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Pedestrian killed by commuter train in northern LA

Authorities say a pedestrian has been hit and killed by a commuter train in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.

California missions undergo upgrades to resist quakes

Conversion these days at the state's Spanish missions isn't only about religion; it's also about seismic retrofitting.
California Governor Davis Signs Bill Allowing Driver Licenses For Illegal Aliens

New immigration battle: Driver's licenses

Iowa is the latest state to challenge Obama's immigration policy by denying driver's licenses to young illegal immigrants who receive a temporary reprieve from deportation.

Persecuted Muslims hold annual convention in Chino

Around 2,000 members of a little-known Muslim minority group plan to meet in Chino this weekend for its annual convention
Los Angeles To Allow Homeless To Sleep On Sidewalks

Homeless violence more common in Calif. than other states

Over the past two weeks in L.A. County, two different homeless people have been set on fire while they slept. But how common is violence against the homeless?
Mochi Making - 1

Celebrating the New Year with mochi

Japanese Americans gathered at the Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple on Friday to continue the tradition of making mochi in celebration of the New Year.
Pasadena fatal police pursuit
The two are accused of being in a SUV that sped away and slammed into a van filled with five people. If convicted, the alleged gang members each face a sentence of life in prison.

Out of desperation, North Korean women become breadwinners

In North Korea, profound social change is happening. The pressure of national ideology has forced women to become the primary breadwinners in many households
A container ship at the Port of Los Angeles

Port strike averted as dock workers, operators keep talking

A federal mediator says the International Longshoremen's Assoc. and port operators have agreed in principle on key issues and will extend negotiations by 30 days.
A group of orphan children from Russia and Khazakh

US families stunned by Russia's ban on adoptions

About 1,500 American families are in the process of adopting from Russia. About 50 have already been matched with a child. Now, their plans are in limbo.
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

Remembering Gen. Schwarzkopf a 'military hero of his generation'

The general who led coalition forces during the 1991 Gulf War "removed the scar of Vietnam" from officers who served in that war, says retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales Jr.
Paychecks will shrink and Californians will shell out more money to the federal government next year if lawmakers are unable to renew certain tax cuts.
Mercer 15227
A measure of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes increased last month to its highest level in two and a half years, the latest sign of improvement in the once-battered housing market.
The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been shut down for 11 months. Regulators plan to meet with Friends of the Earth in January to talk about licensing issues.
About 400 people from around Los Angeles County honored a Pasadena youth mentor and LA County Sheriff's employee shot and killed in front of his home Christmas Day.
Newport Beach gasoline prices
The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Southern California has dropped in most Southland counties Friday. In Los Angeles County, the average price is $3.58, its lowest amount since Dec. 27, 2011.
Rose Parade
Going to the Rose Parade? We have everything you need to know: How to get there, where to park, how to camp out, what to bring, what NOT to bring, where to eat and more.
Champagne toast
Doctors say that limiting alcohol consumption on New Year's Eve is key to staving off Holiday Heart Syndrome, which can lead to atrial fibrillation.

Dispute could idle major US cargo ports

Commerce could be brought to a near standstill at major ports from Boston to Houston if the strike takes place on Sunday, potentially delivering a big blow to retailers and manufacturers still struggling to find their footing in a weak economy.


Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) takes to Senate floor

Feinstein offers petition to ban assault weapons

The U.S. Senator from California wants to strengthen a now-expired version of the law and is counting on a show of public support.
"The Searchers" - A Special 50th Anniversary Screening
Harry Carey Jr., a character actor who starred in such Westerns as "3 Godfathers" and "Wagon Master," has died in California at the age of 91.
TreePeople concentrates on restoring the areas of Southern California that need the most greening. They plant, restore and care for trees and plants.

2 killed, 2 injured in Riverside bus bench crash

Police say two people have been killed and two others severely injured when a car plowed into a bus bench in the Southern California city of Riverside.
The ban raises unanswered questions, including whether adoptions already in progress can proceed. An international adoptions specialist provides the basics.
Mercer 10356

Fiscal cliff guidelines for federal workers

If Congress can't avoid going over the fiscal cliff, what does that mean for 150,000 federal employees in California?
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Eight U.S. sailors who served on a humanitarian mission to Japan in the wake of the tsunami-triggered Fukushima nuclear reactor crisis are suing the utility that operates the power plant.
Statistics from the National Interagency Fire Center show more than 9.2 million acres have been charred by wildfire so far this year.
russia adoption ban
Magnitsky case: Putin signs Russian ban in US adoptions - BBC Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a bill banning Russian adoptions to the U.S. Russia is one of the top three foreign countries from which U.

Maven's Morning Coffee: fraud in Assessor's Office

Today is Friday, Dec. 28 and headlines include alleged fraud in the Assessor's Office, a drop in crime, and Rep. Jerry Lewis' departure from DC.
Authorities say the man and three others stormed into a combination pawn shop and jewelry store Dec. 13 in the Moreno Valley. A clerk was shot during the robbery.
Jerry Lewis

US Rep. Jerry Lewis bids farewell to Congress

The veteran lawmaker is proud of his accomplishments, but laments that Congress has moved progressively down a pathway towards partisan confrontation.
People celebrate New Year as fireworks i
Ready to usher in 2013? If you’re sick of sitting around your home or hunting for a house party, here are some of the big New Year’s Eve happenings around LA.



Episode: FilmWeek (12/28/12): Promised Land, Parental Guidance, and more
Guest host David Lazarus is joined by KPCC film critics Henry Sheehan from and Lael Loewenstein from Variety to review the week’s new film releases including Promised Land, Parental Guidance and more. Plus, the critics and David look back at the films of 2012 to highlight the best overlooked films of the year. TGI-FilmWeek!

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Harmonious Eating

Harmonious Eating

Why we like a little yin with our yang.


Episode: AirTalk for December 28, 2012

115-year-old man becomes oldest man in history

As of December 17, 2012 Jiroemon Kimura is the oldest man currently living and the oldest man in recorded history.
Harry Dean Stanton Character Actor

A look at Hollywood's greatest character actors

Star wattage and marquee value are all well and good, but what truly brings reality to the screen? The loss this week of Jack Klugman and Charles Durning reminds us of how important great character actors are to the history of film.
Promised Land

FilmWeek: Promised Land, Parental Guidance and more

The critics and David look back at the films of 2012 to highlight the best overlooked films of the year. TGI-FilmWeek!

Up against the ceiling and over the cliff: end of year economics

How should Congress deal with the debt ceiling during fiscal cliff negotiations? What should the government prioritize? Should there be a debt ceiling at all?
CeBIT 2012 Technology Trade Fair

Could 'Roboys' be our future caregivers?

As robotic technology becomes more ubiquitous in the fields of defense and medicine, it’s natural to see the same advanced programming in day-to-day life. What kind of changes would a robot like Roboy bring?
A statue of Snow White and the Seven Dwa
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Even at 75, the answer is still the original Disney princess, Snow White.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for December 28, 2012
An aerial view of the remote islands dis
A strange thing is happening on some of the worlds most remote islands. From coastal California to the South Pacific, native birds, mice, turtles and foxes are emerging from the threat of extinction.
Korean Lakers
This season, the LA Lakers became the first NBA team to broadcast every game in Korean. But the announcers don't actually attend the games.
A Black Bear
One policy change the new year will ring in the end of an age-old tradition, at least in California. On January 1, a new law goes into effect banning the use of hounds to hunt bears or bobcats.
 John Boehner

Why fiscal cliff talk is full of doomsday pessimism

Amid all the talk of the looming fiscal cliff — the tax cuts which will go into effect with potential drastic effects if Congress can't come to a compromise to avert them— we have a voice of optimism today, and a call to take the long view on political deadlines.

Do online petitions to the White House ever work?

A record-breaking petition is asking the Obama Administration to label the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group. With over 280,000 signatures in two weeks, it's one of the fastest growing petitions ever on a site created just over a year ago by the White House.

Friday Flashback: The biggest stories of 2012

L.A. Times columnist James Rainey and The Guardian’s U.S. Finance and Economics editor Heidi Moore will discuss the big headlines of the last year, including the winners and losers in politics, economics and media.
Jerry Lewis

US Rep. Jerry Lewis bids farewell to Congress

The veteran lawmaker is proud of his accomplishments, but laments that Congress has moved progressively down a pathway towards partisan confrontation.
Atlanta Braves logo

New Atlanta Braves 'screaming Indian' logo draws controversy

Usually when sports teams go retro with their uniforms, for fans it brings back fond memories of a simpler time. The Atlanta Braves baseball team has tuned the clock back on the logo for their batting practice caps but in a surprising and some say, racist way.
Polling Election Day 2012

How uninformed voters make decisions at the ballot box

When it comes to who we vote for to represent us, we all face some limitations. Most of us work long hours, raising kids and doing all the little things that make up a normal day. Around Election Day, you're expected to keep the hectic schedule going and be up every ballot measure, congressional race and figure out who should be the next president? Good luck.
Promised Land

Fracking makes its way to the big screen

From race to politics, Hollywood often explores tense topics in the news. Now, some movies and TV shows are taking on another headline grabbing issue: fracking.

Lack of funding continues to stymie gun-violence research

The Centers for Disease Control used to study the relationship between guns and violence as a matter of public health, but their efforts were curtailed by Congress in 1996 after gun rights advocates accused them of using their research for political purposes, not science.

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