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Remote Area Medical free clinic
Overburdened Medi-Cal won’t be able to handle the influx of nearly a million additional children into its dental program, says Children's Partnership report.
Avon Kicks off the SAY YES TO AVON BEAUTY

Avon announces plans to close Pasadena distribution facility

Avon plans to close two distribution centers that have filled orders for decades. One of them employs more than 170 people in Pasadena.
This October 19, 2010 photo illustration

FTC upholds not so 'wonderful' ruling against POM

FTC upholds a ruling against L.A.-based POM Wonderful for claiming its pomegranate juice prevent heart disease, prostrate cancer and other illnesses.
Mercer 6234

4 tips to help a foodie with cancer get through chemotherapy

Chemotherapy wreaks havoc on taste buds; a challenge for anyone who loves food. There are a few things you can do to maximize food enjoyment while in cancer treatment.
2012 Heisman Trophy Presentation

Manti Te'o: Parents' story hard to reconcile with hoax report

Notre Dame says Te'o was the victim of an elaborate hoax and he never met the "girlfriend." But an Indiana newspaper says it has a recording with Te'o's parents where they talk about how he met the woman.
Obit Citron

Robert Citron, treasurer during Orange County bankruptcy, dies

Robert Citron, whose bad investments as Orange County treasurer forced the county into bankruptcy in 1994, has died. He was 87.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says he wants L.A. to stop investing in companies that put military-grade weapons on city streets.
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Bad flu season across US overshadows other winter miseries

Though it's been mild in California, influenza is especially intense this year, and people are flooding into hospitals and doctors' offices.

US unemployment aid applications fall to 5-year low

The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid drops to 5-year low last week, a hopeful sign the job market may be improving.
Home Building
U.S. builders started work on homes in December at the fastest pace since the summer of 2008 and finished 2012 as the best year for residential construction.
A bulldozer begins to tear down a section of the S
On the 19th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, a state agency reminds home owners and apartment dwellers how to prepare.
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Census: Rise in Asian immigrants to California

There's a California population shift with Asian immigrants replacing Latinos as the primary source of the state's immigrants.
Algeria hostages

In Algeria: some hostages may have escaped

Events are happening quickly at the oil field where Islamist militants are holding a large group of hostages, apparently including some Americans.


Public Utilities Commission blasted in state audit

The State Department of Finance blamed "general confusion and lack of knowledge" on the PUC staff in its financial reporting.
More than a 100 parents from a West Adams elementary school, on Thursday, invoked the “Parent Trigger” law to take over the failing school from the district.

Alleged Northridge shooter could face death

Capital murder charges have been filed against a man authorities allege killed four people outside an unregulated Northridge boarding home.
Mercer 6377
As we collect samples of California accents from our audience, some have pointed to immigration and cultural diversity as an influence on how we speak.
Thursday is FX's big night of comedy with season premieres of "Archer" and "Totally Biased" as well as the series premiere of "Legit." Also: SF Sketchfest
Natalie Wood Investigation

Robert Wagner declines to be interviewed in Natalie Wood death

Robert Wagner has declined to be interviewed by detectives in a renewed inquiry into the drowning death of his wife Natalie Wood three decades ago.
2010 Winter TCA Tour - Day 6

Peter Liguori becomes new Trib CEO, calls company a startup

After a stint at private equity firm the Carlyle Group, Liguori goes to work for private equity firm Oaktree, along with JP Morgan. Will they sell the L.A. Times?
Bill Frisell and Vinicius Cantuária
Even genre-defying guitarist Bill Frisell can't describe his "Lágrimas Mexicanas" collaboration with Brazilian great Vinicius Cantuária, coming Sunday to the Skirball
Huell Howser's memorial at Griffith Park
A public memorial for California TV icon Huell Howser was held Tuesday. Check out video of the full ceremony, including a singalong to Huell's "California, Here I Come."
Lazards Merchant Bank Issues Report On Time Warner

Carl Icahn joins Ackman, Loeb in Herbalife battle

Another big name investors steps into the battle over the L.A.-headquartered nutrition and diet company. Is it about profit, or a personal vendetta?
Authorities in Redlands are trying to find out what caused a deadly head-on collision this morning between two vehicles in a residential area.
LA Mayor Villraigosa Discusses Immigration Reform In Washington
LA and NY chiefs are taking on gun control during the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in nation's capitol.
California teams up with Amtrak to save money on locomotives and rail cars - and to fight off a Northeast money grab for high-speed rail
CSUF - 4
Four suspects are ordered to stand trial for allegedly robbing a Moreno Valley pawn store and leading authorities on two separate car chases.
Patt Morrison
I swear to you, on my copy of Vogue, that I do wear clothes in other than the black and ivory palette. And I’ll prove it … soon!
Mercer 1891
The Police Protective League opts to sit out the primary, even though it supported incumbent Carmen Trutanich win the office in 2009.
24th Street Elementary School Mascot
Parents want immediate change at 24th Street Elementary School, where fewer than a third of students read at grade level. A Mojave school recently used the law.

How stoned is too stoned to get behind the wheel?

Pot is now legal in Washington and Colorado. Advocates vow to try again to legalize it in California. So it's time to figure out how high is too high to drive.
Asian immigrants in California eclipse Latinos in past decade - Sacramento Bee Census figures indicate that the percentage of immigrants from Asia coming to California is more than twice that of those coming from Latin American countries.

California saw fewer foreclosures in 2012

The number of foreclosures continued to drop in California in 2012. States that require court oversight of foreclosures have seen their numbers rise.
Mayoral Candidates

Maven's Morning Coffee: mayoral race roundup

Today is Thursday, Jan. 17 and headlines include a new poll in the mayor's race, a feisty debate in Sherman Oaks, and drama on the Metro board.
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A California agency said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to obtain a permit before clearing a 43-acre Los Angeles wildlife habitat.
Big Rig Crash 60 Freeway
A driver died when he crashed into the back of a big rig & was then rear-ended by another big rig. Traffic is backed up for miles & CHP recommends using alternate routes.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Skin Teeth

Skin Teeth

The Cheshire catfish.


Episode: AirTalk for January 17, 2013
"Broken City" Chicago Screening

FilmWeek: 56 Up, Broken City, Mama and more

Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Henry Sheehan and Charles Solomon to review the week’s new film releases including 56 Up, Broken City, Mama and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama

Manti Te’o: Lies, damn lies, and fake girlfriends

Manti Te’o’s herculean performance on the football field following the twin tragedies of his grandmother and girlfriend dying within days of one another vaulted him to national prominence. Why did Te’o fail to disclose he never met the girl face-to-face? How was he able to speak so convincingly of meeting this non-existent girlfriend, and of the depth of their connection?
A woman uses her smart phone to acces Fa

Is social media giving users crippling FOMO?

Is social media causing more anxiety than happiness? Does interacting with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you FOMO? How should users handle their fear of missing out – is logging off the only solution?
After two incidents with lithion ion batteries that caused a small fire and the smell of smoke, regulators around the world have grounded Boeing’s newest widebody jet. Europe, India and Japan grounded 787s on Thursday following the U.S. FAA’s grounding of the planes on Wednesday.
Discover BCS National Championship - Media Day
How did media outlets from Indiana’s South Bend Tribune to CBS, ESPN and the Associated Press take this bizarre fabrication, based largely on Tweets, hearsay and other writers’ stories, and run the full nine yards with it?
Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Truth and consequence of firearms mental health registries

Obama's administration wants to strengthen the effectiveness of mental health registries used to stop firearms sales to potentially violent individuals, a debate that's familiar to psychologists and psychiatrists.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for January 17, 2013
A new report of the nation's hospitals found a sharp increase in the number of emergency room visits triggered by energy drink consumption. The report, published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is the most comprehensive look yet at the safety of energy drinks.
dunkin' donuts to california

Will Dunkin' Donut's SoCal expansion hurt mom and pop shops?

Did you hear that yelp of joy? That was your friend, the East Coaster, learning Dunkin' Donuts is expanding into Southern California. More than 150 stores starting in 2015.Others, though, wonder whether the Massachusetts chain will threaten doughnut business at the mom 'n pop shops that dot L.
Medical Marijuana

City Hall Pass: Medical marijuana, Mayor race, and more

An issue that seems to be evergreen here in Los Angeles: medical marijuana. The city council decided yesterday to put a third pot measure on the ballot for the upcoming city election.
California Republic flag in front of the Union Station Rail Transit in the city of Los Angeles, California

Map: Do Californians have an accent? Listen to some examples

Penelope Eckert, professor of linguistics and anthropology at Stanford, disagrees. She and her team of researchers are traveling all over the state to prove it by conducting a study called Voices of California.
33 year-old and six month pregnant Spani
Next Tuesday marks 40 years since the decision in the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade. The issue of abortion has been a topic of debate ever since, as conservatives and liberals have fought over how to interpret the court's ruling.
San Francisco Passes Toughest Recycling Law In U.S.

Fresno garbage collectors fight against privatization

A messy fight is brewing in Fresno over the city's decision to privatize residential garbage collection. This week, garbage workers are doing some heavy lifting to try and bring the issue to the ballot box.

The 'rich' history of the Presidential inauguration

There's a rich history to the Presidential inaugurations of the past. Emphasis on the "rich."
LAPD Takes Over Security At Dodgers Games After Attack On Giants Fan
Escalating violence in Oakland has forced city leaders to consider a wide range of possibilities for addressing the problem, including bringing in former NYPD & LAPD Chief Bill Bratton as a consultant.
Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.
President Obama issued 23 executive orders on gun control yesterday.

The role of music in Presidential inauguration

Music plays a big role during presidential inaugurations.
Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama

Why sports media didn't fact check the Manti Te'o story

did the sports media drop the ball in not fact checking the existence of Mani Te'o's fictitious girlfriend?
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. On tap this week, the worst thing on a dinner menu, the birth of the roller coaster and going to the grave in style.

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