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A screenshot from the "Make me Asian" app page in the Google Play store.

'Make Me Asian' app sparks online backlash

An online petition is urging Google to remove several apps from its store, saying they reinforce and reproduce racist stereotypes.
Charlotte Checkers
Murmurs of a post-lockout boycott by angry NHL fans get quieter as the league preps schedules for a quick 48-game regular season.

NBC's David Gregory won't be charged for showing ammo magazine on TV

When the news host displayed what he said was a high-capacity ammunition magazine last month, it prompted officials to investigate whether he had broken a city law.


He will apologize and make a limited confession to using performance-enhancing drugs in the interview, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

Apparent suicide by Reddit co-founder inspires many online tributes

Aaron Swartz, 26, was a prodigy who at a mere 14 years-old helped create RSS. He also co-founded the social news website Reddit.
Los Angeles Clippers v Miami Heat (Pre-Season)
Hill, an 18-year veteran, will be appearing in his 998th career NBA game, the first since Oct. 13 when he was injured in an exhibition game in Shanghai.

Update: Obama tweets hilarious denial to Death Star petition

Responding to an overwhelmingly popular petition, the White House claimed that the $850,000,000,000,000,000 it would take to build the weapon would be too costly.
Downtown Los Angeles
Californians are bundling up with sweaters and gloves and stocking up on firewood as they endure more nights of very unseasonable freezing temperatures.
The fundraising race is on in the campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney - and the incumbent brings up the rear


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