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Venice Beach Marijuana

CA Supreme Court could clear legal haze on pot shops

Cities, counties and medical marijuana advocates have a lot at stake when the state Supreme Court considers the regulatory power of local governments.
Cal State Fullerton Assistant Basketball Coach Monica Quan

UPDATE: Fullerton coach and USC officer found shot in Irvine

A couple found shot to death inside a car have been identified by Irvine police as a Cal State Fullerton ass't. basketball coach and her fiancé, an ex-college basketball player.
Tour Bus Crash

Updated: 7 dead in tour bus crash east of LA (Photos, video, map)

Relatives describe a desperate quest to find information about loved ones. The NTSB is sending a team to investigate and the L.A. Times reports the bus company has a "troubled safety record."
The Canadian penny

Canada stops making cents; should the US follow?

Canada stopped distributing pennies on Monday. The Canadian government expects to save millions of dollars a year. Would that be a good idea in the USA?
Mercer 18741

Small, local farmers aren't cashing in with Wal-Mart

The world's largest retailer is muscling in on one of the fastest growing segments of American agriculture: local food. But small family farms aren't necessarily seeing the benefits.
University Of Leicester Makes Announcement Following Discovery Of Human Remains Which Are Possibly King Richard III
DNA from the skeleton matched a sample taken from a distant relative. Combined with archaeological evidence, experts say there's little doubt the skeleton belonged to Richard.
Mercer 20598
U.S. factory orders increased in December even though companies trimmed their orders for goods that signal investment plans.

VIDEO: 'Today you can see that I'm alive,' says girl shot by Taliban

Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan because she spoke out about attempts to block Pakistani girls from school. Her "Malala Fund" aims to help girls get educated.
Mercer 19708

Tsunami debris on Alaska's shores like 'standing in landfill'

Wreckage believed to be from the 2011 Japanese tsunami is washing up thousands of miles away in Alaska. The debris poses environmental worries for the landscape and animals.


Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

LAUSD warned about hiring disgraced priest

LA’s Archdiocese said it warned LAUSD not to hire a disgraced priest involved in a sexual relationship with a minor.
The lead singer of the Troggs, the band behind songs like “Wild Thing,” “With A Girl Like You” and “Love is All Around,” died Monday. Reg Presley was 71 years old.
Mercer 1613
A new report details how the nation's fastest-growing racial group is extremely diverse, socioeconomically, linguistically and otherwise.
Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association mayoral debate.

Audit: General Services spent $800K on rarely used equipment

City Controller and mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel says the city department "must take immediate steps to prevent this kind of failure in the future.”
Mercer 15628

Eighth graders rejoice: Algebra no longer required

California no longer expects eighth graders to take Algebra I. Educators worry, saying the course is the best predictor of college graduation.
There were a lot of great Super Bowl ads Sunday, but here’s one that we didn’t get to see here in California. In fact, it was only shown in Texas, Oklahoma and Montana.
A Los Angeles middle school teacher has been arrested and charged with allegedly molesting three teenage girls.
California Capitol generic

For California, budget surplus won't yield a reserve

The state's budget woes are easing. But the outlook for the future is as troubling as ever. Meanwhile, other states can save for a rainy day.
helicopter hearing

Congress: turn down the helicopter noise

Several CA lawmakers re-introduced a bill requiring the FAA to set guidelines on flight paths and minimum altitudes for choppers flying over L.A.
Yes, it’s the day where you can eat something that’s mildly better for you than ice cream! Orange County-based froyo chain Yogurtland is offering free frozen yogurt.
What went wrong in 1986, 2006 and 2007 - and what are the prospects for an effective reform bill now? A veteran immigration expert weighs in.
Texas A&M v SMU
The ad airing in California tries to convince companies to relocate to Texas. It touts Texas's low taxes, industry-friendly regulations and strict limits on lawsuits.
Norwalk Weddings - 16

Clerk announces appointments for Valentine's Day weddings

Couples must apply for a marriage license before scheduling a wedding ceremony. This is the first year RR/CC has accepted appointments.

Is the federal government investigating Herbalife?

The New York Post reports that the FTC appears to checking into complaints, but the nutrition and supplements maker called those claims inaccurate.

Foreclosed property turned into public park in South LA

Wall Street Park will be built on a foreclosed lot in South L.A. as part of L.A.'s 50 Parks Initiative that transforms blighted properties into public spaces.
iv, chemo

World Cancer Day aims to 'dispel myths' about the disease

The Union for International Cancer Control is focusing on four myths in particular, including the idea that cancer is a death sentence.
Gov. Jerry Brown

Supporters spent $54 million passing Prop. 30

End of year reports show supporters of the measure to raise money for public education outspent opponents nearly 4-1.

Early voting begins for Los Angeles' March 5 primary

Registered absentee voters could see ballots arrive in their mailboxes as early as this week. Voters can apply for a mail-in ballot until Feb. 26.
Mercer 13513
Secret House group close to immigration-reform agreement - The Hill From the story: "A bipartisan group of House negotiators is even further along in drafting a comprehensive immigration overhaul than its counterpart in the Senate, but the path to passage in the lower chamber is lined with thorns.
vaccine, shot

A failed TB vaccine: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
LAX file

Maven's Morning Coffee: LAX air traffic and construction

Today is Monday, Feb. 4 and headlines include a dispute over LAX air traffic, Mayor Villaraigosa's decision to stay in LA, and the fight for Valley voters.
Ballona Wetlands

Nature center proposal reignites Ballona Wetlands debate

The Annenberg Foundation's proposal to build a $50 million nature center stirs up more public debate over the Ballona Wetlands.

The painful truth about rheumatoid arthritis

While the term "arthritis" calls to mind sore joints, people living with the rheumatoid form of the condition say their experience goes far beyond that.
A body was found inside the smoldering building, but there are no other details. The cause of the fire is unknown, but an arson investigator is on the scene.


The Loh Life

Episode: Not the top of the morning, part two: the seven-minute solution

Not the top of the morning, part two: the seven-minute solution

Sandra Tsing Loh turns the clocks back to save some time in the morning.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Nana 911

Nana 911

How grandma got her groove back.


Episode: AirTalk for February 4, 2013
City Attorney Candidates
Defending incumbent Carmen Trutanich, and candidates Mike Feuer and Greg Smith join AirTalk for a lively debate. What kind of city attorney do Angelenos need? What's your question for the candidates?

The millennial vote in 2016

Looking forward to the next presidential election, some big names have been bandied about. Even before the 2012 race was over, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were all mentioned as potential contenders for their respective parties. Who has the most youth appeal?
Two-year olds in a row

Why your two-year old tells little lies

Anyone who spends time with toddlers know they can have active imaginations. Now a study shows some children as young as two are capable of telling minor fibs.
Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

Cardinal Mahony’s explanation of child sex abuse scandal

Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony responded to criticisms in a blog post published Friday.
Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield ne

Whittier vs. Los Angeles County on oil

Last Thursday, the city of Whittier made a bold move by purchasing the land and mineral rights of a local nature preserve. Whittier used $9.3 million in funds opened up to the city by the passage of Proposition 19, which stipulates that the land be used for conservation purposes. But now, the preserve may be a source of revenue if opened for development and drilling.
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

The Super Bowl scores a touchdown for social media activity

Who knew that football and social media go together like chips and dip at a Super Bowl party? Everyone knows that the Super Bowl scores big viewer ratings for TV networks, but this year the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers also ignited more posting on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks than ever before.

Take Two®

Episode: Take Two for February 4, 2013
University Of Leicester Makes Announcement Following Discovery Of Human Remains Which Are Possibly King Richard III
King Richard III never got a funeral fit for a king. The 15th century British monarch died in combat, defending his crown from an uprising. His remains were hastily buried and soon they were lost to ages.
A woman shoots video of the sign at the entrance to the Facebook main campus in Menlo Park, California

Tech industry to meet with Congress on immigration reform

A number of industries that need workers desperately find that immigration reform is a no-brainer. Industrial farming is one, but so is the tech industry.
Manhattan Museum To Honor "Wild Things" Author
Sendak's posthumous title, "My Brother's Book," comes 50 years after the publication of "Where the Wild Things Are," and is a dark and interesting final chapter for the widely celebrated author.
Fontana Unified School District

Fontana school district arms with semi-automatic rifles

A school district in the Southern California city of Fontana is already arming its police with semiautomatic rifles. Reporter Chris Richard has the story.
Close up of a screen which shows an inje
Nearly a decade ago, voters here approved Proposition 71, the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. The initiative made conducting stem cell research legal and authorized the sale of bonds to generate $3 billion for stem cell research and research.

Long-term effects of traumatic brain injury

Take Two host A Martinez spoke with former NFL wide receiver Billy Davis and LAUSD medical advisor Dr. Jerry Bornstein about the risks to the pros and to kids just starting out on their favorite playing fields.
LA Archdiocese Agrees To $660 Million Settlement In Clergy Abuse Suit
For decades, many of the Catholic priests accused of molestation across the country were sent to The Servants of Paraclete treatment center in the small New Mexico town, Jemez Springs.
LA Archdiocese Agrees To $660 Million Settlement In Clergy Abuse Suit
More accusations of child sexual abuse are coming out of the files from the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles. One former Catholic priest who was accused of extensive sexual misconduct with minors went on to work at L.

US farmers turning from water-demanding avocados to new crops

By the time the Ravens sealed their Super Bowl win over the 49ers, Americans consumed around 79 million pounds of avocados. Until recently, most of those avocados were coming from San Diego County, the nation's top producing region.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Hollywood Monday: Period casting, IMFDB and more

A poor factory worker in "Les Miserables" with perfectly coiffed hair, a hard-drinking CIA agent in "Argo" with the pecs of a body-builder, and Abe Lincoln. With a pierced ear?


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