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Local governments look to replace redevelopment dollars

One year after the state dissolved nearly 400 redevelopment agencies, local governments are hoping for new avenues to fund projects.
Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates Christmas Night Mass
Some parishioners hadn't heard about the Pope's plans to retire before 6:30 a.m. mass, but Father Willy Raymond told them in remarks before communion.
Port of Los Angeles Strike
Clerical workers at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, rejected a tentative contract with their employers, which could bring another strike within a week.
LA Police Shootings
The Riverside DA's office has filed murder and attempted murder charges against Christopher Dorner. LAPD Chief Beck said the department continues to investigate tips.

UPDATE: Pope Benedict XVI is resigning from the Vatican

Citing his age and diminished strength, the pontiff plans to step down effective Feb. 28. A pope hasn't stepped down this way since 1415. Cardinal Roger Mahony said he will travel to Rome to "participate in the Conclave to elect his successor."
The search for the ex-cop accused of killing three people, including a Riverside cop, reached a San Fernando Valley home improvement store and the home of a possible target Sunday. More than 600 tips have come in.
Mississippi Tornado
Residents shaken by a tornado that mangled homes in Mississippi were waking up Monday to a day of cleaning up damage and giving thanks for their survival. More than a dozen were hurt.

Report: Car bomb kills 5 near Syria border

Turkish media say a car bomb has exploded near a crossing point along Syria's border, killing at least five people.

San Diego school reopens after boy's alleged threat

Crisis counselors and extra staff are being sent to a San Diego County school after a 12-year-old boy allegedly threatened to shoot 23 students and a teacher.
Tour Bus Crash

Safety concerns surface as discount buses boom in Los Angeles

A fatal bus crash in the San Bernardino Mountains raises concerns about the safety of the discount bus business as it takes off in Southern California.
Acton Ranch Helicopter Crash
Three people were killed Sunday in a pre-dawn helicopter crash in a rural area of northern LA County while filming for a new reality TV show for the Discovery Channel.
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Text of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation announcement

"After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry," the 85-year-old pontiff says.


LA Police Shootings
Critics say officers subject to the LAPD discipline process may have difficulty making their case with police personnel sitting in judgment.
drugstore valentine cards
Nothing says "I love you" quite like adhesives and farm equipment. Except maybe glitter tattoos and cards that transform into origami frogs.

Feds recover $4.2 billion in health care fraud, abuse

Money lost to health care fraud in the Medicaid or Medicare programs could be used to pay doctors to treat patients in need, said a South L.A. public health expert.
Wendy Greuel

Wendy Greuel on police plan: it's a goal, not a promise

This mayoral candidate is having to respond to critics who say her plan to hire 2,000 police officers by 2020 is unrealistic.
FLIR infrared imaging system
Are unmanned aircraft plying the skies looking for fugitive Christopher Dorner? Should they? Does the public have a legitimate privacy concern? We called several police agencies to ask.
Pope Benedict Visits Turkey ? Day Two
Pope Benedict XVI shocked the universal Catholic Church when he announced he'd step down from the papacy effective Feb. 28.
Is Christopher Dorner in Mexico? As the manhunt for fugitive ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner enters its second week, rumors have begun circulating like wildfire; here's what we know about each.
Senator Dianne Feinstein will host Josh Stepakoff, who was 6 when he was one of five people shot at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in 1999.

Mayor Villaraigosa backs Measure A to increase sales tax

The mayor says the city has done "everything that we can" to reduce expenses. Leading mayoral candidates remain opposed to the hike.
Immigrants Maintain Population Levels Of Major U.S. Cities
There are all kinds of illegal immigration stories, some from long ago. A Chinese American grandson of two unauthorized immigrants tells theirs.

Hearts on fire: The business of V-Day candy

No matter if you're casually dating, completely in love, or nursing the pain of a breakup, you can still enjoy the best part of the Valentine's Day: candy!
California Lawsuit Against Countrywide Financial Broadened

Countrywide haunts Justice Department case against S&P

Did the California mortgage lender make it possible for the biggest credit union in the country to bet too big on the housing boom?
la smog

EPA posts greenhouse gas emissions data for 2011

The agency said that L.A. County saw 80 facilities report more than 26 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents.
JPL's Bobak Fedowsi shows off his festive Mars-landing haircut

JPL's 'Mohawk Guy' to sit with First Lady at State of Union

State of the Groomin': Michelle's bangs and the JPL "Mohawk Guy" will be seatmates at the first State of the Union address of President Obama's second term.
Condi Rice, Cisneros, ex-govs lead immigration effort - USA Today Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and former housing secretary Henry Cisneros are co-chairing "a new bipartisan task force that will offer recommendations to Congress on how to revamp the nation's immigration laws.
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Album review: Escalator Over the Hill

Carla Bley did a fine job of herding cats when bringing together a disparate group of iconoclasts for Escalator Over the Hill.
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The laws governing the selection of a new leader after a pope's resignation are the same as those in force after a papal death. Learn more about the process.
pregnancy test

Historically low teen birth rates: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
Anaheim police generic
Investigators are trying to determine if the teacher used his job as a history teacher at Servite High School – a Catholic all-boys school – to target victims.
Rick Perry
The trip follows a radio ad in which Perry criticized California's business climate. Perry has been touting his state's low taxes and lax regulations.
LA Mayor Villraigosa Discusses Immigration Reform In Washington

Maven's Morning Coffee: Villaraigosa supports sales tax

Today is Monday, Feb. 11 and headlines include the mayor's support of Measure A, an endorsement for Ron Galperin, and the latest in the mayor's race.
Mercer 6652
Online resources for Valentine’s Day classroom lesson aren't just for teachers. Painting, word searches, and Valentine's Day-related word problems--and chemistry lessons can be found online.
Romney Accepts Party Nomination At The Republican National Convention

Can Marco Rubio bring Latinos to the GOP?

The Republican Senator from Florida, who's pushing an immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship, will speak in both English and Spanish.
Freshman Congress
Republican Doug LaMalfa and Democrat Gloria Negrete McLeod are Sacramento veterans, but they say Congress is a very different beast.


The Loh Life

Episode: Super Bowl Virgins, Part One: The Kickoff

Super Bowl Virgins, Part One: The Kickoff

Sandra Tsing Loh watches a major American sporting event... for the first time.I think my life experience is fairly worldly. I have seen the opera Aida performed LIVE in the Roman catacombs, complete with elephants.

The Loh Down On Science

Episode: Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

Sandra longs for hamsters.


Episode: AirTalk for February 11, 2013
Going to Tehran
Flynt and Hillary Leverett's new book hopes to dispel “myths” about Iran and change 30 years of foreign policy of sanctions, isolation and attempted regime change.
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Pop is king at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Who cleaned up at this year’s Grammys? Who deserved their awards, and who was snubbed? Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle joins us to discuss music’s biggest night and weigh in on the winners and losers.
KPCC Police Crime stock photo

The manhunt for Dorner continues

With a $1-million reward out for Christopher Dorner, hundreds of tipsters have called police.

Making meaning in the mind’s eye

What pictures fill your mind on a daily basis, and how do they help you navigate your life? What would they look like in the mind’s eye of another? How do we use our imagination to turn clouds into circus animals, dreams into reality?
LAX Christmas 2012

Is LAX monopolizing air traffic from local airports?

Should Ontario be released from LAWA’s control? What efforts have been made to regionalize on LAWA’s behalf? What would be the benefits of Ontario being under local control? What effect would that have on the local communities?

Pope Benedict XVI to retire

In a stunning announcement today, Pope Benedict XVI said that he would be resigning at the end of the month. Pope Benedict cites his age and health as his reasons for retirement.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for February 11, 2013
Freshman Congress

California House freshmen settling in on Capitol Hill

Republican Doug LaMalfa and Democrat Gloria Negrete McLeod are Sacramento veterans, but they say Congress is a very different beast.

Bearing the costs of helping kids adjust to chronic illnesses

As the Affordable Care Act takes shape in California, embracing hundreds of thousands of children with special needs, the insurance industry is bracing for a battle. Elaine Korry reports.
Salinas Hospital

Salinas Hospital trains interpreters to serve immigrant population

In the Salinas Valley, small farm towns like Soledad and Greenfield dot Highway 101. Most farmworkers here are from Mexico, and an increasing number are indigenous people from Oaxaca and other Mexican states.
Tomorrow night President Obama will deliver his fifth State of the Union Speech. He has a lot of ground to cover — budget deals, spending cuts, gun control, immigration — In all, the President will be speaking for about an hour.
Williams Fire Burns In The Angeles National Forest
A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says climate change will dramatically reshape America's outdoor spaces in the coming years. The report compiled data from more than 1,000 studies.

Connie Rice on Dorner and race relations in the LAPD

The case of Christopher Dorner has raised some questions about the LAPD and its treatment of black officers. It's a subject that Connie Rice knows very well. The L.A.-based civil rights attorney has represented dozens of black officers over the course of the past two decades, and she has interviewed hundreds of cops about race relations within the force.
Tour Bus Crash
A fatal bus crash in the San Bernardino Mountains raises concerns about the safety of the discount bus business as it takes off in Southern California.

The end of the Waxman-Berman political machine

Sherman versus Berman was the biggest local political story in last Novembers election. The battle between two Westside Democrats who ended up running against each other because of redistricting.
Veterans in Hollywood - Part One
In Hollywood, it's all about who you know, but that can be tough for military veterans trying to break into the industry. Now some veterans are building their own networks.
LA Police Shootings

The manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues

The manhunt for triple murder suspect and former LAPD officer Chris Dorner is entering its sixth day. Over the weekend, Mayor Villaraigosa announced a $1 million reward for information about the case.
Bipartisan Senators Announce Mental Health Services Legislation
L.A. Times film writer Rebecca Keegan joins the show to discuss the latest industry news coming out of Hollywood.
Catholic Church parishioners are waking up today to the news that Pope Benedict the 16th is stepping down. It's been nearly 600 years since a Pope resigned from leading the Roman Catholic Church.
Removing The Stigma Of Mental Illness - The Silver Linings Effect
The Oscar nominated film, "Silver Linings Playbook," tells the story of several people seeking to find a strategy to deal with their mental illnesses. It's been called out by doctors, educators and audiences everywhere for its ability to help remove the stigma of mental illness.
Drive-in Movie Theater

Are digital projectors driving out drive-ins?

When Hollywood stops distributing movies on 35mm film at the end of this year, that leaves the few drive-in theatres around the country in the lurch.

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