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Army Secretary McHugh Testifies At Senate Appropriations Committee On Army Budget
More than 1,000 people attended a memorial Sunday for Inouye at Honolulu's National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

When there's a baby between you and the glass ceiling

Family or career — it's a dilemma that many working mothers face. Though women outnumber men in the workforce, the gender gap at the top is still wide. How much of that is by choice?

Hitler's hot in India

Indians have a growing affinity for the murderous dictator, and the connections between him and the subcontinent may explain why.

Nativity collector dreams of mangers and museums

When Margo Dixon retired two years ago, she moved to Bethlehem, Pa. with 1,450 sets of Nativity scenes and hopes of opening a museum.
Christmas toy give-away

Los Angeles Men's Central Jail gives away 400 toys to kids

The inaugural year for the toy giveaway brightens the season for children who visit loved ones at the jail. Deputies let each child choose two toys.
Eastern Oregon is known more for ranching than abstract sculpture, but some residents are venturing into the world of fine art.

Syrian airstrikes hit bakery: 'Piles of bodies'

Syrian activists are reporting that a government airstrike has killed tens of people at a bakery near the central city of Hama.
Egypt vote

Morsi wins and loses after Egypt passes draft constitution

Critics say the document neglects human rights and reform, while expanding the role of Islam in the document.

Forget fracking: 2012 was a powerful year for renewables

The boom in fossil fuels hasn't undermined the growth of renewable energy sources. Tax incentives boosted the wind and solar industries this year, but 2013 might blow for wind.

Audits of businesses for illegal immigrants rising

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement reached its highest number yet of companies audited for illegal immigrants on their payrolls this past fiscal year.
Modeled on more traditional Scouting groups, kids and their parents in 'hacker scout' groups meet in tool-filled "hacker spaces" to build electronics and get creative.


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