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The approach used by authorities left many residences unsearched, including the one where Dorner may have been hiding for several days.
Christopher Dorner and LAPD Chief Bill Bratton
The San Bernardino County Coroner confirmed Thursday afternoon that the charred remains pulled from a burned-out cabin in Big Bear were those of the wanted ex-LAPD officer.
A croupier waits for customers at a tabl

Former San Diego mayor stole $2 million from charity for gambling

Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor acknowledged she took $2.1 million from her late husband's charitable foundation and gambled it away.
Cargo ship at the Port of Long Beach

Port cargo volume drops in LA but rises in Long Beach

The Port of L.A. saw a drop in cargo volumes in January, while the Port of Long Beach saw a surge. Meanwhile, clerical workers have rejected a negotiated contract.
2012 DA14 asteroid to approach Earth on Feb. 15.
Good news: The asteroid approaching Earth will not hit us. Bad news: We can't see it because it will pass during the day. We share some ways to track the celestial fly-by, which will occur about 11 a.m. PST.
Michael Crain Funeral Dorner Shooting Riverside Funeral
Following the shooting death of a Riverside Police officer — allegedly by murder suspect Christopher Dorner — the RPD issued a tweet, then deleted it.
Car commercial? Nope. Jessica Richman, Zachary Apte (center) and William Ludington are looking to the crowd for money to fund uBiome, which will sequence the genetic code of microbes that live on and inside humans.

Would you open your checkbook for science?

Crowd funding has proved popular for bands raising money for a new album and documentary film producers. Now scientists are getting into the act.
Oscar Pistorius of South Africa leaving the starting blocks of the men's 400-meters race at the 2012 London Olympics.
A woman was killed Thursday at the home of the South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete. Police tell South African news outlets that Pistorius is the only suspect.
The owners of a Big Bear condominium complex entered one of the units late Tuesday morning and were confronted by the fugitive. They shared their story Wednesday night.

Years before LAX feels effect of American Airlines, US Airways merger

While American Airlines and US Airways announced plans to merge Thursday, it will be several months - if not years - before passengers see any significant impact.
LAPD Presser on Dorner
Christopher Dorner left no doubt he could be unforgivingly violent. But when it came to keeping ahead of the law during a manhunt, he made one gaffe after another.

Complaint: Edison manipulated costs at San Onofre nuclear plant

A complaint filed with California regulators says Southern California Edison boosted the cost of replacing defective steam generators at the troubled San Onofre nuclear plant.
The number of people seeking unemployment benefits in the U.S. fell by 27,000 last week, an indication that hiring could be improving.

Oscars 2013: Full coverage leading up to the Academy Awards

Full KPCC coverage of the upcoming Oscars: Q&As with nominees, how to pick the winners, how to throw the ultimate Oscar-viewing party and more.


There are lots of cool skateboarding tricks, but it’s not that often someone does something other skateboarders haven’t seen yet. The latest: Adam Miller.
70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Cocktail Party

CalSTRS will oppose Iger as Disney Chairman

The Disney chief became chairman last year, but CalSTRS argues that his compensation is undermining the company's future growth.
Morning After Pill Goes On Sale In Spain

Morning-after pill use on the rise, says CDC

A nurse practitioner in South L.A. said that while it's good to have emergency contraception as an option, it's not good to use it too frequently.

Magic Johnson hits the radio airwaves for Mike Feuer

The basketball great recorded a radio ad for Feuer. The spot will air on 102.3 FM and 92.3 FM. The assemblyman is running against incumbent Carmen Trutanich.

Senate committee approves another federal judge for LA

Judiciary panel approves nomination of Beverly Reid O’Connell, but the GOP has been holding up final votes before the full Senate.
Mercer 1827

Senator Boxer introduces climate change bill

Senator Boxer unveils a climate change bill with little chance of support from her Republican colleagues - and with firm backing from environment activists
Immigration Ceremony
For many immigrants, the high cost of applying for U.S. citizenship represents a financial sacrifice. It could be a big reason more don't apply.
Canadian born US actress Pamela Anderson
The scheme ensnared 20,000 investors in a far-flung fraud that involved numerous companies, fake publicity and offshore accounts.

Synthetic pot linked to possible kidney damage in CDC report

Last year, 16 people in six states experienced serious kidney injury after smoking synthetic marijuana.

A Family Like Mine explores growing up with LGBT parents

Eighteen year old Katherine Kearns explores what its like to grow up with LGBT parents in her documentary film, A Family Like Mine.
celestial heart
Dubbed "Celestial Valentine" the infrared portrait displays generations of stars in a formation loosely shaped like a heart. In space, no one can hear it break.
“Burning Love” began its first season mocking “The Bachelor,” so where better to start for season 2 than taking on “The Bachelorette" and debuting on Valentine’s Day.

Beer Institute: Parents, not ads, influence underage drinking

The head of the Beer Institute says it's up to parents to teach their children to make "good, safe decisions."
valentine census note
The U.S. Census Bureau sent out a voluminous Valentine of divorce statistics, candy consumption and romantic-"sounding" cities. Who knew they had a sense of humor?
Mercer 4107

Did OC Rep. Dana Rohrabacher make an immigrant student cry?

Undocumented immigrant student and GOP Congressman Rohrabacher get into heated debate over immigration during a visit to his Washington office
A legal settlement will keep Orange County sheriff’s deputies from ordering people in custody who wear religious attire to remove it.

When clinicians rely on a hunch: In health news today

OnCentral's daily round-up of the health headlines southside Angelenos ought to know about.
Head Start - 4
The proposal, which does not include a price tag, would expand the Early Head Start program, which subsidizes pre-K programs for poor kids.
Wall Street Protest Spreads To Other Cities

Maven's Morning Coffee: a debate over LA's finances

Today is Thursday, Feb. 14 and headlines include bickering over the city's budget, child abuse in LA County and a possible end to a sister city relationship.
Wendy Greuel Profile

Wendy Greuel invokes Tom Bradley for LA's top job

The mayoral candidate started working in City Hall as a college intern. After three decades of service, she's hoping to take on the city's top job.
Monica Garcia Campaign Office - 12
Most money funding Los Angeles Unified school board races is coming from independent expenditure committees that can raise unlimited amounts of cash.


The Loh Down On Science

Episode: DNA Catalog

DNA Catalog

Weird I.D.


Episode: AirTalk for February 14, 2013
Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Claudia Puig and Henry Sheehan to review the week’s new film releases including Beautiful Creatures, A Good Day to Die Hard, No and more. TGI-FilmWeek!
Cruise Ship Loses Power In Gulf Of Mexico

When cruises go wrong

After five days without power and limited sanitation and food, passengers on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph can't wait to end their trip. The ship is about 25 miles or so from Mobile, Alabama, where it is being sent to port and is expected to dock sometime between eight and 11 p.m. EST.
The Disaster Diaries

‘The Disaster Diaries’

If a devastating earthquake hit tomorrow and knocked out the power grid, how much food and water would you need for your family? Former U.S. Merchant Marine, EMT and wilderness firefighter Sam Sheridan shares what he learned to survive not only an initial devastating event, but potential resulting long-term post-apocalyptic environments too.
American Airlines And US Airways Announce Merger Agreement

What will an American-US Airways merger mean for travelers?

As of this morning, American Airlines and US Airways has official combined to become the “new American Airlines.” It it’s new iteration, the airline is said to be worth a whopping $11 billion and will offer more than 6,700 daily flights in 56 countries.

Take Two

Episode: Take Two for February 14, 2013
Breastfeeding - 6

Encouraging mothers to breast feed

Most childcare experts believe that breastfeeding for a year is best for a new babym and while many women nurse their babies initially, few are still at it six months later. Advocates want to change that, but it's not easy.

Your Best Exes: Listeners' tales of lost love

We asked you to tell us about your best exes. Maybe you wanted to lose them, but sometimes you still love them but know you're better off broken up.
Cypriot couples perform a tango dance in
Music critic Isabela Raygoza recommends some Spanish-language romance songs to get you in the mood for love on Valentine's Day.
Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association mayoral debate.
It's City Hall Pass, Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton.
Joey Ramone
Joey Ramone fans can finally own a piece of his life and legacy as nearly 100 records along with a variety of other personal items is going up for auction online.
Wendy Greuel Profile

Wendy Greuel invokes Tom Bradley for LA's top job

The mayoral candidate started working in City Hall as a college intern. After three decades of service, she's hoping to take on the city's top job.
Online dating

How modern-day couples find 'Love in the Time of Algorithms'

It's Valentine's Day, so you're probably seeing lots of images of Cupid with a bow and arrow. But these days, the God of love might want to add a calculator to his tool kit.
U.S. Military Patrols In Baghdad

A late Iraqi interpreter's family's long quest for US asylum

From the Fronteras Desk, reporter Jill Replogle tells the story of a late Iraqi interpreter and Capt. Blake Hall's quest to insure his family's safe arrival in the U.S.
Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show.
Singapore Celebrates Valentine's Day

New research shows lovers' heartbeats match-up when together

Well whether you meet a mate online or off, new research suggests you may be syncing up with your partner in unexpected ways.A new study out of UC Davis appears to confirm the wisdom of countless love songs: That two hearts in love really do beat as one.
Jose Gomez Named New Archbishop
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has quietly added two dozen members of the church to its list of clergy accused of child molestation without publicly addressing the circumstances about the accused members.
LA Police Shootings

Dorner's evasion of police raises questions

Efforts are continuing today to identify charred human remains found in a burned-down cabin in Big Bear. They are widely believed to be those of fired LAPD officer Chris Dorner, who has now been charged with murdering of four people since February 3rd.
Boehner, Cantor Talk To Media After GOP Conference Meeting
Law enforcement officers furloughed, kids kicked out of Headstart programs, dangers to the safety of the food supply, and three-quarters of a million jobs lost.
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

NFL may widen field to help protect players from injury

Over the years, the National Football League has tweaked its game to make it safer for its players. For example, the league has rules barring a player from crashing into another by leading with his helmet.
Monica Garcia Campaign Office - 4

Big money coming in to LA Unified board campaigns

Most money funding Los Angeles Unified school board races is coming from independent expenditure committees that can raise unlimited amounts of cash.

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