment.
Sandy Hook Elementary School

In 'numb' Newtown, students go back to school after shootings

Sandy Hook Elementary's students will attend classes in other buildings. Meanwhile, the investigation into the attack that killed 20 children and six adults continues.

Volunteer to help 'SPARK' a young apprentice's focus

SPARK program offers apprenticeships to Middle School students so they understand why they're learning what they're learning. In Los Angeles, SPARK needs volunteers.


Strong winds cause power outages for over 10,000 in greater LA

Several significant power outages have been caused Tuesday, Dec. 18 by strong winds. These include 2,700 without power in Monrovia and 7,800 in Torrance.
A student on his way to school walks pas

LAUSD must pay about $7 million in teacher molestation case

A 14-year-old former LA Unified student was awarded $23 million in damages Tuesday for sexual misconduct he endured at the hands of his elementary school teacher.
Controller says the City of L.A. regularly overpays mileage reimbursements to employees who use their own cars.
Los Angeles
You'd think that an improving economy, in the U.S. and the Golden State, would generate a greater need for white collar workspace. But you'd be mistaken.
Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Police arrest pre-teen for police celebrity hoax calls

Police have arrested a pre-teen they say is responsible for making prank calls that reported violence at the homes of Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher, leading officers there.
Senate Impeachment Committee Begins Hearing For District Judge Porteous

House passes Rep. Adam Schiff's DNA bill

California Congressman's bill sends resources to many states that don't currently collect DNA from felony suspects.

LADWP ordered to pay regulators' legal expenses for Owens Lake

The decision in Kern County Superior Court keeps DWP on the hook for another $1 million – chump change compared to what the DWP says it's spending on dust controls.
Replacing broken down patrol cars and installing systemwide dashboard cameras are at the top of LAPD's budgetary wish list in the next fiscal year.
ugly sweater
Stand Up To Cancer's "Ugly Sweater Holiday Campaign" lets fashion offenders turn their display of disastrous garb into money for cancer research.

Welcome back, otter! A boon to SoCal's kelp health

Otters are good for kelp forests. And kelp forests are home to hundreds of species valuable to a biologically diverse coastal ecosystem.
YouTube produced a video mashing up the two big YouTube smash hit songs of the year with YouTube icons like Annoying Orange and Felicia Day.
Election season might be over, but that doesn't mean Comedy Congress is too. From the Petraeus love pentagon to fiscal cliff worries, join Patt Morrison and her guests to laugh at the madness of it all — the truth hurts far less when it's told by comedians. Our motto on Comedy Congress is that just when politics makes you want to cry, it's usually best to laugh.
Hydraulic Fracturing
After decades of oil drilling, California has released draft regulations for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Read the nine-page proposal.

Green groups still skeptical of LA's regional stormwater rules

Since we’re under a beach advisory until at least Thursday, it's worth explaining a little more about ongoing objections to regional regulators' stormwater rules.
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
A jury has returned a $17.3 million verdict against L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a lawsuit by a woman who lost her belongings in a fire at an apartment he owns.
Mercer 10789

Map: Light rail stations proposed for LAX passengers

Airport commissioners were briefed on four potential sites for a rail line that would connect travelers directly to Los Angeles International Airport and Metro Rail.
California State Teachers Retirement System
Big state pension funds have painted themselves into a corner when it comes to their investment return targets, and that's meant riskier strategies.
Federal-state tug of war: Drawing the lines in immigration overhaul - NPR State immigration laws enacted recently stand in contrast with talk of an immigration overhaul at the federal level, back on the national agenda after the November election.
Mourners Erect Memorial For Singer Jenni Rivera After Fatal Plane Crash
Instead of flowers, relatives ask that a single white rose and donations be given to the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. The crash investigation continues.
San Juan Capistrano Mayor John Taylor
The spokesman said the attackers ran away after his wife shouted that the mayor was being attacked. The mayor was treated for cuts and bruises to his head.
twitter bird

Maven's Morning Coffee: political campaigns get social

Today is Tuesday, Dec. 18 and headlines include more money for the Children's Museum, political campaigns and social media, and the future of Howard Berman.
Southern California Rain

Rain slows Southland traffic, makes for soggy commute

Snow showers are forecast for the Grapevine area, along with a high-wind advisory, especially in the Southern California mountains.
Joe Green, president and co-founder of NationBuilder
When you "like" a politician's page, strategists match your Facebook persona or Twitter name to your actual voter registration record.
Why wait? We have a syndrome, a patient, a donor, and a transplant center. So, James’ kidney transplant is scheduled for Friday, and the Rabe family would consider your thoughts and prayers the best Christmas gift of all.


Business Update with Mark Lacter

Episode: Housing construction bounces back in Los Angeles

Housing construction bounces back in Los Angeles

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says housing development is rebounding in the Southland.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Bat Cave

Bat Cave

A safe place to hang out.


Episode: AirTalk for December 18, 2012

Shared housing at risk in Los Angeles County

Last week, the Los Angeles Public Safety Committee unanimously passed the Community Care Facilities Ordinance. The proposal, put forth by L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander (District 12, San Fernando Valley) would severely limit or outright eliminate shared housing in certain areas of Los Angeles.
Boehner And House GOP Leadership Address The Press After Conference Meetings
As Americans prepare to put 2012 behind them and ring in the new year, one big, dark, looming, uncertainty still remains on the horizon… the fiscal cliff.
Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars

UPDATED: Does Instagram plan to sell your photos for ads?

How awkward is it going to be when a company uses one of your Instagram photos to advertise to you on Facebook?
Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting
In the days since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults, media outlets have given the story nearly wall-to-wall coverage. However, not all media coverage is created equal. Early on, there were mistakes in the reports which misidentified the shooter and incorrectly painted his mother as a teacher at the elementary school.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for December 18, 2012
UPDATE: In response to public concents, Instagram has released a statement clearing up confusion about their new policy. Read the statement here.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

LA pro-sports team rivalries heat up over pursuit of best players

We look at the rivalries between the Lakers and the Clippers, and the Dodgers and the Angels, and which team is going after the best talent.
2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Day 1

New Music Tuesday: The best songs of 2012

NPR music critic Ann Powers and Oliver Wang from look back at the best in pop, R&B and hip hop in the year that was.
There's been a lot of hand-wringing about how companies mine the personal information of social media users to deliver targeted advertising. That strategy is now increasingly being used by political campaigns.

Venice becomes Silicon Beach as tech companies move in

When it comes to bang for the buck, high tech is a great way to jump start your local economy, according to a recent report from a UC Berkeley economist. That could be good news for Los Angeles, where Google is recruiting with the phrase, "Who needs Silicon Valley when you can have Silicon Beach?" The company opened an office in Venice Beach last year, leading a wave of tech and media companies setting up shop there.
California Capitol generic

Many new faces in Sacramento when legislature reconvenes

When the state legislature returns from holiday break next month, it will mark the start of a new era shaped by voter approved reforms and dozens of brand new members. The California Report's Scott Shafer spoke with some members of the freshmen class.
Sandy Hook Elementary School

Will the Sandy Hook shooting result in actual policy change?

In Newtown, Conn., students in schools other than Sandy Hook return to class for the first time since last Friday's tragic shootings. Meanwhile funerals for those slain in the massacre continue today.
Bushmaster rifle

Private equity firm drops investment in Bushmaster gun maker

In rapid response to criticism, a large private equity firm says it's selling its holdings in the company that makes the rifle used in Friday's Sandy Hook School shooting.Cerberus Capital Management Group says it will sell its stake in Freedom Group, a conglomerate of gun companies that includes brands such as Remington and Bushmaster.
Russian Orphans - 1

PHOTOS: Russian officials may ban US adoptions

Tomorrow, the Russian Parliament will consider a bill that would ban Americans from adopting Russian children.
Original Batman
Our favorite children's librarian Mara Alpert joins the show to recommend her favorite children's books for the holidays.

Medical companies mining social media to track illnesses

Medical companies are researching ways to mine the tweets and Facebook posts you make about your health and to track outbreaks, analyze drug side-effects, and more.

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