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'Bell 6' trial starts Thursday

Six former members of the Bell city council go on trial Thursday on charges that they looted the city treasury to fatten their salaries.

Time Warner, Dodgers in talks on channel

L.A.'s cable market would have six Regional Sports Networks if reported Dodgers Time Warner Cable deal goes through
Gov. Jerry Brown

All eyes and ears on Governor's State of the State

California's movers and shakers have a long list of legislative priorities they'll be listening for in Jerry Brown's address to lawmakers.
Artists spell out what matters to them in an exhibit that draws on a local theme - infusing works with text, numerals, street signs and more

House passes GOP's debt-ceiling plan; Democrats offer support

The "No Budget, No Pay" act would withhold lawmakers' pay if they don't pass a new budget by April 15. In exchange, the borrowing limit would be extended into May.
Critics worry Bratton will suggest a stop-and-frisk policy that could lead to racial profiling. City leaders reiterated that such profiling would not be tolerated.
Discover BCS National Championship - Notre Dame v Alabama

Manti Te'o: I lied after learning 'girlfriend' was a hoax

The Notre Dame football star tells Katie Couric he was the victim of a hoax. He also admits he perpetuated the myth after discovering she had never been real.
The City of Anaheim is facing several legal claims following a police shooting and subsequent unrest in an Anaheim neighborhood.
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Iran proposes nuclear talks in Egypt

Iran has proposed Cairo as a venue for restarting talks with the U.S. and other world powers over its controversial nuclear program, the country's foreign minister said Wednesday.
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Secretary of State Clinton to testify on Benghazi attacks

The partisan feuding has eased over the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya. But as the secretary of state prepares to testify, Libya and other countries remain unsettled.


peter robbins charlie brown
Voice actor Peter Robbins — heard in "Peanuts" classics like "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" — was arrested for allegedly threatening an ex and her breast surgeon.
A City Hall gadfly wanted to mark the mayor's 60th birthday, but he was traveling from the East Coast — and Charlie Sheen wasn't available either.
LAUSD fourth grade teacher Robert Pimental, 57, was arrested Wednesday by LAPD for allegedly sexually abusing 19 children and one adult.
The American Civil Liberties Union says hundreds of school districts are failing students whose first language isn’t English
"Bored To Death" fans rejoice as word leaks of a film in development, also check out this week's entertainment notes, comedy, podcasts, etc.

The shift from foreclosures to short sales in CA continues

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, homeowners who were underwater on mortgages lost their homes. Now they're selling them for the banks.
After doing the podcast for almost five years, hosts Josh and Chuck take their informative message to TV with a Stuff You Should Know TV show on Science Channel.
Authorities at a Northern California prison are investigating an inmate's death as a homicide and are holding his cellmate as a suspect.
Apple Unveils Updated iPad In San Francisco

Apple earnings: Record iPhone, iPad sales, stock drops. Why?

The most valuable company in the world is becoming a little less valuable as it reports earnings that weren't as awesome as Wall Street had expected.

House Democrats look for answers to prevent gun violence

A hunter and NRA member told the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force that any news laws must be both practical and enforceable.
Security Stepped Up At Movie And TV Studios After Attempted Terror Attack
Los Angeles County fire officials say a fire broke out at a building housing a closed theme park ride at Universal Studios.

FAQ: Why today's Apple earnings are nothing to worry about

The Colossus of Cupertino will tell Wall Street how it did, and Wall Street is worried. But does it makes sense to put so much pressure on one quarter?
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Council member cries foul over $4 million LAX contract

City Council will review LAX contracts to inform travelers about ongoing construction.

Teenage girl pepper-sprays classmate at an LA high school

A teenage girl used pepper spray on another female student during a fight today at Narbonne High School, and several others were also exposed to the spray.
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Fontana schools police get high-powered rifles

The superintendent says they're only to be used if there's an attack on a campus. Critics say such guns have no place on campuses.
It says the NFL hid the dangers of repetitive blows to the head and accuses it of deliberately ignoring and concealing evidence of the risks associated with traumatic brain injuries.
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As immigration reform looms, workers ponder legalization - Southern California Public Radio A Fronteras Project piece examines the attitudes of immigrant construction workers; as many as one in six construction workers in the U.
solar plant

Maven's Morning Coffee: DWP's solar program starts up

Today is Wednesday, Jan. 23 and headlines include progress for the DWP's solar program, the governor talks community colleges, and Beverly Hills publishes salaries.
Los Angeles Sunset
Enjoy it while it lasts because the winter heat spell may be easing. The National Weather Service says low pressure is forecast to move in, lowering temperatures.
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A California researcher says that fireball seen across Western skies last week was a flaming comet. It was spotted from Reno to San Francisco to the San Joaquin Valley.
Murray Elementary
This Southern California school moved lunch to after recess and saw almost immediate improvements to kids' diets and concentration.
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Federal and local authorities are considering opening up another stretch of the Los Angeles River to recreation: a five-mile stretch around the Glendale Narrows.
For all the on-camera bonhomie, this is a monarch's eye view of music making, without an ounce of egalitarianism. If it empowers the amateur, it's not only suspect, it's villainous.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Chimp Eye Blind

Chimp Eye Blind

Hairy hypocrites.


Episode: AirTalk for January 23, 2013
Lawry's the Prime Rib

MAP: Dining out old-school style in Los Angeles (Photos)

Peter Moruzzi tells about iconic mid-century restaurants in the U.S. and right here in Los Angeles. What’s your favorite classic watering hole? Which bygone haunts do you miss the most, and why?
Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
The family of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau sued the NFL today for “acts or omissions” about the danger of repetitive blows to the head that led to Seau’s chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and ultimately his suicide.

Is public nudity a First Amendment right?

How did public nudity become a thing in San Francisco? Why is it so important to these activists? Do you view it as a First Amendment right? Does someone else's nudity interfere with your privacy or safety - as the ordinance states?

Dodgers TV deal with Time Warner

Reportedly, the Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable for the team’s television contract. The specifics of the deal aren’t yet known—it has yet to be sent to the MLB for approval—but it is expected to land somewhere between $6 and $7 billion.
Activists Rally For Comprehensive Immigration Reform In Washington
The reelection of recently inaugurated President Obama is a telltale sign of a greater shift in perspective among Americans on many issues including immigration policy.

Never Built: Los Angeles architecturally reimagined

Can you imagine Los Angeles with a series of interconnected public parks? With major freeways cutting through canyons and hills? In an upcoming exhibit at Los Angeles’ A+D Architecture and Design Museum, co-curators Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin explore a version of L.A. that was imagined, but never built.
My Share of the Task
In his new memoir, General Stanley A. McChrystal tells his side of the story on the War on Terror, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for January 23, 2013
UCLA brain injury study
Researchers at UCLA have discovered a groundbreaking new development in the area of brain trauma. Brain scans performed on five former, but still living NFL players revealed clues to a specific type of football-related brain damage called CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
A General Motors Buick blue minivan (2/L

One mom on learning to love the minivan

Karen Alpert is the brains behind the parenting blog, Baby Sideburns. This week she's back to talk about the dark side of being a parent, and why we shouldn't be afraid of the minivan
Highland Park

LA dominates list of 'up-and-coming' neighborhoods

The real estate listing site Redfin recently released its list of the 10 most "up-and-coming" neighborhoods, and as no surprise to many, California dominated. So what does that mean for home buyers? We'll speak to KPCC's business reporter Matt DeBord.
City Council Votes To Impose Day Laborer Rules On Home Improvement Sto

As immigration reform looms, workers ponder legalization

Fronteras Desk reporter Jill Replogle takes a look at what legalization might mean for one industry with a high percentage of undocumented immigrant workers.
Senate Lawmakers Speaks To The Press After Their Policy Meetings
President Obama has made gun control a priority, and he'll expect Majority leader Harry Reid to champion legislation in the Senate. But there's just one problem, Reid has portrayed himself in the past as a supporter of gun rights.
The Multilingual Mind
Bilingual immersion programs are growing in popularity all over California, but are there actual benefits to programs that teach multiple languages at the elementary level?
Petra Haden
Petra Haden's latest acapella album "Petra Goes to the Movies" features this LA vocalist singing famous film scores.
Ashok Rajamani

Ashok Rajamani on 'The Day My Brain Exploded'

Ashok Rajamani's new books talks about the day he discovered he had arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is a congenital brain injury that can cause seizures, strokes and severe neurological problems.
U.S. Marijuana Enthusiasts Gather For Mass Pot-Smoking Celebration

Appeals court rules that marijuana has no medical value

A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana should continue to be classified as a schedule-one drug, meaning it has no medical value and the potential for abuse is high.
A member of the local police guards one
The Pentagon is reportedly planning to step up its training of Mexican security forces, with a goal to teach them to pursue the cartels the same way U.S. went after Al-Qaida. We'll speak to Ioan Grillo, author of the book "El Narco."
California Poised To Surpass Wisconsin As Top U.S. Cheese Producer

CA cheesemakers and dairy farmers at odds over milk pricing

California's cheese makers have benefited from milk prices lower than the federal level, but the state's dairy farmers say they can't sustain the low prices any longer.
Murray Elementary
We all want our kids to eat healthier, but no matter how much you try to fill their lunch box with organic, whole grain whatever, it won't do much good if your kids aren't eating it.
Fin Whale Watch Long Beach
Whale watchers off the Southern California coast saw a lot more than they expected when a chartered boat descended on a large pod of 23 gray whales, which usually travel alone or in groups of two or three as they migrate.


At the opening of MexiCali Biennial at Vincent Price Art Museum
"The cannibal is a creature that threatens the collapse of identity and ethics, and instills anarchy in the social order."
20 Feet from Stardom
Director Morgan Neville: "It's the kind of thing you fantasize about for years when you're making films. My head's spinning. It's a huge relief. And it means I get to go see movies."

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